Which will come first–Israeli elections or Trump’s ‘ultimate peace plan’ rollout?

The Ugly Truth

If the Palestinians refuse to come to the table, the parameters laid down by Trump would serve as a new starting point for any future administration looking to advance a peace deal.

ed note–for those who have a genuine interest/investment in some sort of resolution to what has been the non-stop Judaic bloodbath of Gentiles in historic Palestine, the recent noise involving the resignation of Lieberman and what appears to be a destabilized Netanyahu government teetering on the brink of dissolution should understand that this is BY ITS VERY DESIGN being done to thwart Trump’s plans for his UPD which some rumor are about to be unveiled.

For those having trouble connecting the dots, please allow us–

Israel engineers the flare-up in Gaza–as she always does–but this time, rather than going through with her religiously-commanded black mass resulting in massive amounts of human life being snuffed out and Gentile blood…

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