Trump is a modern-day President McKinley but quite a bit more smooth and crafty. He is going to get the US out of Iraq.

By Staś

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Trump is a mastermind he has now assassinated a major Iranian intelligence General to get the US the hell out of Iraq. Proving he may be able to avoid what happened to  President McKinley. Iraq govement has already voted to kick the US out of Iraq. Excellent. God Bless Trump!


BREAKING: Iraq parliament votes to expel U.S. military

President McKinley was pro American, pro Business and actually anti-war.  He is seen historically as a war President because of the Spanish-American War.

But I agree with underground historian Mike King on this one.  McKinley tried to avoid war and the old school JMSM and some of the Ango establishment maneuvered him into war.

According to King  McKinley fought against going to war and that he even reached out to the Church for help. The Pressure was on Mckinley for war and he eventually had to give in.  Of course, there was the “mysterious”  explosion and sinking of the USS Maine.

via Wikipedia:

The business community had just recovered from a deep depression and feared that a war would reverse the gains. It lobbied vigorously against going to war. President William McKinley ignored the exaggerated yellow press and sought a peaceful settlement.] The United States Navy armored cruiser USS Maine mysteriously exploded and sank in Havana Harbor; political pressures from the Democratic Party pushed McKinley into a war that he had wished to avoid.

Trump is at war with the press and like Mckinley, he wants to keep America out of war and MAGA.

Not an easy thing to do.

Obama and the “neoliberals” and Isreal wanted to badly remove  Assad of Syria.   Russia got involved and blocked Obama.

Sec. of State Hilary Clinton ran for President promising even more abortion for American and to remove Assad just as she and Obama did to Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi, leader of Libya.

 Trump a deal maker who is anti-war pro-business sees all these ME wars as a bad deal. Pro Business thinking has its good points.

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So he saw friendship with Putin as a good deal. Even peace deals with North Korea. At times he has actually been even willing to talk to Iran. I know at this time of near-war this is hard to believe but Trump has threatened and backed off Iran a few times.

Trump thank God may be a better bullshitter than McKinley.

Here are just some of the weird moves and attacks Trump has done against the so-called Deep State to keep the US out of the war.

  1. Trump has gone 100% pro Isreal and called for symbolically moving the embassy to Jerusalem. But and this is important he stresses the need for peace with the Palestinians and pushes for peace talks.   He has jammed t Isreal up badly with this.

  2.  Two false missile strikes on Syria coordinated with Russia to put on an excellent show for the neocons. Thus avoiding going to war over the phony white helmets in Syria. Remember this from TUT?

  3. Trump took a huge risk in going after Biden and the Deep state in Ukraine he was impeached in the house over it. But now the world sees that the American Deep state his enemies looted Ukraine. Trump gets a shot off at his enemies and Russia without have to invade and take over Ukraine has a Jewish stand up comic running Ukraine who has to go for peace over there. That is why the people voted for him. The oil flows to Europe now. Russia has won the war there. Again the odd duo of Putin and Trump win again. Sometimes they butt heads but more or less The shadow team of Putin and Trump are winning. The Gentiles are learning to deal with the mess Isreal has created.

  4. More than once Trump has used the term dancing Arabs making his fans take notice of the dancing Israelis.

  5. Trump pushes a mini-revolution in Iran but not all the way he could have toppled the whole thing. The young people want it.

  6. Iran shoots down an old US drone Trump does not retaliate. Why? because it was a drone flown by Bolton and the Deep State and Trump was not going to all for that BS.

  7. Trump drew attention to the release of JFK files but he did not do it. However, he brought the subject up. Was he sending a message?

  8. Trump sighing an over the top bizarre executive order against anti-Semitism.  Do the Deep State Jews like this order? NO just check out wat the Israeli newspapers and  Washington Post Op/Ed says about it. They hate it. It is one of their own BS tricks full of legal mubo jumbo. Trump thinks like a NY Jew but he is MAGA

  9. Under Trump, the cops have gone after Weinstein and Epstein. Causing a lot of trouble for the worldwide deep state look at Prince Andrew of Deep State England. He is all done.

  10. Now this latest one the killing of  Iranian Gen.Qasem Soleimani.   Not a nice thing to do. But Soleimani. was an intel guy working against America.  Some US soldiers have been killed because of him.   Trump is NOT Iran first he is America first he has the neocons and neoliberals the Jews and Isreal on his back he has the DNC after him. What does he do he blows this General away gets them off his back for a bit and better yet Trump is a genius he gets press on himself to GET OUT OF IRAQ!!!!



Can Trump avoid the fate of President McKinley and avoid being killed by the US communist groups and the US Deep State and the Mossad? If anyone can Trump can he is a winner.  He has the bikers the vets and even more evangelicals on his side now that he had taken out a key Iranian asset.

The next time someone tells you Trump can’t play 5 D chess tell then to go to hell.


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