It’s over folks – welcome (back) to the war between Russia and the Empire. The Neocons and the “deep state” have neutered the Trump Presidency, it’s over folks! “I see very dark clouds on the horizon.”

  From The Saker The Neocons and the “deep state” have neutered the Trump Presidency, it’s over folks! (UPDATED 2x) February 14, 2017 Less than a month ago I warned that a ‘color revolution ‘ was taking place in the USA. My first element of proof was the so-called “investigation” which the CIA, FBI, NSA […]

Is the Intel Complex Trying to Sabotage Trump?

By Sheldon Richman One need not be a Trumpster to be concerned by the apparent campaign of the intelligence community (sic; does it have an HOA, golf course, and pool?) to block what may be Trump’s wish for detente with Russia. See Gareth Porter’s detailed dissection of the matter in “How ‘New Cold Warriors’ Cornered Trump.” […]

Deep State War? Russian Officials Keep Dying Unexpectedly

  by Tyler Durden Feb 27, 2017 6:09 PM Six Russian diplomats have died in the last 60 days.As Axios notes, all but one died on foreign soil. Some were shot, while other causes of death are unknown. Note that a few deaths have been labeled “heart attacks” or “brief illnesses.” 1. You probably remember […]

UK border forces detain anti-Semitic Polish ex-priest

Jacek Miedlar, who espouses anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, left his Catholic order after it banned him from public speaking      BY AFP February 26 British border authorities on Saturday detained a controversial Polish former priest at London’s Stansted airport, preventing him from speaking at a rally in central England. Jacek Miedlar, 28, is known in […]

Lavrov vs. McCain: Is Russia an Enemy? By Patrick J. Buchanan

      Tuesday – February 28, 2017 The founding fathers of the Munich Security Conference, said John McCain, would be “be alarmed by the turning away from universal values and toward old ties of blood, and race, and sectarianism.” McCain was followed by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov who called for a “post-West world order.” […]

Russia’s Military Miracle: How Moscow Upended Washington’s Global Hegemony

Russia’s powerful, resourceful military has sent Washington running for the hills Richard Brandt Fri, Feb 24, 2017   RI Russia’s back. A permanent peace is still a long way off for Syria — please, don’t even mention Geneva, it will give us digestion issues — but there is a silver lining to this genocidal, western-manufactured […]