Is it time for humanity to reject a violent God?

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 Are you a Captain Ahab?

By Staś

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Is The God of Abraham violent jealous and angry? Yes.  In my opinion the God of the  OT the “good book” the Bible has had a negative effect on humanity.

To be clear the God of the OT is evil and very human very flawed very violent. Do you want that kind of God?

Many people do. Many people enjoy having a god that will kill people that they don’t like.

What role has the violent God of the OT played in the destruction of the Native American Indians?

Were they not considered “the heathen” “the other” Those who do not accept the “sophisticated” version of how to worship God are often deemed as “savages”

Is it not more easy to start  WWI and WWII if you believe the “others” to be “savages”

Drop the bomb on  Shinto believing Japs.

Allegedly Lloyd George…

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