Conspiracy Psychosis vs Conspiracy Reality

Conspiracy Psychosis is real. Some conspiracies are real many are not real. Because the so-called Deep State has pulled off some amazing assassinations and false flag terror attacks as a result many people have gone mad or at the very least have gotten very depressed trying to figure them all out.

Obsession with conspiracy theory has led to people getting busted .

People repeat the same BS all the time.

Michelle Obama is a man.

Pizza gate.

Satanic everything.

Everything is 666

It is true that pedophilia is one of the evilest crimes on this earth. President Trump is one of only a few men in power who did anything about it and the hard-core conspiracy people turned on Trump!!

Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy in Gematria

equals to : 4665    So what?

But September 11th, 2001, happening on Tisha Be’av is a coincidence that makes too much sense and should be examined. THIS IS SOMETHING REAL EVERY TIME THERE IS SOME KIND OF REAL NEWS EVENT DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN DECODE IT VIA GEMATRIA.

Not everything in this world is some kind of DaVinci Code bullshit!

Tisha Bav in Jewish Gematria equals: 911 This is a real clue. Because sometimes like this connection is possible people try to make this kind of connection with literally every major news event.

Via Wikipedia Tisha B’Av  is:

Tisha B’Av (Hebrew: תִּשְׁעָה בְּאָב[a] Tīšʿā BəʾāvIPA: [tiʃʕa beˈʔav] (listen), lit. “the ninth of Av“) is an annual fast day in Judaism, on which a number of disasters in Jewish history occurred, primarily the destruction of both Solomon’s Temple by the Neo-Babylonian Empire and the Second Temple by the Roman Empire in Jerusalem.

Is it tempting to get trapped into wasting time watching crisis actor “stage shooting “videos?

It is often a form of escapism that is tempting to fall for. Also no one really wants to fight and argue all the time so if you surrender to bizarre theories

I must admit that the Ukraine war propaganda has influenced me.  There seems to be a lot of psychological warfare and propaganda coming from the Ukraine side. But it is a war being fought by professional propaganda people. Not no one died at Sandy Hook.

For instance, the stories about the so-called “” Ghost of Kyiv,”  a Ukrainian fighter pilot ace who shot down many Russian aircraft during the beginning of the Ukraine Russia war.

Fact Check-Associated Press did not publish story on the ‘Ghost of Kyiv,’ contrary to online posts

The stories about this pilot are bullshit.   He shot down 6 he shot down 10 he shot down none. YES THIS IS SOMETHING

See: https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-associated-press-ghostofkyiv/fact-check-associated-press-did-not-publish-story-on-the-ghost-of-kyiv-contrary-to-online-posts-idUSL2N2V61O7

The Ghost of Kiev  and Miss Ukraine who is of course attractive is fighting Russia this is psychological warfare which the west is very good at. Miss Ukraine who is of course attractive is fighting Russia. But she is not that was a hoax.

Russia seems to be not as good at this type of propaganda.

Also, the “Fuck you” incident at Snake Island has been proved a fake. Yet it made an excellent story for Americans to gush over on social media.

The western intel services and MI6 and Mossad have done a good job of winning the hearts and minds of the Ukrainian people.

But the Russian battle plan seems to be very good in the real world. Real war vs. the fake news of the US still does not =No one died at Sandy Hook is what I am trying to say!

Also, the bizarre Will Smith slapping incident. Something seems very strange about it.

It is the media who decides what stories to focus on.

Media hype has a strange effect on people.  The media told people it was ok for the US to bomb 7 countries but not ok for Russia to respond to attacks on ethnic Russians in Ukraine, bioweapons labs and even worse the sabotage of nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

In any case when a huge shooting happens in the US the media hype makes people very excited.

So indeed, there were a lot of strange things about 911. It was very exciting for a short period of time there was a rise in American patriotism, but many people were suspicious about 911.

But it became 911 was an “inside job” So people were only suspicious of the American CIA NSA and Pentagon people.

Because of the religious make-up of the United States almost no one desires to look into the Israeli to major events like the JFK assassination and 911.

It also became kind of a “white guy thing” With Dick Cheney as the main villion. Because Bush was perceived as stupid.

The Musical artist Immortal Technique did the song “Bush Knocked Down The Towers”  was cool and some of the anger among people from the ME and American blacks and liberals was directed towards “Deep State” whites .

Song by Immortal Technique and loose change and Alex Jones and the film Loose Change.

This might have played a role in electing the first “black” president Obama who killed many “people of color” when he bombed North Africa.

There were no WMD’s and the US still invaded Iraq. Iraq and Sadam Hussian had nothing to do with 911.  WHERE WAS THE TRUTH MOVEMENT THEN?

Then came Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook was pictured on a map in one of the Batman movies. What does that mean?

Even since 911 and sandy hook. There have been a lot of people who enjoy going online and analyzing world events like mass shootings and terror attacks.

It has become very popular to say that many of them are fake.

People who know how to do some film editing and photo shop can produce some very provocative you tube movies.

Movies that are not any more real than Comic Books. Addictive conspiracy pornography.

So, we must admit some of the government psy ops are real. Like some of the nasty fake made up war propaganda

But it can very quickly get crazy.

All the big shootings are stage? Fake blood everywhere.

Do I think some of the stories seem staged?

There is a lot of strange stuff. But do I think Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was not shot in the head. That she has been faking her complex and horrible injuries for years? No.

But a “conspiracy theorist” would say you’re a fool

Is she anti-gun? Sure.

Now people are heartless enough to think Gabby and the Sandy Hook kids are faking it?


The Conspiracy people played a role in messing up Trumps ultra-secret plan which was not that secret Peace in the holy land peace in the middle east.

Everything was about that. Not Paddock and jis AR-15 and the annoying liberals.

It was about avoiding nuclear war.

Now the truth movement and conspiracy people who are experts in ballistics cameras acting psychology theology war and most of all very complex movie fake blood and make up.

Everyone got taken down by Sandy Hook never happened Boston never happened.

Everyone got suckered into Jan 6th!

Trump is human he made some mistakes. It is starting to look like he was our last chance.

Now Russia under Putin is they only thing standing in the way of President Assad being overthrown.

The Russians are not going to want to fail. They are not going to suffer and get poor again like the 1990’s

They will go nuclear before they let that happen.

It will not be a drill it will not be fake!



DEUTERONOMY 2:34–At that time we took all the towns and completely destroyed them – men, women and children. We left no survivors…

DEUTERONOMY 3:6–We completely destroyed them, as we had done with Sihon king of Heshbon, destroying every city – men, women and children…

DEUTERONOMY 4:38–…And the Lord your God will drive out before you nations greater and stronger than you and bring into their land to give it to you as an inheritance, as it is today…

DEUTERONOMY 7:1–When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations – the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites, seven nations larger and stronger than you – and when the LORD your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy…

DEUTERONOMY 7:16–You must destroy all the peoples the LORD your God gives over to you. Do not look on them with pity and do not serve their gods…

DEUTERONOMY 7:22–The LORD your God will drive out those nations before you, little by little. You will not be allowed to eliminate them all at once, or the wild animals will multiply around you. But the LORD your God will deliver them over to you, throwing them into great confusion until they are destroyed. He will give their kings into your hand, and you will wipe out their names from under heaven. No-one will be able to stand against you, and you will destroy them all…

DEUTERONOMY 11:23–Then the LORD will drive out all these nations before you, and you will dispossess nations larger and stronger than you. Every place where you set your foot will be yours: Your territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the Euphrates River to the Western sea. No man will be able to stand against you. The LORD your God, as he promised you, will put the terror and fear of you on the whole land, where ever you go…

DEUTERONOMY 12:29–The LORD your God will cut off before you the nations you are about to invade, dispossess and destroy. But when you have driven them out and settled in their land, and after they have been destroyed before you…

DEUTERONOMY 13:15–You must certainly put to the sword all who live in that town. Destroy it completely, both its people and its livestock…

DEUTERONOMY 14:21–Do not eat anything you find already dead. You may give it to an alien living in any of your towns, and he may eat it, or you may sell it to a foreigner…

DEUTERONOMY 15:6–For the LORD your God will bless you as he has promised, and you will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you…

DEUTERONOMY 20:12–…Lay siege to that city and when the LORD your God delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it. As for the women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves. And you may use the plunder the LORD your God gives you from your enemies. This is how you are to treat all the cities that are at a distance from you and do not yet belong to you…

DEUTERONOMY 20:16–However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them as the LORD your God has commanded you…

DEUTERONOMY 26:19–He has declared that he will set you in praise, fame, and honour high above all the nations he has made…

JOSHUA 6:21–They devoted the city to the LORD and destroyed with the sword every living thing in it – men, women, children, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys…

JOSHUA 8:24–When Israel had finished killing all the men of Ai in the fields and in the desert where they had chased them, and when every one of them had been put to the sword, all the Israelites returned to Ai and killed those who were in it. Twelve thousand men and women fell that day – all the people of Ai…

JOSHUA 10:28–That day Joshua took Makkedah. He put the city and its king to the sword and totally destroyed everything in it. He left no survivors…

JOSHUA 10:30–The city and everyone in it Joshua put to the sword. He left no survivors there…

JOSHUA 10:32–The LORD handed Lachish over to Israel, and Joshua took it on the second day. The city and everyone in it he put to the sword, just as he had done to Libnah…

JOSHUA 10:35–They captured it that same day and put it to the sword and totally destroyed everyone in it, just as they had done to Lachish…

JOSHUA 10:37–They took the city and put it to the sword, together with its king, its villages and everyone in it. They left no survivors. Just as at Eglon, they totally destroyed it and everyone in it…

JOSHUA 10:38–Then Joshua and all Israel with him turned round and attacked Debir. They took the city, its king and its villages, and put them all to the sword. Everyone in it they totally destroyed. They left no survivors. They did to Debir and its king as they had done to Libnah and its king and to Hebron…

JOSHUA 10:40–So Joshua subdued the whole region, including the hill country, the Negev, the western foothills and the mountain slopes, together with all their kings. He left no survivors. He totally destroyed all who breathed, just as the LORD, the God of Israel, had commanded.

JOSHUA 11:11–Everyone in it they put to the sword. They totally destroyed them, not sparing anything that breathed, and he burned up Hazor itself…

JOSHUA 11:14–The Israelites carried off for themselves all the plunder and livestock of these cities, but all the people they put to the sword until they completely destroyed them, not sparing anyone that breathed…

JOSHUA 11:20–For it was the LORD himself who hardened their hearts to wage war against Israel, so that he might destroy them totally, exterminating them without mercy, as the LORD had commanded Moses…

JOSHUA 11:21–At the time Joshua went and destroyed the Anakites from the hill country: from Hebron, Debir and Anab, from the hill country of Judah, and from all the hill country of Israel. Joshua totally destroyed them and their towns. No Anakites were left in Israelite territory, only in Gaza, Gath, and Ashdod did any survive. So Joshua took the entire land, just as the Lord had directed Moses, and he gave it as an inheritance to Israel according to their tribal divisions…


Biden is the President who has been sent in to “make America weak again”.

Bill Kristol intellectual leader of the neocons did back Joe Biden for president.

Bill Kristol: So it’s Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. Which means, if you’re inclined toward American constitutional democracy, the rule of law, and a free economic order–as well as a liberal world order anchored by the United States–it’s Joe Biden.”

American constitutional democracy, the rule of law? LOL There you have it The American super neocon himself supported Biden.


But of course, the truth movement at least the intense anti-neocon or anti-Isreal part of it often said Trump was helpless or a “shill”. This is proof enough for me the godfather of the “neocons” hated Trump and went for Biden.

As a result, we may be in for a nuke war with Russia.

Notice how Biden is making America weaker. The botched Afgan war pull out and the pointless war with Russia=LOSS OF US POWER!

Most US Presidents try and fail. A lot of them have been very bad. Why is Biden even worse? Has Binden been chosen to deliver the final death blow? I am starting to think there is a plan to make the US the same in power or have less power than China so the Isreal might rise up and take the top spot. With control of the major stock markets they already are the number one, but they want it all. Many American Evangelicals support this kind of thing happening one way or another.

America is in the deep stages of Narcissistic psychosis. The American people are now weaker than ever. Too weak to save America?

Americans are addicted to drugs and different forms of pornography. It is the “woke” vs. the MAGA.

To be clear both sides have a lot of deep symptoms of mental illness.

In terms of the “truth movement”The battle was already lost when people went too far with conspiracy theory obsession surrounding Sany Hook.

Now if anyone in the entire western world wanted to discuss anything political they would be attacked as being a “Sandy Hooker”

Worse the mainstream population has been turned into conspiracy nuts.

The MSMBC CNN crowd vs the FOX crowd. People are getting worse.

The Trump people were “stung” like marks in a con game and defeated on Jan 6h.

America now is split in half. Very weak. Very very weak. China is now in a position to become the number one.

One could argue that China is weak and already under a strict form of self-imposed control.

China Russia and the US are now in a log jam.

Zion is set to soon take the top spot.

Is there a messiah coming? Or some kind of anti-Christ?

I am starting to believe it is true.


Biden is in a bind with Judea

Truthseeker conspiracy dopes I agree with you Biden is an awful President. We want Trump back.

Biden is not that smart and he is not a strong man. He and his son Hunter are good at telling people off and stealing stuff.

USA Today says “Joe Biden is better on the world stage than any president …” How long can lies like that stand? Even the US media can’t continue to back that up.

Biden would make war and steal and do anything it takes to serve Judea. But he can’t do everything.

Biden can not make war with China, Russia, and Iran and hold on to the Middle East.

I think Biden withdrew so fast from Afganastan to avoid a major terror attack on US forces. I think he was set up over there and he blew it.

We must not forget no matter how much the media promotes Presidents they are NOT allowed to do a good job.

Harris and Biden are in a bind. They took the job and they have no skills no backbone and no morality. They are weak and narcissistic.

Harris can’t even answer the press questions. Even the very popular Identity politics and goofy emotional media ect can’t hide the inflation and the covid fails. Boris Johnson is giving up on the covid.

Don’t make too much of his health of Biden they will fix him up and fake what they need to.

Biden has on one occasion uttered the truth about Israeli power overreach. When the Stuxnet computer virus was used to attack Iran. Biden blurted out in the presence of Obama and others that Israel “went to far” As it didn’t just hit the centrifuges at Iran’s Natanz nuke facility it traveled around the world and hit China and Russia. This is not a conspiracy theory see the important book Comand and Consent about Obama.

In short, Biden loves to get paid by China and Ukraine and he loves to be worshiped as a civil rights hero. He would do anything for Isreal and China. But even he can’t deny the danger of the overreach of Isralie power.

Yes, my friend Biden is in a Bind. He is stuck between his own crazy commie liberal base and Isreal who still wants him do attack Iran which he can’t do.

Biden can Mandate mask and vax and hate Trump and beat the hell out of the American people but even he can’t deal with the “overreach.”

For the first time in US history are we going to see the limits of the massive media power? Can Biden continue to beat the hell out of the American People and still please Judea.

He is an old old weak man who is dependent on Identity politics 93 Million evangelicals are lusting to take down Syria and Iran.

Biden is in a bind. The media is getting ready to put him in his place. The question is what will he do to be loved again?


The other question is how much of what I am saying here is true and Biden is in a bind. And how much of this is internal fighting among the powerful supporters of Isreal.

How will the rules of the OT be fulfilled? But the Left or Right-wing power?

America’s communist youth vs 93 million evangelical types. How many normal people are left to run the country?

Don’t ask Joe.


Stupid truth movement when TRUMP SAYS ‘ISRAEL LITERALLY OWNED CONGRESS’ he is playing a game.

TRUMP SAYS ‘ISRAEL LITERALLY OWNED CONGRESS’  and he say they need to get it back.

No doubt the stupid truth movement is taking Trump literally on this one and they are wrong. Trump is brilliant he is getting a message out there to people and getting them to focus on the problem of Jewish power. Just like when Trump complained about “dancing Muslims” on 911. He is forcing those who can read between the lines to think about the problem of extreme Jewish power in the US.

Trump also said”: ‘I could run for prime minister of Israel’ LOL Brilliant! Trump is a master at sending out covert messages!

Yes! I bet what is left of the Truth movement will get this story wrong!

So far Adam Green has this very wrong!


Why The Ugly Truth and it’s editor is the best. The “end” of the Afgan war as a tool to put pressure on Biden

I miss The Ugly truth website hope it comes back soon. When the Afgan pull out mess happened I reached out to the TUT ed.

From TUT editor :There is no way that this latest debacle taking place simultaneously with Bennett meeting with Biden was mere coincidence.

Full text: Biden and Bennett's statements at the White House | The Times of  Israel

Brilliant observation from TUT ed and then this story! Below.

I would like to add Biden has been caught bitching about Israel. The U.S. blamed Israel for the fact that Stuxnet “escaped” the confines of the Iranian nuclear facility into the wild, with Vice President Joe Biden reported to have said: “It’s got to be the Israelis. They went too far.”

Bennett’s goals, Israel’s goals

One has to wonder why the Israeli prime minister insisted on visiting the White House in the midst of the greatest strategic catastrophe to befall the U.S. since the Sept. 11 attacks. Op-ed.

(JNS) Three weeks ago, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and Defense Minister Benny Gantz convened the ambassadors from all the U.N. Security Council member nations in Jerusalem. They told them that if Iran maintains its current pace of uranium enrichment, it will reach military nuclear break-out capacity in 70 days. If their countdown clock is accurate, Iran is now around seven weeks away from becoming a nuclear-capable state.

Given the urgency of the situation, Israel’s prime minister could have been expected to fly to Washington to make clear to the U.S. president that Israel intends to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities at Qom, Fordo, Natanz and Isfahan (or any combination of them) in order to stop the clock. The same prime minister could be expected to tell the president that while Israel would appreciate U.S. assistance in carrying out the mission, all Israel asks is for the United States not to undermine its operation.

On the face of things then, it makes sense to assess Naftali Bennett’s trip to Washington in the context of the urgency of the hour. And on the face of things, it appears to have been carried out in this context.Bennett insisted on visiting the White House in the midst of the greatest strategic catastrophe to befall the United States since the Sept. 11 attacks. But whereas those attacks were the work of foreign jihadist terrorists, America’s present strategic defeat—now compounded by last Wednesday’s murderous terrorist assault on Kabul airport—is the direct consequence of President Joe Biden’s actions.

Over the past few weeks, Biden has demonstrated that his judgment is impaired. The apparent absence of any strategic or operational foresight informing America’s humiliating withdrawal from Kabul, and Biden’s failure to coordinate the operation with U.S. allies, has decimated his credibility. U.S. allies recognize that they cannot trust America under his leadership.

If it was so important to Bennett to come in the midst of all of this, he could have been expected to leverage the current crisis to make clear that Israel is not following the United States down the rabbit hole. That Israel will defend itself and the time to act has arrived.

But that doesn’t appear to be what happened. Bennett said that he presented Biden with a completely new strategy for blocking Iran from becoming a nuclear-armed state. And Biden helpfully said that he was committed to blocking Iran from ever acquiring nuclear weapons. But Biden also said that he doesn’t think the situation is urgent at all. On the contrary. He said, “We’re putting diplomacy first and seeing where it takes us.” He added blandly, “But if diplomacy fails, we’re ready to turn to other options.”

If Iran is on target to become a nuclear-capable state in seven weeks, then the upshot of Biden’s statement is that the Biden administration is willing to live with a nuclear Iran.

There was no evidence of tension between the two leaders in their joint appearance at the Oval Office. This despite the fact that Biden’s claim that he would consider “other options” was far weaker than statements by then-President Barack Obama. At the height of his efforts to appease Iran through nuclear concessions, Obama said that the “military option is on the table.”

Even worse, when U.S. reporters asked White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki what other options are being considered, she said that at this point, no options other than diplomacy are being considered in respect to Iran’s nuclear activities.

Biden failed in Afghanistan because he apparently believed that with the unstinting support of the U.S. media, he didn’t need to bother putting together a coherent withdrawal plan or discussing it ahead of time with U.S. allies. He was convinced that good PR meant you don’t need a good policy. His failure in Afghanistan proves that reality is unmoved by press clippings.

Israel’s media are Bennett’s flacks. And the reporters and commentators on TV claimed that Bennett’s goal was simply to sit down with Biden. Just by sitting in the Oval Office, he showed that he is the prime minister now—not the other guy. But here too, the reality is a stubborn thing. According to Lapid and Gantz, we are but seven weeks away from Iran becoming a nuclear state. The atmospherics of the meeting had no impact on that state of affairs.

Biden’s fiasco in Kabul showed the world that he is not a trustworthy ally. In their joint appearance, even the nice promise that Iran will not get nuclear weapons, which Biden read from his cue cards, could not diminish the fact that his underlying message is that he is not with Israel on Iran.

Bennett told reporters after the meeting that he had accomplished what he set out to achieve. And maybe that’s true. But it will be reality, not successful public relations, that will decide if Israel got anything out of the trip. On the face of things, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Caroline Glick is an award-winning columnist and author of “The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East.


Why the “West” is falling. Lake Highlands High Valedictorian Pulls Switcheroo on Commencement Speech

Why the “West” is falling. Lake Highlands High Valedictorian Pulls Switcheroo on Commencement Speech

When people do not want to have a baby it is all over. When people want to kill their baby it is game over it is that simple.

This young woman the number one student in her class. Pushes abortion during her commencement speech. The media makes sure this story “trends”. What could be worse?

Why do predictions of the Death of the West not belong on the same shelf as

The Truth Movement and America missed their chance.

After the shock of the September 11 attacks on America a significant amount of the American people began to become skeptical and wondered if there was something more to it. Many New Yorkers thought it was an “inside job” People like Alex Jones and David Icke became underground stars. For those who studied the mater more deeply they would come to notice and share stories about the so called “dancing Israelis” google that now “Dancing Israelis”. This story is being erased from history. Recall that Trump used the phrase “Dancing Arabs” He was trying to get people to notice the real story. Trump is gone and that story is also gone.

If Americans Knew on Twitter: "FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad  Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks| Information released by the FBI on 5.9.2019  brought fresh scrutiny to the possibility that the “Dancing

The NYPD and FBI made arrest of Israeli nationals on 911 but nothing became of it. The were many aressest but the so called 5 ‘Dancing Israelis” were at the center of the story.

Law enforcement and in particular NYPD know who did 911. That was now long ago nothing was able to come of it. Worse that that in 2003 the Americas re-invaded Iraq. There were no WMD’s. yet the USA invaded and occupied Iraq. Also the US miltary continued to occupy Afghanistan. These actions have cost the USA trillions and have eroded American power.

No Empire has done well by invading Afghanistan it is literally were empires go to die. US troops are still in Afghanistan. Trump wanted to pull them out they stopped him. Biden says he is going to pull US troops out of Afghanistan lets see if that happens.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to know that the US public was told the 19 men who allegedly did 911 where mostly Saudis. Then in response to this the US continued to defend Saudi Araba and turned around and attacked Iraq that had nothing to do with 911.

Chart: America's Longest Foreign Wars | Statista

Why did the US invade Iraq twice? It was desired by God’s chosen people. Just like WWII was. If you opposed US fighting in WWII you were tried for sedition. The US in the modern era has an all volunteer military so the profession media propaganda experts sell war to the public.

Judea Declares War on Germany (PIC) : history

So the US already a war state after WWII again transformed into a super war state after 911.

The US declared war on all of the enemies of Judea. America has turned into “Top Secret America.”

Blood and treasure: The costs of the Iraq war | Middle East Eye

It is astounding but America now has a huge intelligence apparatus and a good size voluntary military. America kicks the shit out of the enemies of Judea but keeps the personal patriotism and strength of the individual American person very weak.

America is a mix of Old testament loving violent people and hedonistic liberal braindead liberal. There are some people smart enough to know what is going on most of them stay silent.

The media defines threats to the US based on what benefits the State of Israel.

The US lived in fear of ISIS and Trump defunded ISIS. Putin bombed the shit out of ISIS. Yet the major figures in the US truth movement who had the guts at times to speak out against Israeli oppression in the ME.

There is a huge amount of Alex Jones Pizza gate believers. They got stung on January 6th. They spoiled Trumps counterattack. They fell for the January 6th trap. yes I know they were set up, but they fell for it.

Fake “Alex Jones” Was Mistaken for Real Alex Jones - YouTube
Capitol riots: Who broke into the building? - BBC News
What Happened to ISIS? | NowThis World - YouTube

All of the American fear and anger against ISIS in the media got transferred to Donald J. Trump.

Jack Holland on Twitter: "Lots of new Trump research here  https://t.co/2pjsgkRbbs for a special issue. Ben Fermor and I are in it  with: "Security and polarization in Trump's America: securitization and the

What kind of “Christion” would not back Trump anyway. He was 100% against abortion. Answer a sell out or someone who is a Christion and still utterly devoted to the Old Testament.

The RNC is not much better then the DNC and on the issue of selling out to the State of Israel they are both the same.

Trump being pro Business and anti war was the only answer the “truth movement” should have backed Trump all the way.

With Trump out of the way the Neocons Neoliberals and Israel and China are going to go after every single thing they want.

Israel's missile defences blunt Palestinian attacks from Gaza | The  Economist

Trump could not speak 100% openly about the dealing with the Biblically inspired goals of total domination of the ME. Something that is already leading to wider war. I hope it will not lead to nuclear war.



A message to everyone in the “truth movement” who thought Trump was an “Illuminati pawn”

I can’t tell you how many people in the so call “truth movement” said things like Trump was a traitor. That he was under the control of his son in law Jared Kushner. Look Trump is a business man he makes contact with other wealthy business people in order to do what he needs to do. Sure you can come up with a lot of “evidence” that Trump was and still is some kind of liberal or “Zionist ass kisser”. Or that Trump id not build a wall fast enough. Trump was a fake “Zionist pawn”?

How is it that the media and the social media turned all of the western against Trump.? How could he be a pawn of the “Zionist Illuminati cabal “if they used all of their power against him. Anywhere in America except places that support Trump it is dangerous to even say his name. Conspiracy guys love to do things like say you fans of mine don’t know anything the Truth is Trump is a pawn of the Jews look Kushner rules over Trump. Or my other favorite all of them every political leader and movie actor or media person is in the Satanic Illuminati. Pictures of Trump and Putin at the wall mean both men are sell outs and satanic Jews? They other thing the Truth movement guys ike to do is brag about the fact they are all so super smart that needed to be “deplatformed”. It is true now they have been but not because they were dangerous inteletuals. It is Trump trying to push for peace for Isreal. Under Biden they are going to level Gaza.

To anyone reading this. Don’t you use the bathroom at Starbucks? How about a lawyer? Do you watch any movies or TV? on’t you have a few friends who are Jewish? If so are you a complete pawn of the ‘ZOG”?

Biden is DNC hack. Unlike Trump he is an ass kisser and and old fool. But even he is now in trouble. They are not asking Biden for anything they are now doing hings that give him no choice. Hence the cyber attacks and extended other threats.

They will do as much bombing as they can under Biden and use AOC and the squad to show liberals they are sorry for the Palestinians.

They many only be able to push it so far with Joe. The left wing of the DNC is unhappy with bombing brown people.

Also the Americans grow tired of the cancel culture and cities burning down. Backlash from ordinary Americas is coming. Two things could happen the Judaic power will keep he US going communist and achieve their goals . Or after Biden destroys the US the JMSM will carefully create a narrative that is good for Pence to become President in 2024. The BLM and ANTIFA types are street fighters not soldiers. The Pence supporters can be given money and built up they love Israel and the OT they want they end of the world to come. War is better won by Bible loving Pence types.

Who knows just a thought.


America First?

Millennial Men Ditching Masculinity and Embracing Autism - Alaska First!  Arthur Martin

America first what is it? Some Americans did not what to go to war with Germany prior to WWII. The movement of America first to stay out of WWII.

Is seen as very bad by the American people. Or that is what the media and “history” experts say.   America first was an “isolationist pressure group” against American entry into World War II.

Protesters against the war in Vietnam are seen as hero’s. protesters against going in to fight German are seen as evil. In a very general sense America and in particular it’s “intellectuals” have always been quite communistic. The people who hate the communist in America are very pro Bible and pro Israel on every level they serve the same masters and don’t even know it.

For you average American person with no power who should perhaps want to avoid war what is the difference. Drafted into Vietnam you got killed drafted into WWII you got killed. What is the difference? The answer is everything. One can not question the history of the USA. Unless it is woke history, Or pro Jewish pro war history. It is true that many Americans were afraid to go to war with Germany. But it didn’t matter because Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. A lot of people became interested in Trump nd his reluctance to go to war and he won and he was doing well but then covid-19 hit. Pearl Harbor and Covid 19. Same thing? The “ilumminati” don’t care if you want to go to war do they?

These kind of basic historical facts are not popular with the truth movement. They love to talk about Satan. Satan and mind controlled assassins. Also the truth movement guys love to talk about guns out of context.

The favorite then truth movement people like to do is look at pictures that give the idea that everyone is under the control of the Jews or Satan. This would never be a good person who loved the Old Testament even though that is a book that instructs people to kill everyone except gods chosen people.

The funny thing is the solution to all this evil as seen by most “well meaning” Americans is “The Bible” The OT which is a book that calls for the destruction of all Gentiles.

President Trump wanted to stay out of wars. Talk about how Kushner lived at number 666 Fifth Avenue in NYC and then your all done. That means your off topic.But people want to talk about the Bible and evil and they are triggered by the 666.

The phrase used by President Trump “America first” has been linked to anti-Semitism during World War II. But Trump was a puppet for Israel.

And Yes Mr. Adam Green both Putin and Trump have to kiss ass and say all nice things about Isreal. And how could you not pose for a picture with  ChabadLubavitch  ?

Putin and Trump are going to refuse to meet those guys? Risk a major news story over nothing?

“Populist and often dark tone” America First. I like the sound of it. That was Trump trying to stay out of war he did a good job.

Because perhaps German and Italian America guys and perhaps some French guys did not want to murder people from the country they came from?

Some people try to stay out of war. They get in a lot of trouble.

Two things Presidents do that them thrown out. Stay out of war and try to make peace between Israel and Palestine.

A decent amount of people voted for Trump because he was pro business and anti-war.

But the media managed to distract people get hem to view Trump as a KGB man.

This is a “truth blog” of sorts so I must point out as I always do. The true movement people that were supposed to be the best of the best the ones who would even criticize Israel . Seemed to dismiss Trump almost right way. Many said he was a “puppet of Kushner”. Why? To hard to sell books if you go against the pro-Israel crowd? Yes.

Trump love him or hate him he still has some guys. Must American men have no guts. They let woman tell them what to do. The American men will do anything for drugs and easy access to sex. No one wants to be a father anymore and many men and woman are now bisexual or something else.

It is not good. I am for free speech. The 1st amendment is almost done in America. The news in the west is a constant attack on it’s own people and any other country that gets in it’s way.

What happened to America? Where are the men? Billions and Trillions spent on defense and now America is crippled.

Weed is now legal in most states. The President looks very sick he forgets things live on TV.

Webster officials, police union defend chief's protest act

A very sad end to America.

It’s “the woke” vs the MAGA people. Everyone hates one another and Europe and the USA seem at least on the lover levels run by woman. It is bizarre the people look very strange.

No one wants to have kids or take care of their kids. But it is very important to have your mask.

Everything is about the mask. It is like one big porno movie. America is nothing but a big porno movie now. People love to talk about such things. America is the “submissive”. The guy that likes to be beat up and wiped by a dominatrix or something like that. This is what has become of the men in the western world.

Shut up ware your mask. Goto war do what your told.

The media seems to have so much control over the American people it is like a sex slave thing.

We are all stupid dumb slaves here in America.

It seems like it may be all over folks.

The America First movement was not able to keep America out of WWII and the America first movement and Trump was unable to keep America out of WWIII.

When you think of America now think of men who have become weak and fat and stupid.


MAGA and Proud boys owned by the “1%” duped and set up on 1/6/2021

Photos: Trump draws a big crowd in Duluth | MPR News

Trump is so much more popular “President Biden” that it’s sad. Trump supporters once filled concert halls . Many are old and would latter die of CV-19.

Opinion: When will Trump voters realize they've been had? - MarketWatch

But By way of Deception it was easy to take them down. Just add a little bio weapon flu and Trumps older supporters get killed if they gather in person.

Many in fear perhaps did not even vote. Brilliant plan by the 1% they win again.

But a lot of the Trump supporters are tough guys. Gun owners and bikers even US military, Some a force for goodness some very very stupid.

Agent provocateurs  there in DC on 01/06/2021? Oh yes I think so. It is the one thing the American feds are very good at. Not to mention Mossad. They are the best. (That does not mean Mossad would rick a shoot out with Newtown Sandy Hook cops and that that tragic shooting was fake. STFU please.)

Throngs of President Trump's supporters gather in D.C. for Saturday rallies  | WJLA
Proud Boys extremist group leader Enrique Tarrio denies being 'prolific'  informer for the FBI - ABC News

I don’t know anything about the Proud Boys. They might be fine chaps. But it looks like they got owned on 01/06/2021.

Their leader has been turning them in to the feds all along. 1% wins yet again.

All the “1%” had to do after that was simply let the MAGA enter the Capital building and film it a bit. OMG all that Trump suport in DC and the 1% owned them all.

It is not over yet Trump is a media man he will still respond somehow. But sorry he and his followers were owned on 01/06/2021. Put your OT Bible stories and Trump Prophecy DVD away everyone got beat badly.

Exclusive: Proud Boys leader was ‘prolific’ informer for law enforcement

Proud Boys leader was 'prolific' law enforcement informer: transcript -  Business Insider

.Don’t feel to proud pro Palestinian peace activist. Although you hate him think more deeply your nothing with out Trump.

BDS and other resistance movements mean noting. Have some meeting try to help and any pro Palestine movement gets totally overshadowed by Judaic super liberals like Amy Goodman from Democracy now. Have you had a Zoom meeting under CV 19 lockdown rules. Has an Amy Goodman type dominated you and your friends on this subject. Asking for a friend. 1% wins again.

No no sorry wimpy liberals the Palestinians will not get real help AOC or Sanders. Hey he is not going to pay for college STFU.

What matters is the American uper class divorced woman with good jobs and a lot of cash are happy. The ME and Russia and oh ya nuke armed North Korea can just go to hell.

Woman fired after showing Donald Trump the middle finger as his motorcade  passed

Now people who don’t want to pay super high taxes will be called MAGA extremists. The feds will get everyone and make overtime pay. Don’t let them get you resist with your mind and common sense.

1% wins again.

Yes gentiles. Start to get smart about politics. Stop thinking about religious prophacy and strange magical things. Yes religion is religion and politics is politics don’t get it wrong. Turn off you Alex Jones. Get real.


Trump the Flynn Brothers and “The Song of Debra” 1/6/2021

A mob swarmed the US Capitol and this is what some said - CNN

The Song of Deborah is found in Judges 5:2–31 and is a victory hymn, sung by Deborah and Barak, about the defeat of Canaanite adversaries by some of the tribes of Israel.

Is "The Song of Deborah" Sexually Suggestive and Bawdy?

The song of Debera a war song for victory. The Gentiles don’t have one theme song and are never on the same page. The Gentiles are not all that smart either. That is why they have lost again. Like the piped piper the Trump supporters drowned in their own delusions. The were set up and stung by the deep state during a last minute gamble by Trump to bag the deep state.

Trump and his faction of the Deep State called for a storm. The were doing well there actions put the “Real Deep State” under attack like they never have been before.

As The Ugly Truth website pointed out before it was shut down Trump had referred to the fact “a storm was coming” then there was in fact a Hurricane Harvey. Soon after Harvey Weinstein was busted. Then Jeffery Epstein and his island went down.

The truth movement had been obsessed with the evil satanic pedo rings On and on they would talk about that. Trump busted some of the sex slave rings and Hollywood casting couch scum bags. But it was not enough for them. Many would say without proof Trump was one of them and that he was “illuminiati.”

The Trump Prophecy - Wikipedia

Two problems here. The Bible and the conspiracy magical thinking. These things were a part of what took Trump down, but it is what he had to work with.

I think Trump had a plan to use forces of the military that were loyal to him and arrest those who were plotting to take him down.

Part one of his plan went well he did do a “data dump” The Steele dossier was proved false via real FBI records. That alone was enough to arrest many deep state operatives and DNC traitors for treason.

A coop but nothing he could do? Yes.

Of coarse Trump knew most of the goverment even some within his inner circle were against him.

Impeachment BS and even the JMSM could not Stop Trump and the huge hoards that came to see him speak. Americans loves sports and porn and fun. Trump is very fun to hear in person. So he was set ti win in 2020.

That is until CV-19 came.

Trump supporters storm Capitol; DC National Guard activated; woman fatally  shot - The Washington Post

He was unable to stop the rigged election and entertain his supporters when the deadly flu was killing them a scaring the shit out of his old supportors.

I do believe the election was fixed. Trump knew it would be. He needed to hit them on the mail in ballots. That was a mess up. Firing General Flynn was as well. But he was too hot to handle.

Capitol Breach: The differences between 1814 and 2021 attacks

Flynn had become a bitter enemy of Obama and the Israel first crowd when he called Obama out on the funding of ISIS vs Assad and Syria. Trump by the was stoped that funding.

I think Trump may have been making a move to arrest the Deep State coop plotters. And The main line CIA and forces loyal to the State of Israel and the media and other groups on the power chain checkmated Trump and his clique nicely.

Impossible to evade the power of the massive US snooper computers. To many spies and traitors as well. Too many crazt Trump fans who were to easy to “set up” And take down on 1/6/2021 the new 911 the new Guy Fawkes day for the American nationalist who are now in trouble.

Forces in line with US policy that favored Israel proved in the end to be way to strong for the Pro American Trump forces. Way to smart.

MAGA goes recruiting | The Times of Israel

They well knew that could take advantage of the Trump fans that were into Alex Jones Q and the Bible.

The OT creates a kind of Magical thinking in people. People become strange and warlike. Unless your the creator of it “the Jews”. Your and outsider and go crazy thinking it is about you. People begin to believe in miracles. They ignore the cold hard reality of politics.

Trump-supporters violently occupy U.S. Capitol amid election certification,  protests result in four deaths | 8News

There is no valor no physical strength. No hope and no miracles. Only politics and deception.

I think a band of real supporters mixed with real Trump people stormed the US capital and they simply let them in.

Trump was checkmated. He played a great game but he lost.

The real military people with any guts love Trump and hate Biden. But they are under orders.

I think the real military may have been making a move but they got stung. Some evidence of this exist. The brother of General Flynn Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, was caught.

Army falsely denied Flynn's brother was involved in key part of military  response to Capitol riot - The Washington Post

Flynn and Trump have been trying to get Biblical and doing very well at it but you can’t make any real moves you will get caught. Never mind the NSA they are nothing compared to the private tech companies that now rule the western world.

See: Army now acknowledges the brother of Michael Flynn was a part of Army response to Capitol riot

All they had to do was let them in during the chaos. Did Alex Jones play a role in this mess.

We here at BOS and TUT always said the “truth movement” would ruin things for Trump. I think it did. Under the cover conspiracy bullshit and it’s harmful psylogical influence. A group of assholes stormed the capital.

Trump needed the American evangelicals and Alex Jones types to win but in the end they played a role in taking him down.


Why the conspiracy movement and the peace moment have failed completely. Part One

If you have come across this blog then your interested in alternative news and deep discussion about forbidden politics.

I do the best I can to call out bullshit. I am not afraid to talk about anything that will lead to the truth.

I am now having fun bitching about the 911 truth movement and conspiracy people as well as the hyper emotional peace activist movement.

Over time I have come to believe that there is no such thing as a “truth movement” and also there is no real “peace movement”.

We are Femen, the naked shock troops of feminism | Feminism | The Guardian

It is all just a lot of hot air and emotional bullshit.

Even the peace movement of the 1960’s was bullshit. It was the middle class and President Richard Nixon that ended The Vietnam War. Not smelly drug and sex addicted hippies. Not Abby Hoffman all he did was cause trouble.

The assassination of JFK should have triggered a violent reaction from the American people. But nothing happened. It became a hobby. Only one man Michael Collins Piper figured out who was really behind the JFK hit. Mossad. This blog is for Piper.

Final Judgement: Michael Collins Piper: Amazon.com: Books

911 truth was a lot simpler than the JFK assassination. There were arrest of Israeli spies and Israeli nationals on 911. The 911 case was actually easy to solve. It was all bullshit anyway because the American people were told that the alleged hijackers were mostly Saudi. Yet the USA attack and then worse occupied Iraq with it’s secular leader Saddam Hussein. Who had no WMD. Holy shit if the media got the American people to look the other way they can do anything. Right? Fuck the media.

The Dancing Israelis: Trump was right about 9/11 but they weren't Muslims |  Council for the National Interest

How about the truth movement people who sore that Trump was/is controlled by Bibi Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel . Off the top of my head I can say two events that make that impossible.

1/ Trump had to arrest  Michael Kaydar the hoax bomber. Trump dispatched the FBI to pressure the Israelis to give him up. Did Obama and Bush ever do anything like that?

2/ ISIS was beloved by Israel Trump had the CIA cut the funding ISIS and other extremist. Hey what happened to ISIS? Fucking Trump is the best!

To Be continued.


The Downfall of Press TV

“Press TV is an Iranian state-owned news and documentary network that broadcasts in the English and French languages. ”

Wisconsin judge issues ruling in Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit - Wausau  Pilot & Review

Once upon a time Press TV out of Iran was a good source of news and in particular they had some good interviews that were hard to find anywhere else.

Sandy Hook conspiracists lose defamation case to dad of slain boy | Kenora  Daily Miner

Yes, indeed there was some darn good content on there. Even more important than the fact that people were able to get some of the POV of the people of Iran was the fact that Americans were getting some really good alternative news talk and information in English.

Now there are millions upon millions of evangelical people in the USA that want to see Iran go away or be punished because this is what the Bible says needs to happen. I might add that many “saved” people \are involved with the US military.

Now I know may people reading this will say Press TV got thrown off you tube and other platforms. I know that is bad and that happened. But before that when they where still more easily available Press TV blew it big time. Let me explain why.

The reporters and staff of Press TV are good. They come off as very calm and intellectual. They have had on some very good guest. They have stood up well against the “neoliberals” and “neocons”. They went even farther and had guys on like Mark Glenn and others who where willing to talk about the role of US and Israeli intelligence on 911 and the Mossad connection to the JFK hit.

Press TV was reaching some of the American intellectuals that are “gentiles”. Perhaps even some of the middle class in the US? I don’t know.

But look they blew it and here is how. Every guest that they ever had on and all the hard work that Press TV did got completely ruined when they invited Prof. James Henry Fetzer to appear on PTV. When they invite a man like this on their platform that’s it folks it was all over. After that how could you take them seriously?

Fetzer thinks that no one died at Sandy Hook. He is a kook. Lets say for the sake of argument that somehow he was right about this insane accusation. Which is lets face it more about X-Files and fantasy lore than a real theory anyway. He lost. The feds and the cops say the event happened so therefore it did. End of story. Worse that that he broke the law and lost in court. According to Wikipedia:” In October 2019, a Wisconsin court ordered Fetzer to pay the father of a Sandy Hook victim $450,000 in a defamation case.”

jim fetzer foil hat | Carolyn Yeager

The fact that American Free Press held a debate about a case in which Fetzer lost a defamation case over shows what happened to that newspaper.

Fetzer and Alex Jones destroyed any credibility the truth movement may have had and they broke the law and have gotten destroyed in court.

The movie loose change did nothing to help 911 Truth. In fact it was a spectacle with no real information. It was like a kind of violent pornography. Stare all day at falling buildings like a science fiction movie. There were arrest made on 911. Just google dancing Israelis. Remember Trump said Dancing Muslims? He wanted the stupid Americans to find out the truth of what happened.

Reimposing US sanctions against Iran will further isolate Washington:  Analyst

Anyway why did Press TV have Fetzer on? They made a huge mistake. American Free Press made a huge mistake. Journalist can’t loose that much credibility.

It is a shame Press TV was once very good. What damge did this do to back channel relation between Iran and the USA? What damge did it do to Trumps effort to stay out of wars? What damage did it do to Trump in the 2020 election? Hard to say, but I bet more than we dare to think about.

If there was any “conspiracy behind the Sandy Hook Fetzer blew it anyway. Also Press TV should know that mental illness in the USA is it’s own separate problem and it should never let a man on who became obsessed with the tragic Newtown Sanday Hook shooting. It had nothing to do with geopolitics and back door diplomacy. It would NEVER be something you would want to bring up when dealing with the awfully complicated and delicate relationship between the USA and Iran.


Is the “truth movement” stupid?


Alex Jones Fucked 150 Women Before He Turned 16 Years Old. How Bout You,  Cuck? | Barstool Sports

Is the “truth movement” stupid? Yes of coarse. The truth movement or 911 truth or what ever you want to call it has always been a form sick entertainment. Filled with stupid and mentally ill people.

Has the Truth movement ever had a single victory?

No. Not even close.

Can anyone in the truth movement have a real argument or debate? Can they even have a lucid conversation? No! No! and No! Is any truth movement “intellectual” willing to debate a guy like Mark Glenn  of TUT regarding the fact that the the Old Testament is nothing but an evil rule book used to attack the Gentiles. Was Jesus a rebel against the Torah? I think so. The OT is nothing but a storybook of war and spy victories against the gentiles. No one can face it no one will debate about it.

Yes the truth movement is full of stupid people. Do you remember when author Michael Collins Piper had a podcast on RBN live? “The Piper Report”. It was great. Best podcast ever. However I used to get very pissed off when guys would call in and make stupid comments or talk down to the guy. Just like on this blog. Yes, crazy people used to call in say stupid shit all the time. Their were some good callers and great guest but many of the callers were shitheads.

In American people in the truth movement and people in general are stupid and mentally ill. 1. No one reads books. 2. People think they know everything and talk down to other people for fun. 3. People are driven by emotion. 4. When people don’t know what they are talking about they quote the bible endlessly. 5. Conspiracy stories and things of that nature are as addictive as pornography. 6. Conspiracy theory’s are pornography.7. If you mention them to educated people will dismiss you. 8. For the most part people suffering from mental illness will become involved in Conspiracy discussion groups and social media. 9. People like to talk about the sexual crimes which involve people people, but in a useless emotional fashion. As if to be turned on by it. 10. Conspiracy theory people and peace activist people are very emotional and deluded and self righteous. They want to believe they are they only ones who can save the world. 11. Truth movement people love to talk about weapons and devices and magic bullets and bombs and secret bases. Shit that don’t know a fucking thing about.

Yes truth movement people suck and thy have been used and fooled. They helped fuck up the “Trump movement” and perhaps freedom of speech itself.

Yes truth movement you were used. See: Cognitive infiltration is a term coined by Cass Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule to refer to the use of government and third party “cognitive” provocateurs and front groups to “infiltrate” social networks, other online groups, and “real life” groups built around conspiracy theories.[1] They use the term mostly in reference to the 9/11 conspiracist subculture. In response, David Ray Griffin wrote a book entitled Cognitive Infiltration, once again railing against the “official conspiracy theory.”[2] Critics have noted that various aspects of this strategy are illegal and similar to the FBI’s COINTELPRO and the Bush administration’s use of “independent analysts” and paid-off pundits.[3][4] Truthers can now write off anyone who debunks their conspiracy theories as merely “cognitive infiltrators” (which they have done before, though). The tendrils of cognitive infiltration have wound their way into every aspect of society — even Wikileaks is an attempt at cognitive infiltration by Sunstein through the use of the limited hangout![5]

Sorry for the vulgar language, but we are fucked. Thank you truth movement. For nothing go to hell.


Truth movement Dreams


Black or unmarked helicopters | History's greatest conspiracy theories -  News

The black helicopters. Do you remember long ago the truth movement used to talk endlessly about the black helicopters? How about the UN troops? How about every event in the world being connected to the “Book of Revelation” in the Bible. The Book of Revelation is very exciting indeed. A bit to exciting and dramatic and theatrical?

Left Behind II: Tribulation Force - Wikipedia

The JFK assassination has had every kind of bizarre theory said about it. It was a mess. Michel Collins Piper put it all together and solved the case. Many people in the “real truth movement ” sort of took what Piper wrote and then moved on almost as if they thought of it. Worse than that some of his close friends and work mates moved deep into” No one died at Sandy Hook”. All of Mike Piper books and his work got overshadowed when the truth movement became obsessed with crisis actors and Sandy Hook. The damage was done and no one cares now. Truth movement lunatics have ruined talking about sensitive political issues of any kind.’. TRY AND TALK ABOUT REAL POLITICS AFTER THIS !

Alex Jones, Infowars, and the Sandy Hook Defamation Suits

CIA man Michael Scheuer  is a great writer. He was dead on correct in his many great books in particular Imperial Hubris “Why the West Is Losing the War on Terror”. He was absolutely brilliant. Then I heard him on a podcast where he said something to the effect that Stephen Paddock the most deadly shooter in the history in the world was to old hold to shoot up all those people in the “2017 Las Vegas shooting”. He was in an elevated position overlooking a country music concert and he could not kill a lot of people? Approximately 22,000 concertgoers and he hit 61 from high up. What was behind it? Was there some deep conspiracy? The police and the feds say no. End of story.  Why did Scheuer say this dramatic dreamy bullshit? Could it be he needed to produce drama for a very stupid audience? People love bullshit. We need to be aware of this.

Tony Norman: When the Abomination of Desolation preaches domination |  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Trump has of coarse had to play the game and gain support from millions of evangelicals in the city on the hill the good old USA. However it will be up to the courts to decide if Trump has won this election.

Some people recognize that Trump had some political power. That he did things like pull funding from the CIA rebels in Syria. “The Trump administration has decided to halt the CIA’s covert program to equip and train certain rebel groups … WASHINGTON (Reuters)


This was not Trump sending the Special Forces to attack the Comet Pizza place.

The left is just as stupid as the right. They listen to NPR and Democracy Now and hate white men for the wrong reasons. They more wars Trump stopped the more sexist and racist they thought he was. Show me one thing peace activist have done with more results than Trump and his power as the President of the Untied States of America. The peace activist and the Truth Movement can take a running jump straight into hell. RIP MCP


The truth movement did not “like” Trump.


This blog is not here to make friends. This blog is not a “friend’ of the so called truth movement. The Narcissistic Truth Movement is awful. And I don’t just mean Alex Jones. I mean all of it. Do I like The Saker, E Michel Jones and Hoffman Ryan Dawson and Syria Girl? Of coarse I like their writing and their efforts. I am sorry to bitch about them all the time on this blog. But they all failed to back the President when it meant something.

Keep it simple you truth movement fools. The Alex Jones crowd and the American Free Press blew it when they backed the no one died at Sandy Hook deluded BS.

James H Fetzer - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

I am a huge fan of Philip Giraldi who is “an American columnist, commentator security consultant and former CIA man.” As well as the man who writer under the name “The Saker”. They are both brilliant. But both men have bashed Trump endlessly. When they know darn well Trump is interested in business and not war. So if your looking for “the ugly truth” about things they don’t completely provide it.

Pompeo and Trump have bull-shitted their way out of war with Syria, Iran and North Korea. Did you expect them to come out and say what they were doing? Oh but blame it all on them! Do you assholes think these kind of men are dumb enough to fall for every little thing Kushner says?

Did intellectual snobs who went on Russia Today and Press TV and bash Trump think they were helping? One after the other shitting on Trump. Did they even do damage to Trumps back channel relationship to Iran and Russia? I sure hope not.

This blog is not here to save you. That is your “religion” This blog is not here to make friends. Sign up for “info-wars and David Icke if you want “friends.”

How much success has the beloved activist movement of the Palestinian people had? Where is Ahed Tamimi now? They have failed. Trump has some power and he has blocked the “illuminati” from war many many times.

Police reportedly set to recommend indictments in submarine affair | The  Times of Israel

I am sorry Trump had to take out Gen. Qasem Soleimani  but he avoided deeper conflict with Iran. The CIA did not topple the government of Iran. They could have.

” As of 28 April 2020Houthis control all of North Yemen except for Ma’rib Governorate.” Why? Is this not better for Yemen? Also under Trump.

Epstein is dead Weinstein and Ghislaine Maxwell is in jail. Under what President? Come on Hoffman and Jones put away your OT.

Who is worse the truth movement people who love the book of war and death known as Old Testament ? Or the liberal snob crowd who shit on “The Donald” to sound cool on the internet?

Everyone from JFK to the crew of the USS Liberty has failed. Now we must all pray that Trump can survive.

If Trump is defeated then get ready for the “winter of death”.


A Trump loss will be the Truth movement’s fault?


A Trump loss will be the Truth movement’s fault? An exaggeration? Perhaps. Perhaps covid-19 won anyway . If Biden takes the presidency we the USA are done. USA will go full bat shit crazy. A few more months of lock down and the mighty US economy will transform into even more of a welfare state. Also I am told a 2021 great depression could happen. Biden and Harris are also both puppet war mongers.

I get that the peace activist and 911 truth people are mad at the “illuminati.” But they all failed to play along with Trump and fell pray to emotion. The truth movement is nothing but a bunch of Narcissistic assholes.

Yes, sorry E. Michel Jones and Syria Girl and Ryan Dawson all got it wrong. They needed to go along with Trump. The Palestinians failed to realize Trump was looking to make a deal for them. They got lost in emotion and blew it. I am sure they are backing Trump now but it is to late!

Charlottesville torch photo: White nationalist Peter Cytanovic wants people  to know he is not "an evil Nazi" — Quartz

I understand white people are pissed off we all are but many guys get lost in emotion and get fooled into things like the Tiki torches white nationalist protect which had been a huge pain in the ass for Trump. The white middle class who do the work in this country like black people and they hate Tiki torch white nationalist period! Yes, I bet the tiki torch men were fake. But whatever the truth movement did not expose them enough or do much to handle blowback from those guys.

The truth movement failed on 911, Boston, Sandy Hook and now covid 19. You suck!

If Trump cant beat the fixed election then we are looking at a depression and 8 more years of Harris! Think about that you losers!


Is Peace at Hand in the Middle East?By Patrick J. Buchanan

Is Peace at Hand in the Middle East?

“Recognition of Israel by the UAE and Bahrain will, it is predicted, be followed by recognition of Israel by Oman and other Gulf states, perhaps even Saudi Arabia. But the idea that peace is at hand appears to be, as Mark Twain said of reports of his death, premature.”
Having presided over the recognition of Israel by the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, President Donald Trump has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize amid talk of peace breaking out across the region.

Assuredly, this is a major diplomatic breakthrough, and Nancy’s Pelosi’s sour-grapes dismissal of the deal as a “distraction” testifies to that truth.

Recognition of Israel by the UAE and Bahrain will, it is predicted, be followed by recognition of Israel by Oman and other Gulf states, perhaps even Saudi Arabia. But the idea that peace is at hand appears to be, as Mark Twain said of reports of his death, premature.

Indeed, the Gulf Arabs could be signing up to recognize Israel because they see the Jewish state as an indispensable ally in the Arab Sunni clash with the larger and more powerful Shiite Iran.
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In 1979, the Camp David Accords were signed in a land-for-peace deal whereby Israel returned the Sinai, captured in the 1967 Six-Day War, to Egypt. Egypt’s Anwar Sadat and Israel’s Menachem Begin both won the Nobel Prize for Peace. Yet, while peace was established between Cairo and Jerusalem, that did not inaugurate an era of peace.

Jordan’s King Hussein recognized Israel in 1994. Yet, since then, Israel has fought wars with Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Palestinians of the West Bank in successive intifadas.

The Palestinian issue also seems no closer to resolution.

What the Gulf Arabs are saying with these recognitions is that the seemingly irreconcilable Palestinian-Israeli conflict can no longer be permitted to interfere with the Arabs’ pursuit of allies in the conflict that more immediately concerns them — that of Iran against the Sunni Arab nations of the Persian Gulf.

The Palestinians are the losers here, having lost their veto power over Arab nations establishing ties to Israel. As for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it seems even further from resolution.

The “deal of the century” peace plan midwifed by Jared Kushner projected a Palestinian state on two-thirds of the West Bank. The rest of the West Bank, now occupied by half a million Jewish settlers, would be ceded to Israel.
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Any Palestinian leader who signed away Jerusalem and a third of the West Bank to Israel would risk ending up like Matthias Erzberger, who signed the Versailles Treaty in Paris for Germany and was assassinated in the Black Forest in August 1921.

Other conflicts in the region contradict the notion of a coming era of peace. Syria’s civil war, where Russia, Hezbollah and Iran are supporting the Damascus regime of Bashar Assad is unfinished, though Assad has regained control of most of his country.

The Yemen civil war remains a bloody and inconclusive conflict between a Saudi-backed regime which was driven out of the capital by Houthi rebels five years ago. U.S.-backed Saudi airstrikes have made of the country a human rights catastrophe. There is even talk of war crimes charges being brought against Riyadh for its bombings, and the United States for having sustained and supported those airstrikes.

In Libya, a civil war is underway between the recognized regime backed by Turkey and rebels backed by the UAE, Russia and Egypt.

In the Eastern Mediterranean, there is a naval stand-off between NATO allies Greece and Turkey over who owns the oil and gas below the seas off Cyprus and the Greek islands closest to the Turkish coast.

Then there is the undeclared war being waged against Iran by Israel and to which the U.S. is contributing with the crushing sanctions it has imposed to weaken and to isolate the ayatollah’s regime.

U.S. military action against Iran, before Election Day, long advocated by hawks in this city and Israel, cannot be ruled out.

As for the Afghan civil war, in which the U.S. has been engaged for 19 years, it remains unresolved, though the Taliban have begun talks with the Kabul government. Then there is the endless Turkish-Kurd conflict inside Turkey that has spilled over into Iraq and Syria.

In establishing embassies in Israel, the UAE and Bahrain are taking a risk, making a wager on who will emerge as dominant in the Middle East.

While the UAE is a significant power in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is a collection of islands of 300 square miles with a population fewer than two million people, a Sunni king and a Shiite majority.

Though home port to the U.S. Fifth Fleet, it is vulnerable.

A decade ago, the king was almost dethroned by a Shiite uprising sparked by the Arab Spring. Saudi Arabia had to send an army across the causeway to put down the resistance and save the regime.

Even Israel is not truly at peace today, with its drones, planes and missiles intermittently striking Iranian-backed militia in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Still, all in all, this week brought good news on at least one front of the Middle East’s forever wars.


“It’s Not Clear If Beirut Port Explosion Was Accident Or Attack”: Esper Tells FOX — The Duran

No Title Last night on Judge Jeanine, Defense Secretary Esper called it “regrettable” that “some in the media” were trying to divide him and the president over the Beirut explosion by just pointing out that he said it was probably an accident while Trump said it looked like an attack. 134 more words

via “It’s Not Clear If Beirut Port Explosion Was Accident Or Attack”: Esper Tells FOX — The Duran


“Ask Prince Andrew About It”: Trump Warned Epstein’s Island Was “Absolute Cesspool” In 2015 — The Duran

“He’s been there many times…” President Trump suggested in 2015 that reporters ask Prince Andrew about his good friend Jeffrey Epstein’s so-called ‘pedo’ island, calling it an “absolute cesspool.” According to The Sun, Trump’s comments came around the time that accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre alleged that Epstein coerced her into having sex with Prince Andrew on three separate occasions when she was 17. Giuffre described in detail a March 10, 2001 encounter with the prince in which she says she danced with him at a London nightclub before he had sex with her. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/ask-prince-andrew-about-it-trump-warned-epsteins-island-was-absolute-cesspool-2015

via “Ask Prince Andrew About It”: Trump Warned Epstein’s Island Was “Absolute Cesspool” In 2015 — The Duran


Trump is caught in a Catch 22?


Trump angry after House briefed on 2020 Russia election meddling ...


Scenario #1: If Trump sends the country back to work they will die in greater numbers the JMSM destroy Trump.

Scenario #2:The JMSM  will blame Trump for the destruction of the economy if he doesn’t get the country back to work.

Scenario #3 The Trump supporters have had enough. and don’t give a shit.

Scenario #4:  The western world and the goy are too addicted to materialism or the Bible. They will never fight back.

Scenario #5 Trump likes to win if the JMSM trap him in this “catch 22” will he talk he will be fired to talk about who was behind 911 or JFK.

SCENARIO #6  Trump will get the economy and the people back to work but at the same time it is in his interest to let the American people see which [Dems] politicians are talking Fear, Doom and Gloom in slowing down the process of recovery and who are screaming for more money to cover their own previous misdeeds. As people see that the leftist politicians are getting in the way of their own livelihoods, even middle-of-the road Americans, not just Trump supporters,  will call BS on it all and will finally realize the media for what it is–the real enemy of the people.

MUST READ NOW The Dark Truth About Fauci and Birx, Bill Gates And Globalist Elites — The Duran

President Donald Trump is fighting to find a medical solution for Coronavirus in the short term, expressing hope that the anti-malaria drug Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine can help patients suffering from the Chinese virus. The truth is that President Donald Trump is locked in an intense power struggle with Bill Gates, who is pushing his vaccines, which may not be available to the public until after November’s election. Gates has a lot of pull in the medical world, he has a multi-million dollar relationship with Dr. Fauci, and Fauci originally took the Gates line supporting vaccines and casting doubt on Chloroquine. Coronavirus response team member Dr. Deborah Birx, appointed by former president Obama to serve as United States Global AIDS Coordinator, also sits on the board of a group that has received billions from Gates’ foundation, and Birx reportedly used a disputed Bill Gates-funded model for the White Houses’ Coronavirus effort. Gates is a big proponent for a population lockdown scenario for the Coronavirus outbreak. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID, a division of National Institutes of Health, NIH) director Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is represented by the Aurumn Speakers Bureau, initially criticized Trump’s hopeful assessment of Chloroquine, saying in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper that “There’s no magic drug for coronavirus right now,” and lectured, “Let me put it into perspective for the viewers .. there has been anecdotal non-proven data that it [chloroquine] works… but when you have an uncontrolled trial you can never definitely say that it works.” Fauci then changed his tune and launched a public relations campaign huddling closer to Trump. Fauci said that he would definitely prescribe Chloroquine for patients. “Yeah, of course, particularly if people have no other option. These drugs are approved drugs for other reasons. They’re anti-malaria drugs, and they’re drugs against certain autoimmune diseases like lupus. Physicians throughout the country can prescribe that in an off-label way. Which means they can write it for something it was not approved for.” Fauci makes his hostility toward the Trump-touted drugs clear: Fauci is pushing the talking point that things will never go back to normal in our society until we have the ability to mass-vaccinate people, echoing Bill Gates’ assertion that mass gatherings in our culture “may not come back at all” before mass-vaccinations. Fauci downplayed the threat of Coronavirus on January 21 in a Newsmax TV interview, saying, “This is not a major threat for the people in the United States, and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.” Since then, Coronavirus has exploded in the United States, boosting demand for a vaccine. Fauci later said that people would not have to change their daily activities as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak: But Fauci’s NIAID actually funded a study on Bat Coronavirus, which was a project that included scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chinese lab at the center of controversy over their bat research. That study confirmed in 2018 that humans have died from coronavirus. Here’s an excerpt from the April 4, 2018 NIAID website entry entitled “New Coronavirus Emerges From Bats in China, Devastates Young Swine”: “A newly identified coronavirus that killed nearly 25,000 piglets in 2016-17 in China emerged from horseshoe bats near the origin of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), which emerged in 2002 in the same bat species. The new virus is named swine acute diarrhea syndrome coronavirus (SADS-CoV). It does not appear to infect people, unlike SARS-CoV which infected more than 8,000 people and killed 774. No SARS-CoV cases have been identified since 2004. The study investigators identified SADS-CoV on four pig farms in China’s Guangdong Province. The work was a collaboration among scientists from EcoHealth Alliance, Duke-NUS Medical School, Wuhan Institute of Virology and other organizations, and was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health. The research is published in the journal Nature. The researchers say the finding is an important reminder that identifying new viruses in animals and quickly determining their potential to infect people is a key way to reduce global health threats.” Additionally, the Daily Mail reported that National Institutes of Health, of which Fauci’s NIAID is a member, provided a $3.7 million grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to study bat-borne coronavirus. That study was headlined, ‘Discovery of a rich gene pool of bat SARS-related coronaviruses provides new insights into the origin of SARS coronavirus.’ So what is really going on here? The true behind-the-scenes story is coming to light: Bill Gates Cast Doubt on Chloroquine And Said He Is Running A Study On It “There are a lot of therapeutic drugs being examined. This is one of many but it is not proven. If it works we will need to make sure the finite supplies are held for the patients who need it most. We have a study going on to figure this out. We also have a screening effort to look at all the ideas for Therapeutics because the number being proposed is very large and only the most promising should be tried in patients. China was testing some things but now they have so few cases that that testing needs to move to other locations,” Gates said. Gates Is Funding Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates That Would Compete With Chloroquine, And Dr. Fauci’s Agency Is Co-Partnering On The Project The company Moderna is working on a Coronavirus vaccine, which they expect will go into clinical trials in April. Dr. Fauci has heaped praise on Moderna and said that a vaccine is the only way to definitively assure the end of the virus. Gates is working on multiple Coronavirus vaccine projects. “Gates Foundation money is backing vaccine development on every front. Inovio Pharmaceuticals of Pennsylvania received $9 million from the Gates-backed CEPI, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, to develop a vaccine, INO-4800, which is about to test on humans in April, a suspiciously rapid time frame. In addition Gates Foundation just gave the company an added $5 million to develop a proprietary smart device for intradermal delivery of the new vaccine. In addition Gates Foundation monies via CEPI are financing development of a radical new vaccine method known as messengerRNA or mRNA. They are co-funding the Cambridge, Massachusetts biotech company, Moderna Inc., to develop a vaccine against the Wuhan novel coronavirus, now called SARS-CoV-2. Moderna’s other partner is the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Head of NIAID is Dr Anthony Fauci, the person at the center of the Trump Administration virus emergency response. Notable about the Fauci-Gates Moderna coronavirus vaccine, mRNA-1273, is that it has been rolled out in a matter of weeks, not years, and on February 24 went directly to Fauci’s NIH for tests on human guinea pigs, not on mice as normal. Moderna’s chief medical adviser, Tal Zaks, argued, “I don’t think proving this in an animal model is on the critical path to getting this to a clinical trial… https://nationalfile.com/president-trump-vs-bill-gates-on-treatment-fauci-has-a-100-million-conflict-of-interest/

via The Dark Truth About Fauci and Birx, Bill Gates And Globalist Elites — The Duran


Trump vs the high tech super virus.



Dutch intel aided U.S.-Israeli Stuxnet cyberattack on Iran, report ...


Mossad is the best of the best.  But they are aggressive. Sometimes they overplay their hand a bit.

Such is the case with the malicious software code Stuxnet which was intended to take down Iran.

Remember it is called the “Stuxnet virus”.  This virus attacked Iranian computers and technology.  Nuke technology.

It worked. But the Stuxnet virus spread it got a bit out of control. At this time Obama was President. Joe Biden even commented.

David E. Sanger writes in Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power .

In the background, everyone could hear someone sucking air through his teeth. It was Joe Biden, the vice president, whose occasional outbursts were often a tension-relieving contrast with Obama’s typically impassive reaction

to bad news. “Oh, goddamn,” he said, according to the account of one participant. “Sonofabitch. It’s got to be the Israelis.



Computer program


Stuxnet is a malicious computer worm, first uncovered in 2010, thought to have been in development since at least 2005. Stuxnet targets supervisory control and data acquisition systems and is believed to be responsible for causing substantial damage to the nuclear program of Iran. Wikipedia

Classification: Computer worm
Author(s): Equation Group



The virus worked it infected the Iranianian nuke plant.  High tech cyberwar. However, it spread a bit too far and became known to the public. They showed their power. But it spilled out around the world.

Did they want it that way?

They showed weakness when the killed the wrong guy in Lillehammer Norway 1973. But two cares their team blew away everyone in Black September anyway.

Would the Americans, in particular, the Protestant believers in the OT even care? Dare I say they loved it.

After 911 when a truth movement may have sparked a real revolution in the USA. Nothing happened.

Worse than nothing.

The mind science experts developed a virus to destroy the “truth movement” called “cognitive infiltration”

Quotes about Conspiracy theories (70 quotes)

After the attack at Sandy Hook Newtown CT. The truth movement went too far and said no one died at Sandy Hook.

The virus spread and destroyed the “movement” and may yet destroy free speech.

Mark Glenn and Mike Piper tried to warn of the no one died at Sandy Hook virus. But it did not work.  Their careers were more or less destroyed.

Worse than that because of the power of the media and the glory and power of the OT most of what we call the “gentile world” Has been destroying itself.

Any attempt to question the abuse of the Gentile in the OT is dismissed as heresy.

Note how the biggest star in the I am smart enough to figure out Alex Joes is a fraud crowd. Adam Green agrees with a lot the was written in  The Ugly Truth website”  but he 100%goes after Trump.

Without Trump the Truth Movement has nothing. No power.


The truth movement we would find is a total waste of time. More on this latter.


Now endgame. Trump has survived Russiagate and Ukraine gate and countless other media battles but he faces the Corona Virus.  One that no one knows where the hell it really came from and even what it is. How it attacks the population is bizarre.

Coronavirus Coverage | New Hampshire Public Radio

Charles Lieber  Havard professor was arrested with 2 Chinese  nationals,

Lieber deals with technology that is beyond science fiction.  He works on the “nanoscale” The small the unseen  We have no idea of what is to come.

Huge armies can be brought down with sophisticated technology and deception.

How will Trump deal with this?

If  America goes back to work too soon then to much death?  If he does not send America back to work soon it could mean the end of his chance to win in November of 2020.

Stop judging Trump and pray for him. Pray now.




Have the Palestinians missed their chance? Abbas and the useless leftist peace movement reject Trump and his peace deal. “I say to the Palestinians. Don’t give up. Get in there and make a deal. Get some land.”

By Staś

Bleeding heart liberals have for years poured their hearts out in support for the Palestinians. They get hell fo it. In the end, it is a whole lot of nothing. Let Trump have a chance to apply his unique business style of deal-making and negotiating.

I say to the Palestinians. Don’t give up. Get in there and make a deal. Get some land.

Image result for Vanessa Redgrave anti isreal


The Peace Activist movement and the Palestinians have gone off on President  Trump. They are outraged about his “Deal of the Century”.

Listen to the way Trump says deal of the century. As if to say take this deal or the world will get blown up.

What else do the Palestinians have? Who will help them, Julian  Assange? From Jail?

It is awful what is happening to Assange but there are countless leftists that do nothing but report and talk about his awful fate.

Yet another distraction?

The Palestinians are brave and have proved their courage many times.

I would never put them down they are the bravest of the brave. But they understandably are blinded by anger and frustration. To my mind, the activist left has not been very helpful,

The reality is the Palestinians are outgunned 100 to 0. They have no money no power and no powerful friends.

Of course, their land has been completely stolen it is nothing but a huge war crime to remove the Palestinians from their land.

Roger Waters and Lourdes refusing to play music in Isreal is not real political power.

Image result for Roger Waters and Lourdes anti semetic

Many good people have stood by their side and some like Rachel Corrie have put their money where their mouth is and died for the cause.

But without some real political power without Trump, they will have all died for nothing.

Ahed Tamimi is a brave young woman she is a hero. But is her message to Trump which is her people want all of Palestine back realistic?

Could the PR power of Ahed Tamimi return if she called out for dialogue with Trump and his “Deal of the Century?

Has she stopped being a media sensation because she refused to deal?

Peace activist people detest the word deal.   Who can blame them for not trusting Trump?

But to not play his game. It is a huge mistake. This may be the last chance for along time.

Trump has shown tremendous effort in attempting to make peace deals.

Peace activist pick apart everything that Trump does. They hate him and the pro-Isreal crowd loves this.

IN FACT by refusing to go to the peace table Abbas has made the Palestinians look like the bad guys!

Trump’s Peace Plan Calls for Two States,  and a Settlement Freeze GO FOR IT!!

It is small rocks against nuclear weapons. The Palestinians don’t need snobby leftist and the fake sympathy from the Intercept Democracy Now and Bernie    Sanders who can never truly support the Palestinians not only because of his proven pro-war record. But because of the rules of the Torah which he follows.

Yet, the Pro-Palestinian crowd loves Sanders. Many of them are stupid enough to believe that the DNC women of “the Squad” are real.

I have noticed many times even on RT and Press TV and on social media t that the journalists call Trump stupid and focus on his tweets. Also on the more dramatic anti-jewish sites they endlessly refer to Trump’s son -in law. as being a Jew.  Is it  that simple?  No.

Sometimes I think some of them are addicted to crying about peace. People get addicted to becoming emotional over human rights issues.

Have you noticed the bulk of the American and Euro- liberals who support the Palestinian cause spend an enormous amount of energy insulting Trump and his rust belt deplorable people?  They should know better than that. The pro-Brexit and Pro-Trump types have also suffered under Jewish economic rule.  Some are poor and low educated many are under the spell of the Christian Zionist mega-churches.

Simply put do the left want to help the Palestinians for real?  I think some of them want to help but it all gets lost on pro-abortion white male hatred and other emotionally charged causes to bitch about.

It is more popular then discussing black on black violence. But the Palestinian cause ranks far below “systemic Racism in America” and sexism.

The media covers endless nonexistent issues, and it works people get distracted.

I think certainly blacks have a legit beef on these subjects. But America is not Gaza.

NPR and Democracy Now and Mother Jones knows how to handle and bury the Palestine problem. But they can’t completely  “cancel” Trump out because he is the President. Literally the Roman emperor in the minds of the Jews.

Cut the Trump supports a break put them in perspective.

Oddly the deplorable movement should support the Palestinians. They have both been screwed by the system.

Some leftists get endlessly arrested and long for the sex and drugs filled protest era of the 1960s.

Take for instance many of the secretly pro- Isreal supporters who go on Amy Goodman Democracy Now. and cry about rights.

Many of these so-called peace activists are dominated by Jewish Journalists taking over the discourse.

Many are on the right side of history. They get emotional and cry every time Isreal bombs the hell out of Gaza. But they can’t do anything about it. Trump can. But they don’t like him

The Peace movement has never won a single victory against Isreal.

Image result for hollywood actors who are for palistine

Many people who support Palestine cause are emotion-driven fools. They enjoy the novelty of it. They are all over the place and can be led to another  “cause” at any given moment.

The American liberals sometimes take up the Palestinian cause but they often seem much more intense and serious with regard to anything deemed racist or anti-Semitic.

Many young people tangle with Jews on college grounds over the murder and ill-treatment of the Palestinians. I would argue they are all bark and no bite.

Much of the support for the Palestine people is buried under Black lives matter and LBGTQ rights. The self-satisfaction of yelling at the cops and white people just for the sake of doing so.

The BDS movement is a good idea. But they get spied upon and filtered through and dealt with carefully by Hollywood and the academic world. Which is of coarse under the thumb of the Jews.

Liberalism, endless talk or human rights and the worldwide addiction to protest movements are like Marxism almost 100%  Jewish dominated.

Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin  Saul Alinsky and now Bernie  Sanders reminds us the protest movement is a Jewish thing.  Raw Communist Jewish power under the banner of the DNC wants to change America forever making it a full-fledged slave state. Make no mistake they do not want to Free Palestine. They may talk about it but they are full of it.

Drugs and violence and useless protest are now an American way of life.

Vanessa Redgrave, Brando, and a few other big Hollywood names sometimes protest against the Jewish power but they get trashed and nothing happens.

Many talented actors and singers have condemned Israeli aggression. It all feels good for a week or two then poof nothing happens.

for all their wonderful style and popularity they are still just employees of the Jewish businessmen.

Sometimes big-name artists like  Rihanna tweet hashtag #FreePalestine. Then they delete it. Big deal.

The system finds ways of dealing with such things.

Political power is needed.

With the American Presidents, it is a different story they have real power. They are modeled after the Roman emperors of old.

How could many of the journalist on RT and Press TV and Unz and of coarse CNN call Trump “stupid” when he turned NYC from a rat-infested hell back to a haven for the rich.

Trump knows how to fight the PR fight.

Why would the entire DNC try to impeach Trump under risky false charges if it were a trick?

The Jews knew better than anyone the Trump was going to give them a run for their money.

The gentiles cry about causes every day but the west is dying out and they literally are having no babes.

Do people take up liberal causes because they have avoided their own personal responsibility of having a family?

Do people blame Trump for mistakes they have made because he is the ultimate demon for the left and the PC “woke” culture?

Has the Pro Palestine movement been taken over and buried by the woke culture the PC culture and intolerant left?

It has but the Isreal first  crowd just got a lot of help  by the Palestinians refusing to come to the  peace table and “make a deal.” A deal of the century.


Tuesday, February 4, 2020 Put simply, President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” is bad news for Israel, bad news for Jews. The Ugly Truth Judaism, Zionism and the toxic effect of apocalyptic religious delusions on world affairs

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 Put simply, President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” is bad news for Israel, bad news for Jews. The Ugly Truth Judaism, Zionism and the toxic effect of apocalyptic religious delusions on world affairs

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO TUT ed note–please pay close attention to the following quoted sentence and after that, take a GOOD look at the ‘Messianic event’ taking place on 9/11/2001 which our deranged Hebraic essayist is referencing in very coded language–

‘My great concern is that after this plan has been embraced by leaders like Netanyahu and Trump, only a miraculous messianic event could reverse the process of losing these precious communities my people have lived and died to establish.’


MUST-READ Tuesday, February 4, 2020 How Their Brains Function– ‘Why America should prepare for devastating disasters following Trump’s Peace Deal’

How Their Brains Function– ‘Why America should prepare for devastating disasters following Trump’s Peace Deal’

FOR TUT ED. ed note–no one should underestimate exactly the ‘message’ which our deranged Hebraic writer is trying to convey in typical Judaic gangsterese. Nor should anyone underestimate how this ideological baton will be taken up by one of the most important 5th columns that Judea, Inc has in its service in the USA–Christian Zionist megachurches and its shabbos goy pastors who will be carrying the torch which Israel will utilize in trying to burn down Trump’s attempt at preventing WWIII.


Truth Movement why help your enemies? Truth Movement people cave on Trump they often say that Trump is a puppet of the Zionist. But Sanders campaign people call for burning cities down. “If trump Gets Elected cities burn”

by Staś

Image result for trump swiss fax machine to iran

Truth movement why attack the leader of the free world who wants to stay out of war no matter how hard the Deep State tries to get the USA in it? Trump Iran and Russia don’t want an all-out war. The truth movement is not helping.

@BernieSanders “free education” policies to “teach you how to not be a f**king nazi.”; ‘There is a reason Stalin had Gulags’; ‘Expect violent reaction’ for speech. If Bernie doesn’t get nomination “Milwaukee will burn”

Well, known Truth movement people like Adam Green continue to cave on Trump. They say he is owned by the “Zionist”.  That Trump takes orders from his son-in-law. Oh if it were that simple.

Image result for Adam Green know more news

This kind of thinking is simplistic. Also would they not end up in the Gulag as well?

Is Trump for the Palestinians? Iran?    Not exactly. But Trump loves American and his family and himself. To sustain his way of life Trump has become the point man for America First. Which is based on the German American effort to stay out of WWII.

The neocons hate Trump. The neoliberals hate Trump

It is true that some of the Trump supporters are deep into the Bible, in particular, the OT part of it. Many of the MAGA are pro Isreal. But  I contend many of them give this lip service. Some of them want war with Iran and other pro-Biblical pro-Isreal causes.

However, Trump is a master at controlling his hoards. They are a defense against the US becoming completely Communistic.

So some of the Democrats are pro-Palestinian and are for the rights of black people now referred to as POC  people of color.  This is very good.  But have they done anything to rally help anybody? Have they stopped a single war?

Isreal wants to take over the world if that means a civil war in the USA to get rid of Trump. So be it.

Trump and his MAGA are  NOT  calling for Gulags, violence and re-education camps for their opposition.

Trump is doing well considering he is by far on track of becoming the most polarizing President in US history.

If you make a move to defend Trump’s overall game and even defend some of the crazy things he has had to do to stay out of war. Then enemies of Trump simply say shut up with your conspiracy theories. What web sites are you getting that from?  STFU Alex Jones cult member they will shout out at you.

So if your not stupid enough to fall for much of what Alex Jones says and you are a gentile and realize it is the Zionist or what have you. You may become a follower of Adam Green. Green gives they idea the gentile world needs to get wise to the Zionist. He is at times even a critic of the Torah. But he gives the sense that the Gentiles can trust no one not trump because of Kush. It is as if Isreal is so all powerful there is nothing anyone can do.

If you’re a devoted reader of the work of Michael A. Hoffman II   then you know he has gone all out and called Trump a puppet of Israel. You will also know his anti Talmud is excellent. But he is very keen on the Torah and a fan of Moses.

Image result for Michael A. Hoffman II

His latest blog post-Israeli Puppet Trump Shows His True Colors.

No this is someone showing their true colors Mr. Hoffman.

James O’Keefe
“We don’t want to f**king have to like, eliminate people…if people are going to try and fight back against the revolution…if you’re going to take up arms against the revolution…expect a violent response” – Kyle Jurek,

Field Organizer

Without some political power, what good is the truth movement?   How often have we seen Trump take on the “Zionist entity?  Do I have to relist the long list of things Trump has done in an attempt to survive and make America Great Again?  I am disappointed in Hoffman, to say the least.

The other popular traditional warrior  Catholic E. Michel Jones has also caved on Trump.  Saying he needed to be impeached on Press TV in front of an untold amount of Iranians and Americans.

Why aid your enemies gentlemen. Who has your back, Sanders?  AOC  Warren? They should do everything in there power to stop that.  Indeed they are good men.  They seem in their politics hopeless to me.

The truth movement is nuts, to begin with, and it has always been a form of entertainment but we have to remember that Cass Sustine and his “cognitive infiltration” of the truth movement is real.

But all of the people that should know better have caved on their support of Trump. Do they not know they add fuel to the fire?

Trump launched several false strikes on Syria to avoid all-out war in Syria.  He cut the funding for ISIS in Syria. Along with the assistance of Putin’s Russia Trump destroyed ISIS in Syria. This reversing some of the damage Obama the neoliberal and his Israel friends did to Syria.

Trump is pro-business and all about deal-making. This is much better then Obama and Bush who were 100 percent in league with Isreal.

Although the “neoliberal” wing of the Israeli power structure

It is not possible that this amount of bad press against Trump and all of the political power brought to bear against Trump is fake.

It is also equally as stupid to think that Trump as President does not have some power.

Once again the truth movement who is supposed to be experts on the Jewish power and the “Illuminati” have without giving it much time for the story to develop gone after Trump big time with regard to Trump’s drone strike on  General Qasem Soleimani .

Almost right after the strike. the Truth movement much like Syria caved on Trump and attacked him hysterically.

Then we have stories coming out that Trump was out to prevent all-out war with Iran.

See the links below for evidence that Trump is still fighting hard to keep the USA out of  even worse war in the ME.

Trump was clearly working back-channel diplomacy with Iran is discussed within this chat on The Duran.

#Pelosi #McConnell #Putin

Pelosi: ‘McConnell has Russian connections’

Trump administration officials believe Iran intentionally missed areas with Americans

Swiss Back Channel Helped Defuse U.S.-Iran Crisis

The U.S. sent an encrypted fax via the Swiss Embassy in Tehran urging Iran not to escalate, followed by a flurry of back and forth messages

Intended Consequences–Soleimani’s Assassination now poises US withdrawal from Neo-Con Iraq Quagmire

(How media created narrative around Tehran jet crash to blame Iran, Russia and Trump — The Duran


Stupid Truth Movement Trump is NOT against you. The Ugly Truth Judaism, Zionism and the toxic effect of apocalyptic religious delusions on world affairs Wednesday, January 15, 2020 Schiff, Nadler lead group of House managers to prosecute Trump in Senate impeachment trial

The Ugly Truth Judaism, Zionism and the toxic effect of apocalyptic religious delusions on world affairs Wednesday, January 15, 2020 Schiff, Nadler lead group of House managers to prosecute Trump in Senate impeachment trial

TUT is the Best Blog out there make no mistake.


ed note–no one, repeat–NO ONE–should make the mistake of thinking that ‘Madame’ Speaker Pelosi just chose 2 high-level operatives for Israel as the lead prosecutors in the Impeachment trial against DJT, POTUS just out of the clear blue. In the same manner as Israel wanted it known to the political class in DC in the scandal and subsequent Impeachment of Bill Clinton that he was ‘done in’ by a nice Jewish girl named Monica Lewinsky, likewise, Judea, Inc wants it known that it is OJI who are–once again, as they have done repeatedly over the course of thousands of years–overthrowing a government that they deem unacceptable to their agenda.
Nor should anyone get too confident that Trump is superman and that all of Judea’s plans and machinations against him are doomed to failure. Remember, these people have been doing this–as already stated above–for THOUSANDS OF YEARS and in those thousands of years have made it into an art form, and all anyone need do in confirming this fact is to sit down and read a few pages from the Old Testament dealing with Pharaoh, Haman, Antiochus Epiphanes, etc, to say nothing of what they have achieved in the 20th/21st century in places such as Germany, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, etc.

((MUST WATCH PART OF THIS PREDICTED BY THIS BLOG ))CONFIRMED, Trump White House used Swiss back channel to de-escalate Iran conflict (Video) — The Duran

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 431.

via CONFIRMED, Trump White House used Swiss back channel to de-escalate Iran conflict (Video) — The Duran


(MUST READ)Secret intelligence & ‘highly likelys’: How media created narrative around Tehran jet crash to blame Iran, Russia and Trump — The Duran

Whatever caused Flight 752 to crash just after takeoff from Tehran, the 176 people who died were quickly drafted as elements in a propaganda narrative targeting both Iran, Russia and US President Donald Trump. The Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) Boeing 737 took off from Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran on Wednesday morning. It was bound for Kiev, amid rising tensions over the Iranian missile strikes against US targets inside Iraq. The nine crew members and 167 passengers on board, including 15 children, may have complained that the flight was running almost an hour late. Within seven minutes, they would all be dead. Initial reports spoke of “technical problems” as the cause. By Thursday morning, however, the narrative was shifting: US officials were “confident that Iran shot down a Ukrainian jetliner,” CBS reported citing anonymous sources. AP qualified the speculation as “highly likely,” a weasel phrase made notorious by the official UK narrative of the 2018 Salisbury “novichok poisonings.” https://www.rt.com/op-ed/477875-iran-plane-crash-media-narrative/

via Secret intelligence & ‘highly likelys’: How media created narrative around Tehran jet crash to blame Iran, Russia and Trump — The Duran


The Ugly Truth Judaism, Zionism and the toxic effect of apocalyptic religious delusions on world affairs Friday, January 10, 2020 How He Does It–POTUS Trump says US and Iran should ‘work together’ and ’embrace peace’ after missile strikes

The Ugly Truth Judaism, Zionism and the toxic effect of apocalyptic religious delusions on world affairs Friday, January 10, 2020 How He Does It–POTUS Trump says US and Iran should ‘work together’ and ’embrace peace’ after missile strikes



Nothing is worse than the US elections. Will Trump go down because of Iran like Carter did? (On the flip side, the US has always had a strange back-channel relationship with Iran.)

Image result for jimmy carter hostage crisis
Nothing is worse than the US elections. Will Trump go down because of Iran like Carter did?
But on the flip side, the US has always had a strange back-channel relationship with Iran.

by Staś

Even before 911  all the now-infamous terror groups that your average   Americans hated Iran.
Those sons ah bitches seized our embassy in Terran when the US was under President Jimmy Carter.
Behind the sceans Carted was like Trump in a secret battle with the Jews.
 Running for re-election in 1980, President Jimmy Cartersais and I quote  “If I get back in, I’m going to fuck the Jews.
The American people seemed to forget the  1953 Iranian coup d’état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup d’état, was the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh by US and British Intelligence.
They throughout Mosaddegh and put in the Shah a king more favorable to the US  and her hidden master Isreal.
Worse than that the powerful spy agencies pit Iran against Iraq in a major bloody war. They were keen to take revenge on Iran who waged a successful revolution and got rid of the American puppet government.
via Wikipedia America backed Iraq:
American support for Ba’athist Iraq during the IranIraq War, in which it fought against post-revolutionary Iran, included several billion dollars’ worth of economic aid, the sale of dual-use technology, non-U.S. origin weaponry, military intelligence, and special operations training.
Let us not forget that Iran won the Iran Iraq war and Iran throw out the CIA puppet “Persian” Shah.
Iran also won in conflict with Isreal in 2006
The Iranians have proven that they can fight.  But when the Jews don’t get in their war the Americans are war masters.
But America under Trump does not want to get into war with Iran. American under the Jews does want it.
The strange thing is Iranians have admired US Democracy prior to being overthrown by CIA operative Kermit Rosevelt in 1953.
I think if your average American were to be educated on Iran. They would find them to not be their real enemy.
In fact on 911 Americans were told the hijackers were mostly Saudi.
That is why the US had to attack Iraq?? The US attacked the wrong country and the intellectuals say Trump is stupid?
Now Pence says Iran did the 911.  Why not they are all rag heads who hate Jesus.
Americans, in general, you will find unless their son is stationed in Iraq or something your average Walmart shopping American thinks all of the ME is the same.
The recent trouble in Iraq/Iran has worried some of the American youth because they hate Alpha male Trump and think they may get drafted.
They are all rag heads bomb them.  This is key to why it is so easy to get the US into ME wars.
The left can be easily persuaded to go to war because of the emotional satisfaction of destroying anything that gets in the way of the gays and the woman.
The right dream of the Bible and Ranbo.
Worse than the Military and a lot of government people seem to hate Iran. That is except for a growing group of military and intelligence people who hide in the shadows and silently oppose the Isreal first group.
The main reason is America’s love for Isreal who hates Iran even more than Syria and Russia.
The reason is devotion to the Bible and the OT and the love of the money war brings to the American war hawks.
A CIA person told me, for instance, Gen Flynn who I like a lot is good on Russia but bad on Iran.
But American the real America the poor and middle-class America is tired of the endless wars and that is a part of why people voted for Trump.
The American youth are going far left and are devoted almost 100% to sex and race and drugs. They seem to now care about a draft. They  care about dead people and war when it involves the emotional satisfaction of blaming it all on capitalism white male pig Trump,
All we know about Trump is he loves to make deals and he loves his name in lights. Trump loves media attention. He is good at both those things.
But Trump has the Deep State and the Jews on his ass 24/7
President Carter had it bad also make no mistake.  The Jews hated cater for pushing for people.  Peace with Egypt peace everywhere.
Carter was more aggressive then people think he fired the Deep State. He had an October surprise.   His CIA Director Turner drastically limited Israel’s access.
Iran got into it with Cater they seized the embassy which was filled with CIA people anyway.
The hate and tension between the US and Iran was astounding.
Behind it all there was a backchannel.

There is an important book.

October Surprise: America’s Hostages in Iran and the Election of Ronald Reagan
Book by Gary Sick
It reveals clues as to the complex relationship between US intelligence and Iran. That Iran, of course, new the embassy people were CIA and that they wanted to talk.
Sick contends that the Republicans arranged a special deal with Iran to delay the release of the US hostages so that Carter would look bad and Reagan would win In return for their complicity with this plot, the Iranians were promised shipments of American arms.
Thus a backchannel between US Intelligence was born.   Isreal was involved as a shadowy player.    The Jews are no friend of President Carter and  Gary Sick, who served on the National Security Council staff of Jimmy Carter.
Sick goes after the Regan people but shockingly he reveals who the Israelites were a pain in the ass, to say the least.
Let’s not forget Regan who had a great reputation went down because of the complex shadowy dealings with Israel and her enemy Iran.
The Iran Contra Affair messed up Reagan’s old Grandfather’s good-guy image forever.
It also made some interesting Deep State enemies of Isreal, not the least of which Lt. Colonel Oliver North. In public North, will, of course, do noting but praise Isreal. The same is true for any US official.
In both the October Surprise operation and the Iran Contra deal.  US intelligence butted heads with Isreal Mossad.
Still to this day the Isreal hard-liners hate Carter almost as much as Trump. They hate Sick’s book as well,
There was and still is a behind the scenes battle between the pro-Isreal and pro-American  Deep state.     When these groups clash is during wars and US Elections.
The battle of for or against Trump for President in so16 was bad. 2020 Is already worse.
Image result for Garry Sick iran october surprise
Now lets fast forward to Trump this situation is even worse. Trump is even more hated than Carter on the left in particular and the Isreal first crowd wants war.
The house has voted to impeach Trump he faces a trial in the Senate and now we must not forget an election.
This is huge if they can’t get Trump on he is crazy Article 25. If they can’t assassinate him and if they can’t impeach him. Then they are forced to win the election in 2020.
Could the Trump magic be real? He avoided the white helmet BS and did two phony missile strikes in Syria.
Can he pull it off with Iran? A late-night tweet on Jan. 7th 2020  gave an early clue.
Image result for All is well! Missiles launched from Iran at two military bases located in Iraq. Assessment of casualties & damages taking place now. So far, so good! We have the most powerful and well equipped military anywhere in the world, by far! I will be making a statement tomorrow morning.
Not to mention his speech early on Jan. 8th 2020

Donald Trump stops short of threatening Iran with further military action

Proof that Trump still is anti-war and is willing and able to access back-channel peace with Iran. 20 reasons why Trump is still anti-war. Anti-war means anti-Israel.

1/ Mike Pompeo, President Donald Trump’s secretary of state has been constantly accused by the truth and peace movement of being the same as John Bolton.  I can see why they think this Pompeo threatens every country on earth on behalf of Isreal. I do not believe this to be the case.  Pompeo is just as good as Trump at Bullshiting the Israelites and the American Jewish power. I will provide a stunning example.  Pompeo bragged several times that the Americans bombed the hell out of the Private Military company known as “Wagner Group”.   He boasted 500 or 600 Russians killed.  It is all bull shit. Wagner group is more than likely a Mossad front company.  More on this soon. But read this article in FP trying to cover for Wagner Group. Nothing they did was ever “Pro Putin”.

2/ The Truth and peace movement are of coarse sad and outraged about the killing of General Qassem Soleimani.   Many have accused Trump of being so stupid that he murdered an anti- ISIS high profile intelligence guy and then went golfing like a mafia guy. Ok, one of two things.  The  General had to go as a sacrifice to appease The Jewish power? So much heat on Trump he did it to feed the wolves. That is to simply give Trump and what I will now refer to as the “Iranian backchannel some credit.   I am going to go out on a limb here and say the strike against the General was bogus  I don’t buy that he is dead. I don’t believe.  all that is left is his hand with a ring. Faking the death of Soleimani is not fucking Sandy Hook Elementary School.  At that level, it is not unheard of.

NY Post :

Although Qassem Soleimani was blown to bits in the US drone strike, the top Iranian commander was identified by this blood-red ring, which was still attached to a finger on his ash-covered hand, according to reports

3/Trump knew the strike would solidify his GOP Evangelical base.

4/Trump has for the moment taken impeachment off the news cycle.

5/Trump as a dealmaker can offer Iran something. Trump is good for Iran in that he unites the country against the so-called Green revolution and the rise of the liberal Iranian National Public Radio gushes over.

6/ It was not all terrorist bad guy talk Trump went out of his way to say “We did this to prevent a war, not to start one.’

7/Trump is open about no war with Iran the media carefully mentions this so as not to offend the sensibilities of America’s stupid liberals.

8/Trumps tough-talking base loves to threated and talk about war but they don’t really want to go into a real fight.

9/ Wag the Dog to win in 2020? Yes, no question Trump did the strike to get Jerald Nadler, Adam Schiff  Chuck Schumer. and the rest of the Jews who are openly trying every day to kick him out of office.

10/  A “tactical pause “is no possible in modern warfare. This is clear evidence of a good back-channel relationship between Trump and Iran.

11/ Isreal is more of a danger to Trump than Iran and the reverse is also true.

12./ According to The Ugly Truth there is a distinct possibility that war or civil war was being pushed by Isreal. that trouble was brewing.

The Ugly Truth writes:

That something along the lines of what happened in 1983 in Beirut Lebanon was planned, and where a massive attack–engineered by Israel–against US troops in Iraq was in the works. After this horrific attack, it would have been ‘revealed’ that Trump had ‘forewarning’ that this was coming and did nothing about it, resulting in a political crisis with his 2 main bases of support–the military and Christian evangelicals. 

We already know someone was going to seize the US embassy or worse

13/ The Iran missile response killed no US troops and the US did not fire back and start a war. Why? The Us Iran back-channel relationship is real.

14/ Both Trump and Pompeo threaten Iran but they have both said they are not calling for regime change.

Image result for cia director gina haspel  does what trump tells her to do

15/Trump’s CIA director has proven she will torture people but Trump has backed her 100%. I would go so far as to say she is the kind of person that will follow the wishes of the President. Her technique?  She remains silent.  Is it sexist to say Pompeo still runs the CIA?

16/  As evidenced by the victory of Syria over IS the Gentiles have at last have been forced to work together to continue to avert a WWIII. This is good news to be positive.

17/Iraq now wants to kick the US out. Trump is for that. He wants to charge them cash for the US bases that were built.   Pro Business anti-war moves.

18/ Trump-like business and he hates war.

19/ The rank and file battalion commander and below are with Trump they don’t want any more war.

20/ Trump has put the Jews in a bind because the non-Jewish left think Trump is a madman and they are deathly afraid of a draft.


If Baghdad Wants Us Out, Let’s Go! By Patrick J. Buchanan THE TRUMP PLAN IS WORKING? “Tehran wants to avoid a war with the United States, but to direct the passions of the moment toward forcing an expulsion of the Americans from the Middle East, beginning with their ouster from Iraq.”

Tuesday – January 7,  2019

“Perhaps, rather than sending troops into Iraq and Kuwait to defend U.S. troops already there, we should accede to the local nationalist demands, start bringing our troops home, and let Iranians, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, Yemenis and Afghans settle their quarrels.”

Fifteen years after the U.S. invaded Iraq to turn Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship into a beacon of democracy, Iraq’s Parliament, amid shouts of “Death to America!” voted to expel all U.S. troops from the country.

Though nonbinding, the expulsion vote came after mobs trashed the U.S. embassy in an assault that recalled Tehran 1979.

What provoked Iraq’s Parliament into demanding the ouster of all U.S. troops?

First, the five December U.S. strikes on Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces in retaliation for a dozen Kataib Hezbollah rocket attacks on U.S. bases, which killed a contractor and wounded four U.S. soldiers.

Then came President Donald Trump’s decision to launch a drone-strike and kill Iranian General Qassem Soleimani at Baghdad International Airport. Killed in the same strike was the Shiite Iraqi leader of Kataib Hezbollah.

During his return flight to Washington Sunday, Trump warned Iraq: Follow through on your demand that all U.S. troops get out, and we will insist that Baghdad repay the money we just spent on a major air base.

Moreover, said Trump, if Iraqis expel U.S. troops, then we will impose upon them “sanctions like they’ve never seen before, ever. It’ll make Iranian sanctions look somewhat tame.”

Where do we stand now in Iraq?

Though Sunnis and Kurds abstained, the Iraqi parliament has voted to expel all our troops. The State Department has urged U.S. civilians to flee Iraq. 82nd Airborne units have moved into the region to protect the U.S. embassy. U.S. troops fighting ISIS alongside Iraqi troops have separated themselves and stood down. In Iraq, the war on terrorism is on hold.

Across the Middle East, U.S. diplomats, soldiers and civilians are on alert. The acting prime minister of Iraq, in an echo of Tehran and radical Shiites, is demanding that all 5,200 U.S. soldiers in Iraq depart.

How can our troops, detested by the PMF militias and their thousands of fighters, unwanted by the Iraqi Parliament majority, the acting prime minister, and much of the Shiite majority, remain safely inside the capital city of Baghdad or the country?

What a difference a presidential decision can make.

Two months ago, crowds were in the streets of Iraq protesting Iran’s dominance of their politics. Crowds were in the streets of Iran cursing that regime for squandering the nation’s resources on imperial adventures in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen. Things were going America’s way.

Now it is the Americans who are the targets of protests.

Over three days, crowds numbering in the hundreds of thousands and even millions have packed Iraqi and Iranian streets and squares to pay tribute to Soleimani and to curse the Americans who killed him.

As emotions are running high and America’s friends in the region are mute, the twin goals of Iran and its militia allies appear clear:

Tehran wants to avoid a war with the United States, but to direct the passions of the moment toward forcing an expulsion of the Americans from the Middle East, beginning with their ouster from Iraq.

Thus, Tehran has signaled that its retaliation, its revenge for the death of Soleimani, a military man, will be proportionate. Tehran is telegraphing an attack on the U.S. military. Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah in Lebanon, has called on his followers not to attack innocent Americans in the region but to zero in on U.S. military targets.

Oddly, what the America-haters of the Middle East seek is what Soleimani wanted, and what Trump promised in his campaign of 2016 — an end to U.S. involvement in the forever wars of the Middle East.

Perhaps, rather than sending troops into Iraq and Kuwait to defend U.S. troops already there, we should accede to the local nationalist demands, start bringing our troops home, and let Iranians, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, Yemenis and Afghans settle their quarrels.

Despite the rage in Iran over the killing of Soleimani, the political imperatives that existed before last Friday’s drone strike remain.

Iran does not want war with the United States. And Trump wants no war with Iran.

But Iran made a mistake in its extrapolation from that truth.

Assuming that because Trump did not want war, he would recoil from a fight, Soleimani believed he could kill Americans with impunity, as long as his fingerprints were not on the murder weapon.

Killing Soleimani was just. But what is just is not always wise.

Yet, his killing restores Trump’s credibility as a Jacksonian who avoids wars but who, wounded, will stab the enemy who cut him.

Trump has a red line. It is not shooting at American drones but shooting at American soldiers, the drawing of American blood.

The message the rulers of Iran should have received?

If they retaliate for Soleimani by killing American soldiers, diplomats or civilians, using either Iranian troops or proxy militias, Trump will retaliate against Iran itself.

Otherwise, “Come Home, America,” George McGovern’s slogan from the 1972 presidential campaign, has rarely seemed more relevant.


Escalating U.S.-Iran tensions scramble the politics of Trump’s impeachment (With commentary from The Ugly Truth)

Escalating U.S.-Iran tensions scramble the politics of Trump’s impeachment (With commentary from The Ugly Truth)



Of coarse Trump wants cash from Iraq. Don’t worry they still will kick the US out. Trump threatens to slap sanctions on Iraq ‘like they’ve never seen before’ “We have a very extraordinarily expensive air base in Iraq. It cost billions of dollars to build. Long before my time. We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it.”

“We have a very extraordinarily expensive air base in Iraq. It cost billions of dollars to build. Long before my time. We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it.

Of coarse Trump wants Cash from Iraq. Trump threatens to slap sanctions on Iraq ‘like they’ve never seen before’ “We have a very extraordinarily expensive air base in Iraq. It cost billions of dollars to build. Long before my time. We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it.”

GP: Trump Campaign Launches "Evangelicals For Trump" Coalition In Miami



Trump is a modern-day President McKinley but quite a bit more smooth and crafty. He is going to get the US out of Iraq.

By Staś

Related image


Trump is a mastermind he has now assassinated a major Iranian intelligence General to get the US the hell out of Iraq. Proving he may be able to avoid what happened to  President McKinley. Iraq govement has already voted to kick the US out of Iraq. Excellent. God Bless Trump!


BREAKING: Iraq parliament votes to expel U.S. military

President McKinley was pro American, pro Business and actually anti-war.  He is seen historically as a war President because of the Spanish-American War.

But I agree with underground historian Mike King on this one.  McKinley tried to avoid war and the old school JMSM and some of the Ango establishment maneuvered him into war.

According to King  McKinley fought against going to war and that he even reached out to the Church for help. The Pressure was on Mckinley for war and he eventually had to give in.  Of course, there was the “mysterious”  explosion and sinking of the USS Maine.

via Wikipedia:

The business community had just recovered from a deep depression and feared that a war would reverse the gains. It lobbied vigorously against going to war. President William McKinley ignored the exaggerated yellow press and sought a peaceful settlement.] The United States Navy armored cruiser USS Maine mysteriously exploded and sank in Havana Harbor; political pressures from the Democratic Party pushed McKinley into a war that he had wished to avoid.

Trump is at war with the press and like Mckinley, he wants to keep America out of war and MAGA.

Not an easy thing to do.

Obama and the “neoliberals” and Isreal wanted to badly remove  Assad of Syria.   Russia got involved and blocked Obama.

Sec. of State Hilary Clinton ran for President promising even more abortion for American and to remove Assad just as she and Obama did to Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi, leader of Libya.

 Trump a deal maker who is anti-war pro-business sees all these ME wars as a bad deal. Pro Business thinking has its good points.

Image result for McKinley  is like Trump

So he saw friendship with Putin as a good deal. Even peace deals with North Korea. At times he has actually been even willing to talk to Iran. I know at this time of near-war this is hard to believe but Trump has threatened and backed off Iran a few times.

Trump thank God may be a better bullshitter than McKinley.

Here are just some of the weird moves and attacks Trump has done against the so-called Deep State to keep the US out of the war.

  1. Trump has gone 100% pro Isreal and called for symbolically moving the embassy to Jerusalem. But and this is important he stresses the need for peace with the Palestinians and pushes for peace talks.   He has jammed t Isreal up badly with this.

  2.  Two false missile strikes on Syria coordinated with Russia to put on an excellent show for the neocons. Thus avoiding going to war over the phony white helmets in Syria. Remember this from TUT?

  3. Trump took a huge risk in going after Biden and the Deep state in Ukraine he was impeached in the house over it. But now the world sees that the American Deep state his enemies looted Ukraine. Trump gets a shot off at his enemies and Russia without have to invade and take over Ukraine has a Jewish stand up comic running Ukraine who has to go for peace over there. That is why the people voted for him. The oil flows to Europe now. Russia has won the war there. Again the odd duo of Putin and Trump win again. Sometimes they butt heads but more or less The shadow team of Putin and Trump are winning. The Gentiles are learning to deal with the mess Isreal has created.

  4. More than once Trump has used the term dancing Arabs making his fans take notice of the dancing Israelis.

  5. Trump pushes a mini-revolution in Iran but not all the way he could have toppled the whole thing. The young people want it.

  6. Iran shoots down an old US drone Trump does not retaliate. Why? because it was a drone flown by Bolton and the Deep State and Trump was not going to all for that BS.

  7. Trump drew attention to the release of JFK files but he did not do it. However, he brought the subject up. Was he sending a message?

  8. Trump sighing an over the top bizarre executive order against anti-Semitism.  Do the Deep State Jews like this order? NO just check out wat the Israeli newspapers and  Washington Post Op/Ed says about it. They hate it. It is one of their own BS tricks full of legal mubo jumbo. Trump thinks like a NY Jew but he is MAGA

  9. Under Trump, the cops have gone after Weinstein and Epstein. Causing a lot of trouble for the worldwide deep state look at Prince Andrew of Deep State England. He is all done.

  10. Now this latest one the killing of  Iranian Gen.Qasem Soleimani.   Not a nice thing to do. But Soleimani. was an intel guy working against America.  Some US soldiers have been killed because of him.   Trump is NOT Iran first he is America first he has the neocons and neoliberals the Jews and Isreal on his back he has the DNC after him. What does he do he blows this General away gets them off his back for a bit and better yet Trump is a genius he gets press on himself to GET OUT OF IRAQ!!!!



Can Trump avoid the fate of President McKinley and avoid being killed by the US communist groups and the US Deep State and the Mossad? If anyone can Trump can he is a winner.  He has the bikers the vets and even more evangelicals on his side now that he had taken out a key Iranian asset.

The next time someone tells you Trump can’t play 5 D chess tell then to go to hell.


Military Crisis in Donbass, Ukraine Admits Heavy Losses, Arguments about Resuming Peace Talks in Washington, Kiev — The Duran

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WHY THE WEST IS KILLING ITSELF WITH ALEX CHRISTOFOROU FROM THE DURAN.COM WHY THE WEST KILLING ITSELF WITH ALEX CHRISTOFOROU FROM THE DURAN.COM I am joined by Alex Christoforou. He and I discuss the motives behind the suicidal sanctions that the West is imposing on itself….


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Iran to Boost Gas Production in South Pars Phase 11 — UPROOTED PALESTINIANS: SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM

Now Available: Volume 3 of Clash of the Two Americas: The Birth of a Eurasian Manifest Destiny — The Duran

The Canadian Patriot Review is proud to announce that the third volume of the Clash of the Two Americas trilogy is now available for purchase in paperback and digital editions. 329 more words

Now Available: Volume 3 of Clash of the Two Americas: The Birth of a Eurasian Manifest Destiny — The Duran

Ukraine Seizes Another Zelensky Critic, Labeling Him a ‘Traitor’ — The Duran

Eric Zuesse On 5 May 2022, CIA-nazi-Ukrainians seized in Spain Anatoly Shariy — a libertarian political opponent of Ukraine’s President Volodmyr Zelensky. In 2012, Shariy had likewise criticized the last democratically elected Ukrainian President and was persecuted by Ukraine’s Government for having done so. 4,041 more words

Ukraine Seizes Another Zelensky Critic, Labeling Him a ‘Traitor’ — The Duran

Russian Orthodox Church under threat of EU sanctions — The Duran

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator The European Union is debating on imposing sanctions on Patriarch Kirill, the head of The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), also known as the Moscow Patriarchate, who leads about 100 million believers. The EU has accused him of supporting the war in Ukraine, and President Vladimir Putin. The sanctions would…

Russian Orthodox Church under threat of EU sanctions — The Duran

What’s going on in the south of Ukraine? by Jacob Dreizin — The Duran

What’s going on in the south of Ukraine? by Jacob Dreizin The Duran: Episode 1274 Ukraine War & Aftermath A No Propaganda Zone The Script is Flipped! The Script is Flipped! Destruction of the Ukraine’s rail system continues,Mack the Knife won’t be happy…,What happened to the script?DREIZIN REPORT ORIGINAL VIDEO: What’s going on in the…

What’s going on in the south of Ukraine? by Jacob Dreizin — The Duran

Russian Sanctions on Europe: Gonzalo Lira II — UPROOTED PALESTINIANS: SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM

May 06, 2022 Gonzalo Lira : commentary on the decree that Vladimir Putin signed as follows: Executive Order on retaliatory special economic measures in connection with unfriendly actions of certain foreign states and international organisations The President signed the Executive Order On Imposing Retaliatory Special Economic Measures in Connection with the Unfriendly Actions of Certain Foreign States and International Organisations. May 3, 2022 […]

Russian Sanctions on Europe: Gonzalo Lira II — UPROOTED PALESTINIANS: SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM