The Downfall of Press TV

“Press TV is an Iranian state-owned news and documentary network that broadcasts in the English and French languages. ” Once upon a time Press TV out of Iran was a good source of news and in particular they had some good interviews that were hard to find anywhere else. Yes, indeed there was some darn goodContinue reading “The Downfall of Press TV”

Is the “truth movement” stupid?

Staś Is the “truth movement” stupid? Yes of coarse. The truth movement or 911 truth or what ever you want to call it has always been a form sick entertainment. Filled with stupid and mentally ill people. Has the Truth movement ever had a single victory? No. Not even close. Can anyone in the truthContinue reading “Is the “truth movement” stupid?”

What Trump Will Leave in Biden’s InboxBy Patrick J. Buchanan

Tuesday – November 24, 2020 “Then, there are the human rights backsliders that are U.S. partners and allies — Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia. How does Biden deal with the party’s progressives who demand he sanction such partner-nations — without risking the loss of these countries.”Dismissing President Donald Trump’s claim that the 2020 election remains undecided, JoeContinue reading “What Trump Will Leave in Biden’s InboxBy Patrick J. Buchanan”

The truth movement did not “like” Trump.

Staś This blog is not here to make friends. This blog is not a “friend’ of the so called truth movement. The Narcissistic Truth Movement is awful. And I don’t just mean Alex Jones. I mean all of it. Do I like The Saker, E Michel Jones and Hoffman Ryan Dawson and Syria Girl? OfContinue reading “The truth movement did not “like” Trump.”

A Trump loss will be the Truth movement’s fault?

Staś A Trump loss will be the Truth movement’s fault? An exaggeration? Perhaps. Perhaps covid-19 won anyway . If Biden takes the presidency we the USA are done. USA will go full bat shit crazy. A few more months of lock down and the mighty US economy will transform into even more of a welfareContinue reading “A Trump loss will be the Truth movement’s fault?”