Truth Movement why help your enemies? Truth Movement people cave on Trump they often say that Trump is a puppet of the Zionist. But Sanders campaign people call for burning cities down. “If trump Gets Elected cities burn”

by Staś

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Truth movement why attack the leader of the free world who wants to stay out of war no matter how hard the Deep State tries to get the USA in it? Trump Iran and Russia don’t want an all-out war. The truth movement is not helping.

@BernieSanders “free education” policies to “teach you how to not be a f**king nazi.”; ‘There is a reason Stalin had Gulags’; ‘Expect violent reaction’ for speech. If Bernie doesn’t get nomination “Milwaukee will burn”

Well, known Truth movement people like Adam Green continue to cave on Trump. They say he is owned by the “Zionist”.  That Trump takes orders from his son-in-law. Oh if it were that simple.

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This kind of thinking is simplistic. Also would they not end up in the Gulag as well?

Is Trump for the Palestinians? Iran?    Not exactly. But Trump loves American and his family and himself. To sustain his way of life Trump has become the point man for America First. Which is based on the German American effort to stay out of WWII.

The neocons hate Trump. The neoliberals hate Trump

It is true that some of the Trump supporters are deep into the Bible, in particular, the OT part of it. Many of the MAGA are pro Isreal. But  I contend many of them give this lip service. Some of them want war with Iran and other pro-Biblical pro-Isreal causes.

However, Trump is a master at controlling his hoards. They are a defense against the US becoming completely Communistic.

So some of the Democrats are pro-Palestinian and are for the rights of black people now referred to as POC  people of color.  This is very good.  But have they done anything to rally help anybody? Have they stopped a single war?

Isreal wants to take over the world if that means a civil war in the USA to get rid of Trump. So be it.

Trump and his MAGA are  NOT  calling for Gulags, violence and re-education camps for their opposition.

Trump is doing well considering he is by far on track of becoming the most polarizing President in US history.

If you make a move to defend Trump’s overall game and even defend some of the crazy things he has had to do to stay out of war. Then enemies of Trump simply say shut up with your conspiracy theories. What web sites are you getting that from?  STFU Alex Jones cult member they will shout out at you.

So if your not stupid enough to fall for much of what Alex Jones says and you are a gentile and realize it is the Zionist or what have you. You may become a follower of Adam Green. Green gives they idea the gentile world needs to get wise to the Zionist. He is at times even a critic of the Torah. But he gives the sense that the Gentiles can trust no one not trump because of Kush. It is as if Isreal is so all powerful there is nothing anyone can do.

If you’re a devoted reader of the work of Michael A. Hoffman II   then you know he has gone all out and called Trump a puppet of Israel. You will also know his anti Talmud is excellent. But he is very keen on the Torah and a fan of Moses.

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His latest blog post-Israeli Puppet Trump Shows His True Colors.

No this is someone showing their true colors Mr. Hoffman.

James O’Keefe
“We don’t want to f**king have to like, eliminate people…if people are going to try and fight back against the revolution…if you’re going to take up arms against the revolution…expect a violent response” – Kyle Jurek,

Field Organizer

Without some political power, what good is the truth movement?   How often have we seen Trump take on the “Zionist entity?  Do I have to relist the long list of things Trump has done in an attempt to survive and make America Great Again?  I am disappointed in Hoffman, to say the least.

The other popular traditional warrior  Catholic E. Michel Jones has also caved on Trump.  Saying he needed to be impeached on Press TV in front of an untold amount of Iranians and Americans.

Why aid your enemies gentlemen. Who has your back, Sanders?  AOC  Warren? They should do everything in there power to stop that.  Indeed they are good men.  They seem in their politics hopeless to me.

The truth movement is nuts, to begin with, and it has always been a form of entertainment but we have to remember that Cass Sustine and his “cognitive infiltration” of the truth movement is real.

But all of the people that should know better have caved on their support of Trump. Do they not know they add fuel to the fire?

Trump launched several false strikes on Syria to avoid all-out war in Syria.  He cut the funding for ISIS in Syria. Along with the assistance of Putin’s Russia Trump destroyed ISIS in Syria. This reversing some of the damage Obama the neoliberal and his Israel friends did to Syria.

Trump is pro-business and all about deal-making. This is much better then Obama and Bush who were 100 percent in league with Isreal.

Although the “neoliberal” wing of the Israeli power structure

It is not possible that this amount of bad press against Trump and all of the political power brought to bear against Trump is fake.

It is also equally as stupid to think that Trump as President does not have some power.

Once again the truth movement who is supposed to be experts on the Jewish power and the “Illuminati” have without giving it much time for the story to develop gone after Trump big time with regard to Trump’s drone strike on  General Qasem Soleimani .

Almost right after the strike. the Truth movement much like Syria caved on Trump and attacked him hysterically.

Then we have stories coming out that Trump was out to prevent all-out war with Iran.

See the links below for evidence that Trump is still fighting hard to keep the USA out of  even worse war in the ME.

Trump was clearly working back-channel diplomacy with Iran is discussed within this chat on The Duran.

#Pelosi #McConnell #Putin

Pelosi: ‘McConnell has Russian connections’

Trump administration officials believe Iran intentionally missed areas with Americans

Swiss Back Channel Helped Defuse U.S.-Iran Crisis

The U.S. sent an encrypted fax via the Swiss Embassy in Tehran urging Iran not to escalate, followed by a flurry of back and forth messages

Intended Consequences–Soleimani’s Assassination now poises US withdrawal from Neo-Con Iraq Quagmire

(How media created narrative around Tehran jet crash to blame Iran, Russia and Trump — The Duran

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