The calls for riots, impeachment death threats and even nuclear war to stop Trump. Are very real. Yet the Truth Movement thinks he is a puppet of the Jews? Wrong again truth movement.

 Michael Moore told Stephen Colbert that Democrats need to “put our bodies on the line” in the party’s fight against President Donald Trump … Ranking Congressman Steve Cohen Seeks to  Impeach Trump House Democrats Demand Impeachment of Trump       The New York Congressman Who Could Lead an Impeachment Charge Against Trump       HILLARY REFUSES TO […]

No Party for Old White Men By Patrick J. Buchanan

  For Nancy Pelosi, 78, Steny Hoyer, 79, and Joe Biden, 75, the primary results from New York’s 14th congressional district are a fire bell in the night. All may be swept away in the coming revolution. That is the message of the crushing defeat of 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley, who had aspired to succeed […]