House Dem pledges vote to impeach Trump next week

BY CRISTINA MARCOS – 11/30/17 11:16 AM EST 155 Autoplay: On | Off Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) said Thursday that he will force a House floor vote to impeach President Trump next week. The actual House vote will likely only be a procedural vote, but it will still serve as the first referendum in Congress to impeach Trump. It comes when Trump has spentContinue reading “House Dem pledges vote to impeach Trump next week”

Michael Collins Piper and Hesham Tillawi: The Golem :in this 56 minute interview, Mr Tillawi discusse with Mr Piper about his book ‘The Golem’. The book discusses about Israels nuclear arsenal and its implications. Who helped Israel build its nuclear arsenal ?

Recall remove Assad at all cost! RT: “The Greater Israel Plan” Called Out & Ignored Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst, calls out the “Greater Israel Plan,” and is shamelessly ignored by all the guests on RT’s Cross Talk. In fact, they avoid it completely. The policy of the Kremlin is clear: don’t talk about this topic. Cross Talk, Published: 5 Oct., 2016. The downward spiral continues with no end in sight. A dangerous escalation in tensions separating Russia and the West can be witnessed in a decline in diplomatic engagement, particularly concerning Syria.