Russia’s Response to comments by Minister of Defense Fallon–Britain would be ‘literally erased from the face of the earth’ if it launched a nuclear attack

The Ugly Truth

ed note–As the Russians have demonstrated now for some time, they do not act rashly or disproportionately. When provoked by the West, they quietly bide their time while considering the appropriate response to something, whether it is in the form of language or military action.

Language of this sort underscores that the Russians are taking this whole business of the Judaized West attempting to jinn up a war for Israel’s benefit very seriously, and should better clarify what the nature of the game being played here is with regards to Trump and his attempt to de-escalate the artificial tension (s) that has been conjured up by Judea, Inc and why no one should jump to hasty conclusions based upon superficial criteria, such as Trump’s semi-recent bombing of the airfield in Syria.

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Trump jokes about replacing Haley, takes it back

The Ugly Truth

UN ambassador, darling of the American Jewish community, is assured her job is safe immediately after quip

ed note–those who think this was just Trump joking around, it wasn’t. At the political level in which he operates, everything is thought out well ahead of time for its political effect.

The whole thing can be humorously compared to that famous scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding below–

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Flight Bombs and Airport Shootings: Inside Israeli Bomb Hoaxer’s Indictment

The Ugly Truth

Threats to JCCs are just tip of the iceberg, with damning list of indictments against U.S.-Israeli teen spanning extortion, assaulting police and drug trafficking; extradition battle looms

ed note–much of the story is a re-hashing of things we already know, but there is something very vital to consider appearing in the piece as is contained below–

‘If Israel refuses to extradite him to the US, it would represent a break in policy, because since the 1990s it has agreed to extraditions with the proviso that, once sentenced, Israelis convicted overseas can serve out potential jail terms in an Israeli prison.’

The question that must be asked is–WHY?

WHY would Israel refuse to extradite the ‘yoot’–as the JMSM is trying to portray him–and particularly when considering the sheer size, scope and seriousness of the crimes that took place almost exclusively in the US?

The answer is obvious–the ‘yoot’ is up to…

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US-Israel extradition battle looms in case of teen JCC bomb hoaxer

The Ugly Truth

Youth, said to be unrepentant, was charged on 31 counts in the US on Friday and faces a lengthy jail term there; Israel is set to charge him on Monday

ed note–there are 2 reasons why Israel is reluctant/unwilling to extradite the terrorist to the US–

1, Generally–except in those cases where the refusal to do so would generate so much negative attention that could be a gateway towards bigger problems–the Jewish state does not extradite Jews to face Gentile courts. Since Judaism permits any and all acts of chicanery, violence, deception and every other crime imaginable towards Gentiles, in the eyes of the Jewish state, no ‘crime’ has occurred.

2. More importantly though as far as this case is concerned, what Israel is worried about is that once arriving in the US where the FBI is free to interrogate the ‘yoot’ without interference is that more info is likely…

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Adelson Disappointed With Trump Over Jerusalem Embassy Move Delay

The Ugly Truth

Billionaire is angry that the president hasn’t hired the people he recommended for top White House positions, three sources close to him tell politico

ed note–now WAAAAAAIT a minute here…Trump is ‘Adelson’s boy’…He is ‘owned by Israel’…He says nice things about Netanyahu…

You mean, it’s not all roses between Trump and Judea, Inc, and that possibly there is something more at work here than what appears on the surface?


Gee, it’s too bad there weren’t some folks in this ‘movement’ saying this was the case a long time ago before everyone lunged whole hog into this business of declaring Trump to be a mere puppet and cut from the same mold as his predecessors.

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