Trump has not caved and he is not a pawn of Jewish Deep State.

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By Staś

“You’re (the Jews) not going to support me because I don’t want your money. Isn’t it crazy?”

Donald J Trump

There is your standard  truth movement for entertainment  such as Alex Jones and David Icke,

Then there are the more hardcore elements of the truth movement that call out Alex Jones as being a fraud and are willing to confront worldwide  Jewish power and not just American misdeeds.

This shows a lot of guts and willingness to take a much deeper look into media and politics.

However, to my horror, many of these “movement” people some of whom I respect have gone anti-Trump or they say Trump is a puppet and has caved to the Jewish and or Jewish interests.

I posed the question of Trump “caving regarding the recent executive orders by Trump to “combat antisemitism”   “to the well-know truth activist Trevor Labonte. He more or less responded by saying he is tired of getting messages asking him if Trump caved.

 I agree with him  100% and I can see his point.

He preceded to direct me to a number of links some of which I have already posted on this blog (such as Trump’s huge hypocrisy on anti-Semitism)

 that point out that the   Jewish interest are not at all happy with Trump and his complex and very phony executive order to fight anti-Semitism.

Trevor Labonte is 100% right on this one.  Oh but it’s a trick? No, in fact, the very pro-Jewish CIA Washintion post is warning their readers that Trump’s executive order is dangerous for them. There you have it, readers. Trump-like the enemy of the gentiles can play the game. He is winning  Trump is a fantastic bullshitter. Trump is trying to save your lives you stupid fucking gentiles.

See what the post has to say:

Why President Trump’s executive order to fight anti-Semitism is dangerous for Jews

When Jewishness has been defined as a nationality or race, it has enabled persecution

For whatever reason, the truth movement can not keep up with Trump or they don’t like him.


Religionists like E. Michael Jones and  Michael Hoffman’ who are both well worth reading have both at times gone after Trump called him a puppet or have stated repeated that Trump can’t do anything against the Zionist.

What good is religion without some political power and reality? What good is religion if Trump gets toppled?  What good is religion if it all gets out of and Israel has to pull a Sampson option?

Trump has not caved to the Zionist. He is winning and continues to win. The Gentiles are having trouble keeping up with the Donald. Perhaps it’s for the best?

Image result for trump will win in 2020 by a landslide

Trump is winning.

Should I remind you again what Trump has done for the Gentiles?

  1. Prevented Nuclear war by beating  Hillary Clinton for President in 2016

  2. Taught the Gentiles the Deep State is real.

  3. Taught the Gentiles Fake News.

  4. Taught the Gentiles that wars are stupid.

  5. After decades of getting the US into stupid wars, Trump has told snobby media people to STFU. People imitate Trump and shout “Your fake news”.

  6. Avoided war with Russia over Syria by engineering 2  phony missile strikes with the Russians. (Only covered in the now shut down  The Ugly Truth website of Mark Glenn and Justin Ramondo RIP) and very few other) The “truth movement” which is controlled 100% by emotion missed this completely.

  7. Trump has struck back against the Deep State by going after Harvey Weinstein. Yes the truth movement . That was a story exclusly covered in the The Ugly Truth website now shut down.) Trump made reference to Hurrican Harvey beeing a storm with a nice nime, but very nasty. Then the cops went after Harvey Weinstein aka Hurrican Harvey Weinstein.  A lot of other scumbags went down for hurting women as a result of the shitstorm casude By Trump.

  8. Trump spoke about the “dancing Muslims” and the gentiles googled it and found dancing Israelis.

  9. Trump cut CIA funding to the “moderate rebels” trying to overthrow Assad.

  10. Trump is pulling the troops out of Syria. This is fantastic. There is talk he may even pull out of Afghanistan. The goys need to realize no one does this type of thing and can deliver. Trump has paved the way to get out. It takes time.

  11. Trump has confronted the hypocrisy of NATO.

  12. Trump is serious about border security.  He has pointed out the fact that Juárez Mexico is the most violent city in the world and El Paso is not that bad.

  13. Trump along with grassroots African Americans called out  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and he is gone at least for now.

  14. Trump just by being Trump has shown America the face of the Deep State.

  15. Trump sent the FBI  to bust Jewish American hacker in Israel. Did Obama do that?

  16. Trump sticks to his America First pro business plan and it is working.

  17. The Deep State and the powerful lobby groups in the US can never be fully defeated but for the moment Trump has them thoughly jamed up.

  18. Trump has taught everyday Americans to resist.

  19. Trump has come out big against abortion.

  20. Trump is looking to put conservative judges back in the courts and the Supriem court. Notice how the JMSM fawns over RBG. They are worried. This is HUGE


  21. Now Trump has forced the Israeli government to disband their government for the 3rd time Because they are stalling anyway they can to go to the peace table

  22. Bibi himself is in trouble.  Not for the right crimes,  and much of it is bullshit but he is under some political duress.

  23.   And now Trump has them on the run with his fantastic executive order on anti-Semitism, a bunch of bullshit that could only have been written by Jewish lawyers. Trump is a genius he now has all eyes on the world gazing at the privilege of God’s chosen people. With a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo between religion and nationality and the rest of it, they are already on the run caught between Trump and the non-Jewish liberals.  The Jews and Isreal continue to look bad getting so much love from Trump.

  24. Jeffer Epstein was finally properly arrested under the reign of President Trump and now he is gone to hell where he belongs.

  25. Fired neoliberal Victoria Nuland.

  26. Humiliated then fired warmonger John Bolton.

  27. Created a huge army of men that will fight for him anywhere anytime anyplace,

  28. Restored confidence in the US military. The rand and file troops love him

The main thing Isreal does is make war so the Gentiles kill one another. Trump has put this sort of thing on hold. Even Iran. Isreal knows Trump wants to stay out of war with Iran. Trump is forced to lie about his back-channel relationship with Putin and the Russians. But it is working they knocked the shit out of the Mossad and Deep state-backed ISIS in Syria.   They have stayed out of worse war in Ukraine. In fact, Putin has won in Ukraine. The new Zalinsky goverment is forced to play ball with Putin and the Russian oil flows to Europe through Ukraine.

Again Trump even wants peace with Iran.


Despite Sanctions and Protests, Israel Knows Trump Still Wants Negotiations With Iran

No Adam Green of Know More News is wrong on Trump and so many other people are also wrong about Trump. The coup against Trump is real.  He is still winning but it’s all real.

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