Israel Got 3,633 New Immigrants From North America In 2017

The Ugly Truth

ed note–it is a little-discussed but highly relevant item that must be understood these days whenever some Western politician is singing Israel’s praises and vowing to always maintain their country’s support for the Jewish state–It is not as much representative of any positive feelings that said leader has for the Jews as a group, but rather the dread and loathing that they personally entertain for them. And as much as it is axiomatic for those who follow closely any and all news surrounding the entire sordid affair of the Jewish state’s creation to frame their understanding of seminal events such as Balfour and its maintenance up to the present time within the context that it took place solely on the basis of bribery and/or blackmail of the politicos of the West, at the same time, it is equally true that much/most of the energy that has driven this project has come…

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How They Do It– ‘A Jewish state cannot tolerate corruption’

The Ugly Truth

ed note–as you read this, please reflect on a few salient items.

The entire ‘Jewish state’ paradigm, beginning with the biblical story of Abraham selling his wife Sarah into forced sexual servitude to Egypt’s Pharaoh, to Jacob’s theft of Esau’s inheritance to the mass murder of the indigenous inhabitants of the Holy Land as commanded by the Judaic god and announced through the mouth of Moishe (Moses) has been nothing but corruption, organized crime, murder, graft, etc. It is as much in the spiritual DNA of Judaism as humility and honesty were/are the calling cards of both Jesus and Mohammed.

Therefore, essays of this sort need to be viewed for exactly what they are–seances meant to seduce the Judaic mind that may be in the process of realizing the scope and scale of the corruption that has been the footprint and fingerprint of all Judaic activity for thousands of years. It…

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