#RT #news CrossTalk on America’s culture war: Blood SportDescending into tribalism and cultural trench warfare. The highly contentious Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination process has ignited passions and anger on both sides of the aisle. Interestingly and ironically the point where there is wide agreement is the recognition the status quo is deeply flawed and sadly with no way out. CrossTalking with Daniel Lazare, Ron Placone, and Kathy Barnett


With Friends Like These By Patrick J. Buchanan

Was Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, and then his body cut up with a bone saw and flown to Riyadh in Gulfstream jets owned by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman? So contend the Turks, who have video from the consulate, photos of 15 Saudi agents who flew into … Continue reading With Friends Like These By Patrick J. Buchanan