Judge Rules Against Alex Jones and Infowars in Sandy Hook Lawsuit

The Ugly Truth

The conspiracy theorist Alex Jones faces three defamation lawsuits filed by the relatives of Sandy Hook victims.

ed note–we’ve said it before, but for reasons of being thorough, we’ll say it again.

Not wanting to say we told ya so, but we did.

The entire ‘Sandy Hook Hoax’ nonsense that took off like a wildfire within certain neighborhoods within the ‘911 Truth Movement’ was indeed a psyops from the beginning. Like a ticking time bomb, it was designed to destroy the credibility of anyone offering any alternative perspective or theory to the conventional spoon-fed disinfo given to the masses in the aftermath of each and every traumatic event that has deep political implications associated with it. Furthermore, the real aim of this psyop rooted in ‘cognitive infiltration’ as proposed by Obama’s then Information Czar Cass Sunstein is in frightening away those intelligence/law enforcement professionals whose credibility as operatives with an…

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The TIPH of the iceberg: Foreign occupation of Israel

The Ugly Truth

No UN Occupation Troops, “peacekeepers,” or TIPH “observers,” from Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey, should be allowed in the Land of Israel. Cancel biased TIPH’s mandate now!

ed note–an important piece in better understanding the Judaic mindset and particularly where things are headed vis a vis Trump’s proposed ‘ultimate’ peace deal and why there is this over-the-top, 24/7/365 campaign to remove him from 1600 Pennsylvania ave before he can move forward with anything substantive in that regard.

Firstly, if the name Ariel Pasko rings a bell to the readers of this site, it should, and in particular because of one piece in particular discussed here from time to time that he wrote, ‘This War is for Us’, wherein the reader is treated to a near full strength dose of just what makes the Judaic mind tick in the peculiar way that it does, a portion of which is reprinted below…

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How Trump’s Presidency Will End

The Ugly Truth

Sooner or later, tyrants are always abandoned by their followers

ed note–keep in mind, that the author of this piece, a warmongering, Neocon Zionist Jew named Eliot Cohen–

…Is allied with this guy, also a warmongering, Neocon Zionist Jew named Bill Kristol

Who is allied with this guy, also a warmongering, Neocon Zionist Jew named Max Boot

And who is allied with this guy, also a warmongering, Neocon Zionist Jew named Paul Wolfowitz–

And who is allied with this guy, also a warmongering, Neocon Zionist Jew named Robert Kagan

along with his rather portly brother

And who is allied with this gal, also a warmongering, Neocon Zionist Jew named Jennifer Rubin–

And who all are allied with this guy, that is, before he died and went to hell, also a warmongering, Neocon Zionist Jew named Charles Krauthammer–

And who all are deeply, DEEPLY plugged into Israel’s Likud party, Israel’s intelligence apparatus and who were all in…

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Onward to Israel

‘I am a Jew, I am an Israeli, I am a Zionist, and I am both racially and intellectually superior to you, the non-Jew. For your lies, your pathetic stupidity, and your anti-Semitism, your people will suffer under the punishment of the world’s future super-power, Israel!…You seem to forget Israel’s nuclear capability. No country will risk getting hit with an atomic bomb, and therefore Israel’s survival is assured. We will also, at a certain point in the coming decades, finally realize the need to exercise ruthlessness, and will blow our Arab neighbors to kingdom come. I am sure you will have the joy of witnessing the first example of the latter policy, when Israel takes action against Iran (and perhaps also Syria) in the coming months…

The Ugly Truth

ed note–please read this piece carefully and consider its relation to the heady and heavy word of Jewish-dominated geo-politics today–

1. The delusional intellectual energy that animates and guides our deranged Hebraic author in his messianism.

2. That it is the Torah that guides Jews, the Jewish state and which will–according to the prophecies envisioned by the various ‘prophets’ of Judaism–will be THE dominant ideology guiding all human affairs.

3. Pay careful attention to the following–

Judaism is not a proselyting faith. We don’t believe that all people must be Jewish. But we do believe that all people must embrace monotheism and discard paganism. This is our purpose.’

In other words, the Jews intend to keep the Gentiles around in whatever numbers necessary as slaves for hewing wood and carrying water, or, as infamously stated by Israel’s former Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef before he died and went to hell,

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Trump warns of ‘violent change’ if Republicans lose midterm elections

US president calls on evangelical leaders to ‘make sure all of your people vote’ because ‘you’re one election away from losing everything you’ve got’

The Ugly Truth

US president calls on evangelical leaders to ‘make sure all of your people vote’ because ‘you’re one election away from losing everything you’ve got’

Ed note–Trump is not engaging in mere rhetoric here.

He was put in place by forces more powerful than he in order to prevent the TOTAL consummation of the United States–and by extension, the rest of the Western world–in the 2,000 year old revenge paradigm which Judea, Inc has been planning for ‘Rome’. His administration is a ‘Hail Mary’ pass and a last-ditch effort aimed at preventing the last scene of a screenplay written/produced/directed by Judea, Inc from taking place wherein Jewish interests bring about Armageddon as the necessary precursor to ushering in the ‘Messianic Era’ where ‘Moshiac’, the Judaic warlord whom Jews anticipate will lead their ‘New World Order’, announces his arrival on the world scene.

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