War or a clever trick to stay out of war?Pompeo Boasts About U.S. Killing “a Couple Hundred Russians” in Syria .

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During his secretary of state confirmation hearing Thursday, CIA Director Mike Pompeo said that “a couple hundred Russians” were killed by the U.S. in Syria a few weeks ago, an unexpected boast about an incident that both sides have been reluctant to discuss.

Pompeo’s remark came in response to a question from Sen. Jeanne Shaheen about whether the Trump administration was doing enough to hold Vladimir Putin’s government accountable. Pompeo answered:

It hasn’t just been sanctions, the largest expulsion of 60 folks was from this administration. This administration announced a nuclear posture review that has put Russia on notice that we are going to recapitalize our deterrent force. In Syria, now, a handful of weeks ago the Russians met their match. A couple hundred Russians were killed.




Pompeo seems to be referring to a Feb. 7 incident in which the U.S. launched an airstrike against pro-Assad forces near Deir al-Zour, Syria, after U.S.-backed Kurdish troops believed they were under attack. This is one of several incidents in which the U.S. has attacked pro-regime forces in “self-defense” over the past year. Reports quickly began to trickle out that a number of Russians embedded with the Syrians, ranging from “dozens” to 300, were killed in the attack.

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Russia initially admitted that five Russians had been killed but in a later statement said that “several dozen” had died in a recent armed clash. The Russian statements have stressed that these were “volunteers” rather than Russian army personnel. They were most likely affiliated with the Wagner Group, a Russian military contractor. (One of Wagner’s key investors Yevgeny Prigozhin, nicknamed “Putin’s chef,” is currently under U.S. sanction, partly due to his role in the “troll farm” International Research Agency.) As with the conflict in Ukraine, the Russian government prefers not to discuss the role played by Russian mercenaries in Syria, though the recent incident has provoked an unusual public outcry from the families of those killed.

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The U.S. has not pressed Russia on the role of its citizens in the incident and has been mostly reluctant to discuss it. A U.S. military spokesman told the New York Times that the U.S. was in contact with Russian forces during the attack and that “Russian officials assured coalition officials they would not engage coalition forces in the vicinity.” Secretary of Defense James Mattis said on Feb. 11 that “the Russians profess that they were not aware when we called about that force that had crossed [the deconfliction line],” adding that “we go out of our way to ensure that we do not endanger the Russians.”

Brig. Gen. Jonathan Braga, director of operations for the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition, recently discussed the incident with NBC News. When asked about reports that 200 or 300 Russians had been killed, he said, “We’ve seen that in open reports as well and that’s I would say close to our estimates as well.”

It’s understandable that Pompeo would want to highlight the range of actions the administration has taken against the Russian government, Trump’s own comments notwithstanding. But given that the risk of the U.S. striking Russian personnel and further escalation of conflict between the United States and Russia is a major concerns as the U.S. contemplates new airstrikes against the Assad regime, this was an odd moment to bring up an incident that both governments seem anxious to sweep under the rug.

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From “JFK-9/11” to the “Jewish Question”: Dr. Laurent Guyénot introduces “From Yahweh to Zion”:Laurent Guyenot’s From Yahweh to Zion may be the best book ever written on what used to be called “the Jewish question.” In this interview Dr. Guyenot explains how his study of the Deep State, specifically its role in 9/11 and the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, led him to a historical re-examination of Judaism and Jewish identity politics. From Yahweh to Zion raises many “Jewish questions” including: Is Judaism/Jewishness a religion or an ethnicity? What is the Jews’ relationship to God, and to Jesus and the prophets? What accounts for the Jews’ ability to maintain tribal cohesion over more than 2500 years? Why have Jewish communities so often been at odds with their non-Jewish neighbors? Why have Jews been over-represented—in many non-Jewish societies throughout history—in positions of wealth and power? Why does this over-representation seem to be increasing today? Why is this issue off-limits for discussion in polite company (including the mainstream media and the academy)? Is Jewish tribal cohesion an important factor in the Deep State? And what role does the creation and endless expansion of Israel play in all of this?

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Nunes Duels the Deep State By Patrick J. Buchanan

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Tuesday – February 6, 2018
That memo worked up in the Intel Committee of Chairman Devin Nunes may not have sunk the Mueller investigation, but from the sound of the secondary explosions, this torpedo was no dud.

The critical charge:

To persuade a FISA court to issue a warrant to spy on Trump aide Carter Page, the FBI relied on a dossier produced by a Trump-hating British spy, who was using old Kremlin contacts, while being paid to dig up dirt on Donald Trump by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Not only were the Clinton campaign and DNC paying the spy, Christopher Steele, for his dirt-diving, the FBI put Steele on its own payroll, until they caught him lying about leaking to the media.

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In their requests for search warrants, the FBI never told the FISA court judge their primary source was a 35-page dossier delivered by Steele that their own Director James Comey described as “salacious and unverified.”

From the Nunes memo, there was, at the highest level of the FBI, a cabal determined to derail Trump and elect Clinton. Heading the cabal was Comey, who made the call to exonerate Hillary of criminal charges for imperiling national security secrets, even before his own FBI investigation was concluded.

Assisting Comey was Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, whose wife, running for a Virginia state senate seat, received a windfall of $467,000 in contributions from Clinton bundler Terry McAuliffe.

Last week, McCabe was discharged from the FBI. Seems that in late September 2016, he learned from his New York field office that it was sitting on a trove of emails between Anthony Weiner and his wife, Clinton aide Huma Abedin, which potentially contained security secrets.

Not until late October did Comey inform Congress of what deputy McCabe had known a month earlier.

Other FBI plotters were Peter Strzok, chief investigator in both the Clinton email server scandal and Russiagate, and his FBI girlfriend, Lisa Page. Both were ousted from the Mueller investigation when their anti-Trump bias and behavior were exposed last summer.

Filling out the starting five was Bruce Ohr, associate deputy attorney general under Loretta Lynch. In 2016, Ohr’s wife was working for Fusion GPS, the oppo research arm of the Clinton campaign, and Bruce was in direct contact with Steele.

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Now virtually all of this went down before Robert Mueller was named special counsel. But the poisoned roots of the Russiagate investigation and the bristling hostility of the investigators to Trump must cast a cloud of suspicion over whatever charges Mueller will bring.

Now another head may be about to fall, that of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

If Mueller has given up trying to prove Trump collusion with the Kremlin and moved on to obstruction of justice charges, Rosenstein moves into the crosshairs.

For the heart of any obstruction scenario is Trump’s firing of James Comey and his boasting about why he did it.
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But not only did Rosenstein discuss with Trump the firing of Comey, he went back to Justice to produce the document to justify what the president had decided to do.

How can Rosenstein oversee Mueller’s investigation into the firing of James Comey when he was a witness to and a participant in the firing of James Comey?

The Roman poet Juvenal’s question comes to mind. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will watch the watchmen?

Consider where we are. Mueller is investigating alleged Trump collusion with Russia, and the White House is all lawyered up.

The House intel committee is investigating Clinton-FBI collusion to defeat Trump and break his presidency. FBI Inspector General Michael Horowitz is looking into whether the fix was in to give Hillary a pass in the probe of her email server.

Comey has been fired, his deputy McCabe removed, his chief investigator Strzok ousted by Mueller for bigoted anti-Trump behavior, alongside his FBI paramour, Page. Bruce Ohr has been demoted for colluding with Steele, who was caught lying to the FBI and fired, and for his wife’s role in Fusion GPS, which was being paid to dig up dirt on Trump for Clinton’s campaign.

If Americans are losing confidence in the FBI, whose fault is that? Is there not evidence that a hubristic cadre at the apex of the FBI — Comey, McCabe, Strzok foremost among them — decided the Republic must be saved from Trump and, should Hillary fail, they would step in and move to abort the Trump presidency at birth?

To the deep state, the higher interests of the American people almost always coincide with their own.