Don’t call me goy. Why did they not tell me that I am a goy?

By Staś



“Blessed are you, Hashem, King of the Universe, for not having made me a Gentile.”

“Blessed are you, Hashem, King of the Universe, for not having made me a slave.”

Blessed are you, Hashem, King of the Universe, for not having made me a woman.”

Jewish Daily Prayer


In this day in age you can not go around calling people derogatory offensive racial or religious names or insults..

Everything is “Politicaly Correct”.

Everything is about race and class.   No more poor people. This poverty must stop at all cost.

Yet the 1% can call the “other” lesser group the gentiles “goy”

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The United States  starts wars on behalf of Israel and bombs entire countries to the ground, but say a dirty word or something racist and you  be in a lot of trouble

No bad words. Yet people now are by in large  are ruder then ever.They really are.

Every possible effort is made by the media to stoke the fires  and create a race war. Never forget this when you dive into a fight with other gentiles.

America is a country that still has a lot of hyper-productive rich people.  America is still a leader in military power and the development of technology America  is still a powerhouse.

So there is a massive “creative class” and a huge pool of high educated workers. Even with  falling  academic scores the Americans are still  leaders in every field that matters.

Anything they can’t handle they imports workers from the best of the best from other countries. Brain drain.

They work in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Austin Texas, New York, Boston. They Are big data they are big pharma.  More and more are woman.

If you have got the right stuff you can now be richer then any other human in human history.

You can become a hero on social media. You can fight for goodness and have access to a lot of sex and have fast internet access.

You can fight Trump on your social media.  A social justice warrior. You don’t exist and have no real  belief.

The reality is this  many people know they are goy. They hide it so deeply from themselves.  Any question about becoming a “Judaized goy”.is buried deep.

The left make the money in America. IT people are of the left. Hollywood people are liberals.

The left is almost 100% devoted to sexuality. All of their passion energy and devotion is wrapped up in it.   They long to be gender free gender neutral, but have countless “partners” They are passionate about divorce,transgender and abortion.

As a result they as “goy” are in a state of slavery or non-being.

In between looking at porn they ask “is this racist?

They ask every day is that racists?  Trump is racist. Trump is sexist.

As far as the right wing goy.  Many work for the Jewish people or Judaized; goys and they keep their mouths shut. They express their displeasure though President Trump.

Far to many are stupid enough to hate Putin and Iran.

Among the poorer class and the eroding middle class. It’s Porn, weed and vaping devices and tattoo’s  It is meth and tent city fever.

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Many of these rust belt deplorable goys voted for Trump.  Yet please note their Old Testament Bible preachers can and do continue to encourage these fine people to go to war with Islam perhaps even Russia for Israel.

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Trump has a friendly gentile  view of the Bible. In my view he says it as a guide to be successful in business.

Bob Wooward in his  book Fear (a book that is simply a Jewish worldview look at Trump and nothing more) says the deaths of his soldiers gets to Trump. He seems to have some compassion.  Trump has a “gentile god”.

Trump spoke about  a special operations solider who was killed:

“Ryan’s legacy is etched into eternity. For as the Bible teaches us, there is no greater act of love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Ryan laid down his life for his friends, for his country, and for our freedom—we will never forget him,” Trump said.

But Trump is a gentile president for the deplorable  goys.

He is a lesser president.  A madman president. Your a crazy goy if you voted for him

If you don’t have a special talent or ability to be of use to “the Jews”.  Then you drive UBER and hope for the best.

The Roman Catholic Church is on the decline in the Untied States.  Feel good preachers and con men who say noting are still very popular.

Is America still a “Christian” nation?  I would say it is but there are questions. Who is the god of the Bible?   Is the Old Testament for the Gentiles?   I don’t think so.

Then there is the reality most Americans believe in absolutist nothing. They are a blend of slogans bad education and years of television programming.

This import fact must be realized much of “the West” believes in nothing.

Shows about Nothing: Nihilism in Popular Culture

They have however developed what they think is a strong hate for “racism”.  There is a real hatred of the white and the European and the white males.   But mistake there has also been developing a hate and fear of Islam and black Islamic people. I now just divide the world between the Jew and the Gentile.

Please not the Jewish World is united and the Gentile world is strongly divided. The Christian world and the Islamic world is very divided  among themselves. The Asian world is as well.


Yes, Americans are obsessed with race. and now gender. They ask every day is this racist? Am I being racist? Every day many people say. “Trump is a racist.

The USA has bombed so many countries to the ground, yet in my view some how no one cares.

Yet say the N word or insult a transgender person and your like may be over.

The only thing that may shield you is if you have a lot of money and partake in hedonistic activity.  This is why Americans have mixed feelings about Trump and Stormy Daniels.  They secretly admire him for it.  I would go so far as to say some Evangelicals say trump is “blessed” to have woman and gold.

Again,  to my main point.  You can say any name you want but people laugh if you complain about the use of the word goy.

It is very offensive. Yet a Gentile world who believes in noting will never see it that way/

Of coarse Wikipedia will tell you it is harmless. The Seinfeld  American cit com show will make you feel it is very fun to be Jewish and say goy and “Yada, yada, yada.” ect.

To me the word goy means that you are some kind of devil worshiper in the eyes of the strict Jews

What can be lower then that?

One of the most important leaders in Judaism Maimonides the Rambam himself said that a goy is a “worshiper of idolatry”

Note he was a Torah scholar not simply a Talmudist.  The Rambam enforces the ideas in the Torah.

“Whenever we say plainly ‘goy’, we mean a worshipper of idolatry”

Goy is derogatory.  It mean cattle it means you the non- jew are a slave a cattle.  an worshiper of idols . a lesser being. Shiksa a term used on Ivanka Trump is an offensive term for non Jewish women.

  1. noun

    informal derogatory
    1. a Jewish name for a non-Jew.

I wonder why the Roman Catholic church and other Christians do not object to and teach their people that use of the word goy is wrong. It is racist.

Why did they not simply teach us the gentile group that we are the goy ?

Could it be that they are all spellbound by the power of the words of the OT book?

Why did they not simply warn the goy.

When will the gentile world realize the Jewish people have their own Bible book. Their own god and their own coming messiah?

And it all has noting to do with the “goy”.

Published by Staś

Online researcher and columnist Staś.

6 thoughts on “Don’t call me goy. Why did they not tell me that I am a goy?

  1. The beginning of the end of traditional Catholicism was sealed with the infiltration of the Catholic Church Vatican II Ecumenical Council of the 1960s by Jews and Protestants who were involved in the “modernization” of the Catholic Church.
    Much Catholic ritual and doctrine was discarded or changed, in order to reflect the “age” that we live in, as well as the promotion of the absolution of the Jews for Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death, despite vitriolic Jewish hatred of Jesus Christ and Christianity which exists to this day. The fact is, the Jews DID get the Romans to crucify Jesus Christ and DID accept full responsibility for the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. As is the case today, they got others (Pontius Pilate) to do their “dirty work” for them…
    Abandoning the use of Latin in the Mass destroyed its universality. Previous to Vatican II, one could attend Mass anywhere in the Roman Catholic world and understand the meaning of the Mass.
    Prohibition of the celebration of the Tridentine Mass (except by special ecclesiastical permission) pushed many Catholics away from the new Modern Mass and the New Church, in general, It took a brave Archbishop Lefebvre and the Society of St. Pius X to push back against Vatican II and re-legitimize the celebration of the pre-Vatican II Tridentine Mass and other Catholic rites.
    In pre-Vatican II times, the priest (celebrant of the Mass) was considered to be a part of the congregation, and a representative of the people.
    By turning the priest around to face the congregation, the priest was no longer a representative, but an actor, diminishing his status and importance.
    One area where the Catholic Church could improve itself involves celibacy, which is NOT Church dogma or doctrine. Celibacy was put in place during the middle ages in order to keep Church property from being inherited by family and relatives of priests and bishops. Celibacy was based on purely financial considerations–nothing more. It is interesting to note that Episcopal (Anglican) priests who convert to Catholicism can bring their families with them to the Church while Roman Catholic priests are denied marriage.
    It was a grave mistake by the Church to de-legitimize pre-Vatican II principles.
    Fortunately, there are Catholic organizations that subscribe to pre-Vatican II principles, one being the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX).


    1. Excellent point. Agree. However the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek and Russian Orthodox to deal with the OT and it’s violent god?


  2. ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ All jews.


  3. You are the father of the devil, and you want to fulfill your father’s wishes. The killer was from the beginning and did not stand in the truth because there is no truth in it. When he makes a lie, he speaks of his own; for he is the father of a liar and a lie. ‘(Jesus Christ)


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