How They Do It– ‘There’s a simple explanation for school shootings–It’s the Guns’

The Ugly Truth

ed note–The Jews as a group who today are in total control of the media in America (and elsewhere throughout the West) did not get control of this very strategic asset by accident. In seeing their agenda move forward, they recognized that this–along with control of money, but to a lesser degree–must be achieved in the same way that any army seeks to take a hill and use its elevated position as a base of operations in lobbing ordnance down upon the enemy below.

And in this function, the media is more important than control of the money supply or even control of the government, for through the media and its ability to steer the entire culture of a nation, the politics, spending habits, behaviors, etc of people are hijacked and steered via remote control in whatever direction and in whatever manner the occupying power in control of information desires.

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At least 10 dead in Santa Fe High School; shooter had multiple guns, bombs

The Ugly Truth

ed note–The usual commentary here for events of this type–

As usual, all discussion and debate will center on– 

A. Less guns…

B. More guns…


C. How this was all just one big, elaborately staged ‘hoax’ where no shooting took place, where no one died, and where crisis actors were used… 

Instead of the discussion that needs to take place, which is the role that Hollywood and the JMSM have DIRECTLY played in turning America into a nation of natural born psychopathic killers with no remorse and no pity as a necessary precursor to utilizing the military might and political muscle of the United States for murdering 2 billion Muslims around the world in Zion’s much planned for ‘Clash of Civilizations’. 

The other usual commentary is as follows–

Get used to it. This type of event is here to stay as long as the American people allow Judea, Inc…

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Trump’s plans on Middle East peace 35 years in the making

The Ugly Truth

ed note–a fascinating collection of facts concerning Trump’s views/plans decades ago, and while we do not necessarily agree with the author’s end theory–that possibly Trump and Putin are mere ‘puppets’ of the same hidden hand–the fact that Trump’s present plan in solving the intractable problem(s)  in the Middle East, of preventing the proliferation of nukes and that Russia should be a partner in all of this has deep roots in things he has done/said in the past only underscores and supports what we have been saying now since Trump emerged as a serious contender on the political scene 2 years ago, as well as why the various goombahs making up Judea, Inc–who clearly began assembling files on Trump decades ago–have been/are dedicated to destroying him before he can achieve what he has set out to do.

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What Happens When pro-Trump Christians Weaponize the Bible

The Ugly Truth

U.S. ‘pro-Israel’ evangelicals who declare the president enacted God’s will by moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem may want to consider the terrible historical cost of a selective and literalist use of the Bible

ed note–No disrespect intended Fr. James, but the fact is that ‘pro-Trump Christians’ are NOT the ones who ‘Weaponized the Bible’, anymore than the crowds at the Roman coliseum gave teeth and claws to the lions who were eating Christians for sport.

The bible is what it is, and as pertains to this discussion, all the war, bloodshed, land-theft, usury, mass murder, sex slavery and all the other bad behaviors that have been the calling card of La Kosher Nostra now for thousands of years have been there in black and white for mankind to study, analyze and diagnose. Protestant, evangelical ‘pro-Trump’ Christians did not put those things in there and certainly did not ‘weaponize’ them…

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