#Elliott #IlhanOmar #Venezuela Venezuela to Iran and Abrams to Pompeo, neocon warmongers had a bad week


Trumps VP is a Warmonger. Is the back plan for Pence to take control?”Mike Pence Pushes Syria Policy That Could Spark War With Donald Trump’s Favorite World Leader”

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Trump was allegedly pressured by his Jewish  son and law to take Pence as his running mate. Of Coarse, we know the so called globalist would prefer Clinton. However  The Jewish Lobby does not exactly trust the Clinton group. I recall how top notch researcher Michel Collins Piper stated often that the Jewish Lobby was not happy about the great political power the Clinton family has. The Clinton clan secret friends of the Bush crew are very powerful and popular on their own. So They certifiably prefer her to Trump  but would they be happy with Pence who is talking war  with Russia .  Pence is for the missile defense system for Poland for instance. Pence wants to get tough on Russia regarding Syria as well.  So Pence is great on the abortion issue  which will draw evangelical votes to him but that is not the whole story.

 Clinton will try…

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