Trump the Flynn Brothers and “The Song of Debra” 1/6/2021

A mob swarmed the US Capitol and this is what some said - CNN

The Song of Deborah is found in Judges 5:2–31 and is a victory hymn, sung by Deborah and Barak, about the defeat of Canaanite adversaries by some of the tribes of Israel.

Is "The Song of Deborah" Sexually Suggestive and Bawdy?

The song of Debera a war song for victory. The Gentiles don’t have one theme song and are never on the same page. The Gentiles are not all that smart either. That is why they have lost again. Like the piped piper the Trump supporters drowned in their own delusions. The were set up and stung by the deep state during a last minute gamble by Trump to bag the deep state.

Trump and his faction of the Deep State called for a storm. The were doing well there actions put the “Real Deep State” under attack like they never have been before.

As The Ugly Truth website pointed out before it was shut down Trump had referred to the fact “a storm was coming” then there was in fact a Hurricane Harvey. Soon after Harvey Weinstein was busted. Then Jeffery Epstein and his island went down.

The truth movement had been obsessed with the evil satanic pedo rings On and on they would talk about that. Trump busted some of the sex slave rings and Hollywood casting couch scum bags. But it was not enough for them. Many would say without proof Trump was one of them and that he was “illuminiati.”

The Trump Prophecy - Wikipedia

Two problems here. The Bible and the conspiracy magical thinking. These things were a part of what took Trump down, but it is what he had to work with.

I think Trump had a plan to use forces of the military that were loyal to him and arrest those who were plotting to take him down.

Part one of his plan went well he did do a “data dump” The Steele dossier was proved false via real FBI records. That alone was enough to arrest many deep state operatives and DNC traitors for treason.

A coop but nothing he could do? Yes.

Of coarse Trump knew most of the goverment even some within his inner circle were against him.

Impeachment BS and even the JMSM could not Stop Trump and the huge hoards that came to see him speak. Americans loves sports and porn and fun. Trump is very fun to hear in person. So he was set ti win in 2020.

That is until CV-19 came.

Trump supporters storm Capitol; DC National Guard activated; woman fatally  shot - The Washington Post

He was unable to stop the rigged election and entertain his supporters when the deadly flu was killing them a scaring the shit out of his old supportors.

I do believe the election was fixed. Trump knew it would be. He needed to hit them on the mail in ballots. That was a mess up. Firing General Flynn was as well. But he was too hot to handle.

Capitol Breach: The differences between 1814 and 2021 attacks

Flynn had become a bitter enemy of Obama and the Israel first crowd when he called Obama out on the funding of ISIS vs Assad and Syria. Trump by the was stoped that funding.

I think Trump may have been making a move to arrest the Deep State coop plotters. And The main line CIA and forces loyal to the State of Israel and the media and other groups on the power chain checkmated Trump and his clique nicely.

Impossible to evade the power of the massive US snooper computers. To many spies and traitors as well. Too many crazt Trump fans who were to easy to “set up” And take down on 1/6/2021 the new 911 the new Guy Fawkes day for the American nationalist who are now in trouble.

Forces in line with US policy that favored Israel proved in the end to be way to strong for the Pro American Trump forces. Way to smart.

MAGA goes recruiting | The Times of Israel

They well knew that could take advantage of the Trump fans that were into Alex Jones Q and the Bible.

The OT creates a kind of Magical thinking in people. People become strange and warlike. Unless your the creator of it “the Jews”. Your and outsider and go crazy thinking it is about you. People begin to believe in miracles. They ignore the cold hard reality of politics.

Trump-supporters violently occupy U.S. Capitol amid election certification,  protests result in four deaths | 8News

There is no valor no physical strength. No hope and no miracles. Only politics and deception.

I think a band of real supporters mixed with real Trump people stormed the US capital and they simply let them in.

Trump was checkmated. He played a great game but he lost.

The real military people with any guts love Trump and hate Biden. But they are under orders.

I think the real military may have been making a move but they got stung. Some evidence of this exist. The brother of General Flynn Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, was caught.

Army falsely denied Flynn's brother was involved in key part of military  response to Capitol riot - The Washington Post

Flynn and Trump have been trying to get Biblical and doing very well at it but you can’t make any real moves you will get caught. Never mind the NSA they are nothing compared to the private tech companies that now rule the western world.

See: Army now acknowledges the brother of Michael Flynn was a part of Army response to Capitol riot

All they had to do was let them in during the chaos. Did Alex Jones play a role in this mess.

We here at BOS and TUT always said the “truth movement” would ruin things for Trump. I think it did. Under the cover conspiracy bullshit and it’s harmful psylogical influence. A group of assholes stormed the capital.

Trump needed the American evangelicals and Alex Jones types to win but in the end they played a role in taking him down.

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4 thoughts on “Trump the Flynn Brothers and “The Song of Debra” 1/6/2021

  1. excellent reporting and analysis. Yes, I saw where Flynn’s brother was part of something and was forced to deny it. There was I believe something big coming on Inauguration Day, but 2 days before, news stories started emerging of a plot on the part of ‘pro-Trump’ National Guard members possibly planning to kill Biden. So, in other words, the Deep State knew about DJT’s plans, and with the publishing of the stories concerning the assassination plot, warned Trump that he would be blamed for the killing of a newly-elected POTUS in the same way that he was Impeached over the ‘insurrection’ at the Capitol for which he played no part.

    And yes, the ‘trooth moovmnt’ played a part in the takedown of DJT, a statistically-small one, but a part nonetheless. There isn’t a SINGLE SOLITARY individual holding some place of respect/prominence, from Alex Jones to Rense to EM Jones to Mike Hoffman to Greene to O’Connell to Nathanael Kapner–ANY OF THEM–who possess an ounce of credibility anymore. Now they are all chirping how ‘the Jews turned on Trump’ while omitting the fact that ‘the Jews’ were against Trump before he got elected 5 years ago. Every day, FOR HALF A FREAKING DECADE–it was a hurricane of Judaic screeching against DJT and yet, the aforementioned ‘eks-purts’ focused solely on pics of Trump shaking hands with Netanyahu or Adelson as if this were the stamp/seal of approval of Trump’s being ‘owned’ by them.

    Barring some ‘plan B’ on the part of DJT, it’s over. Biden is already getting the war machine warmed up again, and for which all the aforementioned ‘experts’ will begin a brand new screeching campaign once the bombs start falling, forgetting what their own role in it has been and is now.

    As DJT said often, ‘they should be ashamed of themselves’.

    The worst part of it is that they aren’t.

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