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IRELAND – Jewish Population Rises by 30%, Much to Surprise of Locals

The Ugly Truth


Ed-note – It is not long now when, like in America, public display of crosses and Christian symbols will be made illegal only to be replaced by giant Jewish menorahs. And guess who will carry the blame for all of this? That’s right, the Muslims.

The Prophet killers have declared a war to death against Christ (PBUH), his name, his legacy. They have been hard at work to remove all Christian symbols in what were once Christian countries, as if to erase their Christian memory. They have had some great success in countries such as the USA and the Church’s eldest daughter – France. But that is not enough. They now need to go to the next level without being discovered and have found the perfect cover for their crimes: the Muslims.

Muslims have become the new Christ Killers.

How many times have we heard that the removal of Nativity…

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All Blood Leads To Israel – Israel’s Role in the Cataclysm to Come

The Ugly Truth


GLOBAL RESEARCH – Finally, the skeleton is out of the Arab Spring closet via an article in Foreign Policy written by Jonathan Spyer. Israel has been at war for total dominance in the Middle East and, according to the senior research fellow at the Global Research in International Affairs Center (Rubin Center) and Jerusalem Post columnist, Tel Aviv is about to engage in Syria to confront Iran. CONTINUE READING

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