Some good news.Trump gets rid of Victoria Nuland.

US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland has resigned from her post. Speaking to Radio Sputnik, Russian political scientist Alexander Konkov said that her departure is highly symbolic, and could presage important changes in the Trump State Department’s attitude toward US-sponsored regime change operations. Nuland had her last day at […]

(Attack on the real enemy?) The Latest: US soldier killed in raid on al-Qaida in Yemen

 ed.  The counter strikes of Trump will be messy. One might even  ask do they do more harm then good?  A US special operations soldier has been killed and three others wounded in a surprise raid against Al-Qaeda militants in Yemen. Local officials say 41 Al-Qaeda militants, as well as 16 civilians, were killed in […]

American CEOs and Media start to complain about Trump getting rid of TPP. (Hint that they will make chaos and pain for the America worker?)

U.S. President Donald Trump should reconsider his positions on international trade and work to embrace China and its vast market, FedEx Corp’s (FDX.N) chief executive officer said on Tuesday, one day after Trump made good on a campaign promise to pull out of a major trade deal with Asian allies. CEO Fred Smith, in separate […]

Jewish actress Mayim Bialik, ADL goombah Goldblatt and Madeleine Albright announce they are ‘Ready to Register as Muslims’

As newly minted ‘Muslims’, are you going to adopt an Islamic lifestyle? Are you going to utilize your energies and your considerable influence to bring an end to Muslim suffering in places such as Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc, all of which is the direct result of what your fellow Jews are doing–either directly or […]