Onward to Israel

‘I am a Jew, I am an Israeli, I am a Zionist, and I am both racially and intellectually superior to you, the non-Jew. For your lies, your pathetic stupidity, and your anti-Semitism, your people will suffer under the punishment of the world’s future super-power, Israel!…You seem to forget Israel’s nuclear capability. No country willContinue reading “Onward to Israel”

Are the Interventionists Now Leaderless? By Patrick J. Buchanan

  “McCain’s Death Leaves Void” ran The Wall Street Journal headline over a front-page story that began: “The death of John McCain will leave Congress without perhaps its loudest voice in support of the robust internationalism that has defined the country’s security relations since World War II.” Certainly, the passing of the senator whose lifeContinue reading “Are the Interventionists Now Leaderless? By Patrick J. Buchanan”

The Eternal War between Rome and Jerusalem.

By Staś Converte gladium tuum in locum suum. Omnes enim, qui acceperint gladium, gladio peribunt. (“Return your sword to its place, for all who will take up the sword, will die by the sword.” Gospel of Matthew, chapter 26, verse 52. I find that the world  and the western world in particular can not face theContinue reading “The Eternal War between Rome and Jerusalem.”

Do Democrats Want an Impeachment Fight? By Patrick J. Buchanan

  If anyone is looking for a good lawyer,” said President Donald Trump ruefully, “I would strongly suggest that you don’t retain the services of Michael Cohen.” Michael Cohen is no Roy Cohn. Tuesday, Trump’s ex-lawyer, staring at five years in prison, pled guilty to a campaign violation that may not even be a crime.Continue reading “Do Democrats Want an Impeachment Fight? By Patrick J. Buchanan”