Conspiracy Psychosis vs Conspiracy Reality

Conspiracy Psychosis is real. Some conspiracies are real many are not real. Because the so-called Deep State has pulled off some amazing assassinations and false flag terror attacks as a result many people have gone mad or at the very least have gotten very depressed trying to figure them all out.

Obsession with conspiracy theory has led to people getting busted .

People repeat the same BS all the time.

Michelle Obama is a man.

Pizza gate.

Satanic everything.

Everything is 666

It is true that pedophilia is one of the evilest crimes on this earth. President Trump is one of only a few men in power who did anything about it and the hard-core conspiracy people turned on Trump!!

Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy in Gematria

equals to : 4665    So what?

But September 11th, 2001, happening on Tisha Be’av is a coincidence that makes too much sense and should be examined. THIS IS SOMETHING REAL EVERY TIME THERE IS SOME KIND OF REAL NEWS EVENT DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN DECODE IT VIA GEMATRIA.

Not everything in this world is some kind of DaVinci Code bullshit!

Tisha Bav in Jewish Gematria equals: 911 This is a real clue. Because sometimes like this connection is possible people try to make this kind of connection with literally every major news event.

Via Wikipedia Tisha B’Av  is:

Tisha B’Av (Hebrew: תִּשְׁעָה בְּאָב[a] Tīšʿā BəʾāvIPA: [tiʃʕa beˈʔav] (listen), lit. “the ninth of Av“) is an annual fast day in Judaism, on which a number of disasters in Jewish history occurred, primarily the destruction of both Solomon’s Temple by the Neo-Babylonian Empire and the Second Temple by the Roman Empire in Jerusalem.

Is it tempting to get trapped into wasting time watching crisis actor “stage shooting “videos?

It is often a form of escapism that is tempting to fall for. Also no one really wants to fight and argue all the time so if you surrender to bizarre theories

I must admit that the Ukraine war propaganda has influenced me.  There seems to be a lot of psychological warfare and propaganda coming from the Ukraine side. But it is a war being fought by professional propaganda people. Not no one died at Sandy Hook.

For instance, the stories about the so-called “” Ghost of Kyiv,”  a Ukrainian fighter pilot ace who shot down many Russian aircraft during the beginning of the Ukraine Russia war.

Fact Check-Associated Press did not publish story on the ‘Ghost of Kyiv,’ contrary to online posts

The stories about this pilot are bullshit.   He shot down 6 he shot down 10 he shot down none. YES THIS IS SOMETHING


The Ghost of Kiev  and Miss Ukraine who is of course attractive is fighting Russia this is psychological warfare which the west is very good at. Miss Ukraine who is of course attractive is fighting Russia. But she is not that was a hoax.

Russia seems to be not as good at this type of propaganda.

Also, the “Fuck you” incident at Snake Island has been proved a fake. Yet it made an excellent story for Americans to gush over on social media.

The western intel services and MI6 and Mossad have done a good job of winning the hearts and minds of the Ukrainian people.

But the Russian battle plan seems to be very good in the real world. Real war vs. the fake news of the US still does not =No one died at Sandy Hook is what I am trying to say!

Also, the bizarre Will Smith slapping incident. Something seems very strange about it.

It is the media who decides what stories to focus on.

Media hype has a strange effect on people.  The media told people it was ok for the US to bomb 7 countries but not ok for Russia to respond to attacks on ethnic Russians in Ukraine, bioweapons labs and even worse the sabotage of nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

In any case when a huge shooting happens in the US the media hype makes people very excited.

So indeed, there were a lot of strange things about 911. It was very exciting for a short period of time there was a rise in American patriotism, but many people were suspicious about 911.

But it became 911 was an “inside job” So people were only suspicious of the American CIA NSA and Pentagon people.

Because of the religious make-up of the United States almost no one desires to look into the Israeli to major events like the JFK assassination and 911.

It also became kind of a “white guy thing” With Dick Cheney as the main villion. Because Bush was perceived as stupid.

The Musical artist Immortal Technique did the song “Bush Knocked Down The Towers”  was cool and some of the anger among people from the ME and American blacks and liberals was directed towards “Deep State” whites .

Song by Immortal Technique and loose change and Alex Jones and the film Loose Change.

This might have played a role in electing the first “black” president Obama who killed many “people of color” when he bombed North Africa.

There were no WMD’s and the US still invaded Iraq. Iraq and Sadam Hussian had nothing to do with 911.  WHERE WAS THE TRUTH MOVEMENT THEN?

Then came Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook was pictured on a map in one of the Batman movies. What does that mean?

Even since 911 and sandy hook. There have been a lot of people who enjoy going online and analyzing world events like mass shootings and terror attacks.

It has become very popular to say that many of them are fake.

People who know how to do some film editing and photo shop can produce some very provocative you tube movies.

Movies that are not any more real than Comic Books. Addictive conspiracy pornography.

So, we must admit some of the government psy ops are real. Like some of the nasty fake made up war propaganda

But it can very quickly get crazy.

All the big shootings are stage? Fake blood everywhere.

Do I think some of the stories seem staged?

There is a lot of strange stuff. But do I think Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was not shot in the head. That she has been faking her complex and horrible injuries for years? No.

But a “conspiracy theorist” would say you’re a fool

Is she anti-gun? Sure.

Now people are heartless enough to think Gabby and the Sandy Hook kids are faking it?


The Conspiracy people played a role in messing up Trumps ultra-secret plan which was not that secret Peace in the holy land peace in the middle east.

Everything was about that. Not Paddock and jis AR-15 and the annoying liberals.

It was about avoiding nuclear war.

Now the truth movement and conspiracy people who are experts in ballistics cameras acting psychology theology war and most of all very complex movie fake blood and make up.

Everyone got taken down by Sandy Hook never happened Boston never happened.

Everyone got suckered into Jan 6th!

Trump is human he made some mistakes. It is starting to look like he was our last chance.

Now Russia under Putin is they only thing standing in the way of President Assad being overthrown.

The Russians are not going to want to fail. They are not going to suffer and get poor again like the 1990’s

They will go nuclear before they let that happen.

It will not be a drill it will not be fake!

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3 thoughts on “Conspiracy Psychosis vs Conspiracy Reality

  1. excellent points, and all true–‘Conspiracy psychosis’. Just like some people can drink a glass of wine and still function okay while others drink that same glass and then start dancing around with a lampshade on their head, ‘truth movement’ people overdose on their drug of choice–‘conspiracy-ism’, and can’t see straight. It’s true, it is an ‘information war’ as AJ likes to call it, a ‘war for our minds’, but consider just how FEW people take that seriously and apply that principle to all the nuttery that gets injected into the collective ‘conversation’, whether it is Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, DJT, etc, etc, etc.

    You are also right in your last point–if the American people truly do manage to de-tox themselves of the MILLIONS of mind-viruses that have been installed on their cerebral hard drives, Judea will nuke the planet. No matter what, we are in for very very rough political, economic and social weather.

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  2. Thank you for this comment!!! TUT has laid out the truth! Few heard! I am still thinking the truth movement has done more harm than good. I now tend to think it is more widespread than I thought before. My next thoughts ar detail!

    Liked by 1 person

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