Trump Conjures up anti-Semitic ‘Dual Loyalty’ Canard

The Ugly Truth

As Netanyahu lauds the president with superlatives that would make Sean Hannity blush, Trump makes Iran nuclear deal all about him

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Meet the ex-Bush staffer whose ‘Jewish sensibilities’ made him a leading opponent of Trump

The Ugly Truth

ed note–Chock full o’ goodies, as we like to say here.

1. Cohen’s description of Trump as a ‘different breed of cat’ can be translated thus–

‘A gentile we cannot control, which means he has to go’

2. Cohen describing Trump’s plans of brokering a peace agreement between the Jews and the Palestinians as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘absurd’ is translated thus–

‘We don’t want peace with the Arabs, we want their land and resources from the Nile to the Euphrates as outlined in our ancient Judaic religious texts, but we can’t say that otherwise the Gentiles will figure out the nature of the game, so instead we have to play word games in the hopes of keeping the confusion and the delusions alive.’

3. Cohen’s assertion that Trump ‘doesn’t actually have a real idea of international politics’–

A bald-faced lie. Trump has been doing international business for decades, and not just in nickels…

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How They Do It– ‘Is Israel a racist state?’

The Ugly Truth

ed note–please pay close attention to the mechanics and maneuvers taking place within this little drama.

1. Note how our esteemed Hebraic lawmaker does not deal substantively with the specific charges of Israel being a racist and terrorist state, and for the simple reason that she knows she can’t. The facts are stacked against her, and so, in typical Judaic fashion, what does she do?

Plan A–Deflect, divert, re-direrct, swerve, parry, and elude.  This is how they ‘do it’ when confronted with the ugly truth. If indeed Israel were not at its very core the ‘racist’ and ‘terrorist’ entity as rightly charged by the PA, our esteemed Hebraic lawmaker would list item after item after item of counter-proof  showing how the charge was wrong. Instead, she does what Jews always do-engage in a campaign of projection, followed up by the typically Judaic business of lying, in this case, her completely…

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