Has Chicago had enough of “The Godfather.” Mayor Rahm Emanuel?

Has Chicago had enough of “The Godfather.” Mayor Rahm Emanuel? Observations and commentary by Staś   Have African Americans had enough of Chicago Mayor. Rahm Emanuel? Behind the scenes Emanuel is perhaps one of the most feared man in America. Political commentator Dick Morris once said the Clinton’s fear him. Despite all this Rahm isContinue reading “Has Chicago had enough of “The Godfather.” Mayor Rahm Emanuel?”

Shocking! Senator Rubio says U.S. spying on Israel ‘might be worse’ than reported

We spy on our friends? Senator Rubio says U.S. spying on Israel ‘might be worse’ than reported. This is bad. We don’t do this. See related links below. Senator Rubio says U.S. spying on Israel ‘might be worse’ than reported   http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2015/12/30/rubio-says-us-spying-on-israel-might-be-worse-than-reported/ Rubio: Spying situation ‘might be worse’ than what public thinks Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/12/marco-rubio-nsa-spying-217219#ixzz3vr0wOXDb Rubio shockedContinue reading “Shocking! Senator Rubio says U.S. spying on Israel ‘might be worse’ than reported”

The US is spying on Israel?

Observations by Staś   (WSJ story  12/29 Very interesting. Refers to the relationship between Israel and the US as “the most combustible mixture of intimacy and caution that we have.” Beware of the power of the massive US computers. No one can doubt that all can be seen and all can be heard. But itContinue reading “The US is spying on Israel?”

Polls show Minorities are behind Trump?

Interesting! Minorities line up behind Trump? Observations of Staś (Could it by so called “minorities” are seeing though the smoke and mirrors of the main stream media? Could it be that some Americans realize what is at stake? Or is Trump just a master at crowd control. Good Question. The answer could be a little ofContinue reading “Polls show Minorities are behind Trump?”

Russia accuses US of fake war on ISIS

  Observation of  Staś   It would seem Russia is calling out the US. Russian Defense Ministry accuses Pentagon of imitating fight against Islamic State The Pentagon, refusing to transfer the data on terrorist targets in Syria to the Russian military, continues to fight against the Islamic State terrorist group “in word only”, Russian Defense MinistryContinue reading “Russia accuses US of fake war on ISIS”

Star Wars is the United States “The Empire”?

Statements and biographical sketches of Kirby,  Psaki,  Nuland,  Harf,  and Kerry prove that we are “The Empire”. Observations and commentary By Staś  Did you see the new Star Wars Movie? It was awful. I was shocked to notice that the bad guys now referred to as “the First Order” seem to bear a strong resemblance to theContinue reading “Star Wars is the United States “The Empire”?”

Comic Sarah Silverman ‘Jesus Was Gender Fluid!’.

Sarah Silverman Trolls Christmas: ‘Jesus Was Gender Fluid? Observations By Staś America is on the brink of war with Orthodox Christian Russia. The world is trying  to calm down after the very tense plane shoot down   between NATO member Turkey and Russia.  ISIS attacking Christians around the Middle East. Endless war in Syria. Also, keep in mind many  poorContinue reading “Comic Sarah Silverman ‘Jesus Was Gender Fluid!’.”

The unofficial collection of Jennifer Psaki evil pointless press conferences.

The unofficial Jennifer Psaki evil pointless press conference collection. For Christmas. Put together By Staś Jennifer Psaki  is the current White House Communications Director. She previously served as a spokesperson for the United States Department of State. Her reign of terror is over at the State Dept. Few political hacks are as arrogant as she was.Continue reading “The unofficial collection of Jennifer Psaki evil pointless press conferences.”

Pro Christian pro Muslim boxer defeats Zionist Wladimir Klitschko.

Pro Christian pro Muslim boxer defeats Zionist Wladimir Klitschko. By Staś November 2015 Boxer Tyson Fury defeated Wladimir Klitschko   to become champion of the world. Pro boxer Tyson Fury is an “Irish Traveler” born in Manchester, England. Fury has “attracted significant criticism relating to statements he has made which are considered sexist and homophobic.”   WhatContinue reading “Pro Christian pro Muslim boxer defeats Zionist Wladimir Klitschko.”

Why did Chuck Hagel “quit”?

Why did Chuck Hagel “quit”? by By Staś On November 24, 2014, it was announced that  Chuck Hagel would resign from the position of Secretary of Defense following conflicts within the administration, particularly relating to issues concerning ISIS/ISIL Chuck Hagel quit his post in the Obama white house. We think we know why. But do we?Continue reading “Why did Chuck Hagel “quit”?”

Bernie Sanders on the Palestinian Issue.

Bernie Sanders on the Palestinian Issue. Staś Sanders is supposed to be a so called “progressive “and a “liberal.” When it comes to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians  he  seems to have a lot in common with the so called neoconservatives. Click here:This town meeting is a clear example of the real Berrnie. Sen. BernieContinue reading “Bernie Sanders on the Palestinian Issue.”

Stenography and 911

Who Broke the Codes on 911? Stenography and 911 By Staś Wars always start with codebreaking.   My thoughts are about high technology and 9/11. Cryptology and code breaking are a key to winning in war. The “Cryptanalysis of the Enigma” enabled the western Allies more easily “win” WWII. I contend 9/11 was no different.   TheContinue reading “Stenography and 911”

Beware of the 9/11 Truth movement.

Beware of the 9/11 Truth movement. “Because it sucks.” By Staś   There is something wrong about the 9/11 truth movement. Certain people who are skeptical enough find their way into the 911 is an “inside job” a conspiracy “movement”.  But wait it is not that simple. Just figuring out 9/11 is an “inside job”Continue reading “Beware of the 9/11 Truth movement.”

Don’t buy anything this Christmas.

Don’t buy anything this Christmas. By Staś Don’t buy anything this Christmas. Especially if you have a pile of credit cards with high interest rates. Why not skip it? Most Americas are basically poor people who live under the illusion that they have some money because of credit cards.  Buying something you can’t afford meansContinue reading “Don’t buy anything this Christmas.”

What was the real reason behind the “War” in Granada?

What was the real reason behind the “War in Granada”? By Staś     “A lovely little war” Readers may or may not recall when President Reagan and his massive military with the 500 ship Navy attacked the dangerous Communist island of Granada? Korea was a tie? Vietnam a loss? Yes do not take anyContinue reading “What was the real reason behind the “War” in Granada?”

Who was behind the Shooting of Pope John Paul II?

Who was behind the Shooting of Pope John Paul II? By Staś Originally published by TUT Dec. 2nd 2015 We divide to rule…”–Mossad adage At 5:18 pm, May 13th, 1981, Mehmet Alì Agca shot Pope John Paul II in the stomach and the right hand. The original story presented in the media directed the blame towards theContinue reading “Who was behind the Shooting of Pope John Paul II?”

Who killed superstar C.I.A. officer “Bob Ames?

  By Staś Originally published in TUT  Oct. 27th 2015 According to Tim Weiner in his fantastic and lengthy book Legacy of Ashes…The history of the C.I.A., Robert Ames was “the most influential C.I.A. officer and the leading C.I.A. analyst in the Arab world.” He quotes Robert Gates, former DCI and former Secretary of Defense sayingContinue reading “Who killed superstar C.I.A. officer “Bob Ames?”