The Conspiracy movement has been stung.

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By Staś

Big Tech/Big Data is immune from lawsuits, libel, defamation, and they are in league with the Deep State and the “old media”.  No one wins against Big tech except for big tech.


They control our lives now. They are going after Putin and Trump. Now they seek to tie up Trump  by associating him with the ‘truth movement’. They are going to continue the ‘Russia did it’ narrative.  They seek to bind Trump up and tie him to “Infowars” and internet star Alex Jones. They want to crush the 1st amendment and derail the “Trump Train.”


Jones has “rolled up” everyone in the Truth movement, crushed any other dissenting voices and now that he is going down will drag “the movement” and the 1st Amendment down with him.


Oh no doubt the followers of Jones will shout the uual business without understanding the deeper catastrophe that is unfolding with ‘Try to stop Alex and he’ll be bigger than ever!’


The real danger is they will continue to tie Jones to Trump. As of 8/18/2018 CNN is reporting that Jones is being accused of destroying evidence regarding  his twisted reporting on Sandy Hook.


Why Infowars & Alex Jones?


Simple–because he is the biggest fish in the lake and they have a rock-solid case against him.


Let’s face it–The “movement” bet everything they had, the whole thing on the ‘laughing Robby Parker’ theme. The man lost his kid to a massacre and they–the Sandy Hook hoaxers–ruined his life forever. The flat-earth Sandy Hookers think he is–quoting verbatim what has appeared on various Sandy Hook Hoaxer chatrooms and message boards–a ‘commie faggot Satanic crisis actor’, without even considering for a moment the possibility that maybe, just maybe, he really is a grieving father whose child was murdered at Sandy Hook elementary school.


Jones, either as a willing agent or a dope has ‘stung’ the truth movement, and if things in that regard continue to get worse they will mess Trump up. The Infowars website receives approximately 10 million monthly visits, making it more popular than some mainstream news websites such as The Economist and Newsweek. Infowars is huge and is guiding the heard and  the swarm right into the waiting jaws of disaster. The social media platforms Trump uses himself to fight the fake news are fighting back big time.


They the ‘Big data’ or what we might more crudely call the high tech Jews want it all.  They want impeachment of Trump. They want war with Russia and Iran. They want to speed up the removal of human beings in real life and work. Yes Driver-less cars trucks and planes are coming. They want to eliminate the population. Sex with Robots? Yes. Heck they can even stop the ‘Me Too movement’  and save their pal Harvey Weinstein.


Perhaps not Harvey has to go to court and they may rescue him there. Alex Jones has to go to court also. Lets see what happens.


What if Jones is in fact in league with big data. Why not? Then they have stung everybody. If Jones is an “agent”  What does his implosion mean?

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Will it make Jones more popular than ever?


It could just simply mean nothing. He’s just raw entertainment. The result will be contained passivity.  The result could also be that the courts will get him.


One thing for sure is that something is going to happen for the simple reason that Jones is–as we said earlier–a big fish, and they are certainly not going to sit by and watch him get off the hook that easily..


Wikipedia states–


According to journalist Will Bunch, a senior fellow at Media Matters for America, the show has a demographic heavier in younger viewers than other conservative pundits due to Jones’s “highly conspiratorial tone and Web-oriented approach”. Bunch has also stated that Jones “feed[s] on the deepest paranoia”. According to Alexander Zaitchik of Rolling Stone magazine, in 2011 he had a larger on-line audience than Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh combined.


Disenfranchised Jones followers  could react in a myriad of ways at the fall of their messiah. Many of the outcomes could be very bad, including violence that is then used to further strangle free speech and the 1st Amendment.


The perceived connection with Trump is also a big problem. The same people who put the Sandy Hook Hoax fiasco into motion are the same people who want Trump gone and war with Russia, Iran, etc.


How will Trump deal with the Jones herd?


It could cut both ways. Trump as a media master himself could send the heard swarming right back at them.


Or he could get his ass impeached in the form of an Article 25.

The Truth movement or the patriot moment was originally decimated by the OKC bombing. After that the feds penetrated them all with agents.


I one hundred percent endorse that theory first put forth by Michael Collins Piper that OKC bomber Timothy James McVeigh was a man playing a role. He was likely working undercover for the government, sent in to watch the rightwing/pro-gun militia type groups. He was in deep. Piper explained that this was a man at war with himself, in that he was a warrior doing what he was told, yet McVeigh agreed in his heart with a lot of what the pro-gun types were saying. I think he was very angry about Waco. No under cover lie there. As Piper explained, McVeigh agreed with a lot of what the Patriot movement had to say.


Israeli Intelligence piggy backed this operation and then blew up the Federal Building in OKC.


The  Israeli network in America wanted the USA to go to war against Iraq right then and there, and the only thing that prevented this was the Realpolitik of President Bill Clinton, as he knew that  going into Iraq was bad for him politically. Did Clinton want to save America? No. Was he good for Iraq? No, he bombed and starved the children of Iraq, but he was smart enough to know that boots on the ground in Iraq would ruin his power.


Clinton defied the Israelis in private and they repaid him with a young Jewess named Monica Lewinsky.


Alex Jones covered this event and revealed all sorts of  exciting info, but he did not go all the way and tie it to the higher source, or at least not the way Mike Piper did.


Alex Jones lies. Even on the 2nd amendment what good has he done?


The con man wins. The con man wins our confidence. He sells, you buy. In the lingo of the con man you’re ‘a mark’ and a dupe.


‘You talk the lingo,’ conman Roy says to Myra in the movie The Grifters.


A ‘mark’ in con man lingo is a person who keeps coming back to be scammed.  Alex Jones followers don’t seem to know that are being conned. It’s sad. It is a huge cult.


Jones has been a total fake from the start. He is a wonderful actor, salesman, and Bible study pal. He even admits he is an actor to a point, as he seems to be close to many entertainers. They know the drill and work with him.


He stunned the minds of the thrill seekers and the disenfranchised with is death defying visit to the Bohemian Grove. I am not a fan of it. It is one of many of  bizzare places and things the rich do. But sneaking in there. Who cares. Have you never crashed a party of the rich?


Yale, Harvard, all the Hedge fund banks and other elite groups have restricted access events. It is the world of the rich. The goy the other are not permitted to enter. Yet people think they enter by watching it all via YouTube.


How much can one discuss the movie Eyes Wide Shut? No doubt it is loaded with all kinds of hidden meaning. It is Masonic and Kabbalistic to the core. However it’s  also on some level an uppity dirty movie.


Jones and the rest of them discuss Eyes Wide Shut endlessly. Because it’s porn.


It is all meaningless. No enemy is defined.  E. Michael Jones has said it best–’How can we do anything if we can’t define the problem?’


We can’t because we’re Judaized.


Alex Jones went into the Grove with ultra left wing  journalist Jon Ronson. They are both full of shit. They are entertainment people either building up mystery and fear and intrigue or in the case of Jon Ronson tearing it down.  How hard is it really to infiltrate “The Grove”. Scooby Doo and the gang did it.

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Comic Joe Rogan is now as popular as Jones, jokes around with him and adds to the mirth and merriment.  Notice how Rogan dissects what Jones says and feeds it back to the public


Rogan is a force in pop culture America. He is perfect for our times.  He keeps up with the Youtube podcast world. Endless talks about “Science”, famous people, martial arts and “mistakes” the famous make. His message–Alex is a crazy dude. Everything is crazy. Alex is crazy. The message of Rogan. Be intelligent like me  watch mixed martial arts, smoke weed, work out, and free your mind with DMT.

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Joe is smart and smooth, he tells you what is cool and super interesting .  He is Tim Ferriss meets the UFC. Alex is his friend but he will tell you Alex is wacky.


Rogan even talks about Israeli war crimes with the attractive journalist Abby Martin who quit RT.


Perhaps they mean well?  I don’t know. All I know is it’s lost in a gaggle of LSD fog and is eaten up with things designed to massage your mind.  Let’s not admit that we don’t know a damned thing. Let’s not hurt anybody. It’s all good dude. It’s Seinfeld on weed with sweaty mixed martial  arts and porn talk. Even if that does not please you few can resist talking about famous people.


Alex is in reality very similar to any actor or newscaster. It’s just that he comforts and controls a different group.


Ronson speaks more to the high brow snobs who love to attack the Jones crowd. Yet he is a friend.


Alex is real Alex is fake. He is Art Bell of Coast to Coast  He is very Biblical. The narrative of The Bohemian Grove is very Biblical– ‘Thou shall not worship false gods.’


By the way the Grove god may very well be Yahweh anyway. Gods are very complex, the names have many meanings. Human Sacrifice is still performed in worshipping the OT war god. No one can face this fact. People will defend Jones rather then face this fact. America is a country of extreme materialism and hedonism mixed with the worship of the Old Testament portion of the Bible and not the true god.


In a defining moment in the Jones ‘Grove adventure story’, AJ  turns to a gas station attendant and asks him ‘What do you think is going on’?


The answer–“Satan is building his Army”.

And the people watching all of this doubtless said to themselves ‘I will follow Alex to hell and back. He is for real.’


Callers gush on the phone to Jones.  “Alex more people are waking up every day”.


The net effect of the message put out by operatives such as David Icke and Jones is for the audeince to believe in nothing.


The brilliance of Jones and Icke is they have made it safe fun and entertaining to “fight the NWO”.


They are a mixture of  parts Fox News, your favorite sci/fi movie, portions of the Bible and a dab of “the X-men”.


You say you’re afraid of the NWO yet you enjoy talking about it in loops.


The brilliance of Jones and Icke is no different than the James bond films. Don’t be fooled they Spector of the Illuminati Globalist control everything.


Five seconds  of Bond films explains everything Icke and Jones will tell you. It is they, the “Illuminati” you fools!


Recall the great scene in Quantum of Solace –  the Tosca Scene. The bad guys discuss how all intelligence agencies are “in on it”, which doubtless has some degree of truth to it for sure.



But truth is culpability and responsibility for the evil in this world is directed absolutely no where.   It goes into the ethersphere. Our minds travel Into the fictional board room of Spectre, into the sex orgy scene in Eyes Wide Shut, into the news room of Alex Jones.


We enjoy looking at it and we love when Alex rants about it on Infowars. Because we (imagine) we are safe.


And in the miasma of Jones’ sermon as if he were some preacher ‘caught up’ in the spirit, things get confusing and convoluted. Rather than a simple explanation, all sorts of background scenery is added, including the Jesuit order and the Knights of Malta and the Illuminati and Bohemain Grove and the Teutonic Zionists and the Chi-Cons and every goddamned liberal.

‘The Globalist are all powerful yet the people are waking up’ Jonestown members say…’The media is on the run! Infowarriors is crushing them and, like, OMG, that is why they after Alex now!’


But Alex is out to save the 2nd Amendment?

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Ya right look at his wild interview with  with TV host Piers Morgan over gun rights issues. He looked like a freak. Did he do it to us on purpose?


Yet we the people have strong minds and we watch Infowars 24 hour a day coverage of everything.


Powerful liberal media people and actors,  stand-up comics destroy Jones every night and day. Mention his name and you look like an asshole.


In the craft of espionage, counterintelligence sometimes sends a man in to find the spy networks that seek to harm them and they infiltrate them with an alpha dog and at some point they “roll up” the network and take them down. Or they can guide them in a certain direction. This is what they have done with Jones.


As a result of the now over-the-top conspiracy-ism that pervades much of the discussion within the ‘truth movement’, many now believe in nothing and think that all things are fake.

Image result for alex jones satanic hand sign


A photo of a girl with the satanic hand sign…Sandy Hook was fake…Trump is fake…The nuns who came to comfort the dead at Sandy hook were fake.


They are now showing aspects of mental illness and of embracing a form of passive nihilism.


The truth is that certain members of the military and business world are behind Trump. It is pure realpolitik. They want to save their stake in the empire. We have to back Trump or were finished.


We have to back Putin. Or we are finished.


Trump is a businessman and a seller as well. The NY Jews who run the world (or much of it) know this. The J street the K street as well as Hollywood and the new kingpins who run the Social Media platforms know this.


They know Trump had to be a “friend” to Jones. They will now use this against Trump. Make him look like a nutcase and Article 25 him


Why stop there? They are big gamblers and con men. Go for it take the marks to the cleaners. Go for it all. Roll them all up.


Tie Jones to the Holocaust, destroy free speech, destroy the president. Get back on track and get your war with Iran and Russia going.


It is not a sin after all, as the OT instructs the chosen to destroy everything in their path.


Jones himself loves the role he plays and you will see how he get more crazy. He himself may yet go down. You live the role as a spy. You make it real. it can kill you as well.


We should not feel sorry for Jones taking down free speech, he was there all alone to perform that function.


The infamous “Bilderberg Group” that Jones  and others say is super-powerful. But the Jewish and the pro-Israel types are the 1%.


That does not mean that the gentiles around them and even some of the Jews themselves do not fear  the more fanatical side of Judaic rule.


Civil war within Israel itself is also a huge threat.


They fear the Mossad and the fanatical side of  the Judaic system they live in as well. Yes even the rich fear Religious fanaticism. Their own!!!  Yes!


Civil war in Israel is the real danger. War with Russia is the real danger, and not the boogie men created by Alex Jones.


And real war and raw physical power exist among the non-Jewish as well. The president of China has told them all off recently.


I can see the point the Saker makes on Putin he has got trouble on his end from the Jews. However he is in control.  He is the Tsar the Jews fear he has boxed in the Israelis for the most part.


At this time Russia and even America (part of the military anyway) will contain  Judea.


Rome vs Judea Part II is on.


By the way no one can do damage like a spy and a con man. Remember when an Italian american FBI man decided to work with a Jewish con man.?


Melvin Weinberg was an American con artist, charlatan and federal government informant who is known for his involvement in the Abscam sting operation in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


He rolled them all up and was doing so much damage he ate into the business of the CIA and “others” He did a bit too well and they shut it down.


The 2000 year old plan of the people of the war god is at hand. What will they do to keep it going?


They world has never seen the likes of the Atomic weapons and the WWIII gambit, 911 and the rest of it.


However there are other cultures, other people, other warriors. In a very primal, very deep sense looks at the smoky fires of the 911 and is impressed with the trick but he fights on. In the wider history of mankind it’s just another huge war. The warrior rises and is an instinctual enemy of the witch, the con man, the devil, and the trickster.


There is the coldest harshest reality that comes to light in combat. Even the power of the Rabbi–the magic man–cannot contain at all times every aspect the reality of War.  They did in WWII. They want more.


Jesus the savior in my view tried to save the world from the supremacist nature of the warlike OT.


The Founding fathers were fans of Hellenic logic. They tried to put in place safeguards to protect liberty by defending free speech. The Lords of high tech want you to talk they way they want you to talk.


We all love a good mystery story a horror movie a thrilling detective show. Remember they are stories. Some aspects to them are real but not all.


Truth be told when you read a book like Final Judgment it will not only change your life it is very thrilling. The darkest secrets are revealed.


But it is a very suppressed book. You will never see a 3 hour program devoted to FJ on the Alex Jones network.


Jones and the Sander Hookers have done a lot of damage.They have ruined any normal conversation regarding 911 and other important topics.


The Sandy Hookers destroyed the career of Mike Piper.


In this the modern technocratic era, the con men now use big data, the internet, and complex algorithms to direct the swarms.


The people are the swarm. It is a contest of giants. A fight for control of the swarm and swarm against swarm.  Big Data vs Big data. PR pro vs PR pro.


A battle of Titans. They know most people are driven by emotion.


Jones is a man that creates emotional reaction.  People follow him with great devotion or become enraged by his idiocy.


I for one am quite happy he is going down, even though they will try to tie Jones and his followers to Trump.   The goal is to roll them all up and take Trump down. For “insanity” and racism and holocaust denial.


Those of us who dislike Jones knew he was trouble from the start. His cult flowers will work themselves into a frenzy over attacks on him.


Jones’ paranoia is relaxing and reassuring to some. No telling how his loyal fans will react. In the end if we had to be truthful about it the paranoia Jones fuels is for evangelicals. The fear,  fascination, and obsession with Satan. It seems to be getting worse in America. What drives it? Who publishes all the music and books that promote Satan. Do the Saudis who ‘own Hollywood’ as Jones tells us own the Satanic books ?   In the modern era much of the talk about Satan comes from a man named Anton Szandor LaVey. He is the founder of the Church of Satan. His real name is Howard Stanton Levey. He is a Jewish guy who was at some point an entertainer. Much of  his teaching and brutal style of writing he lifted from a nasty book called Might Is Right, or The Survival of the Fittest. A book about how god is stupid and you have to be mean to survive. Some say it may have been written by Jack London.


So people love the Satanic life. The black clothing. Some regard it as a joke. Others join covens and are the real deal.  Some of them go the distance and kill people.


It is the ultimate fear and fascination.  The implication is that the whole world is ruled by a massive Satanic coven and Jones and his followers are out to stop it.  He feeds and fuels the paranoia. Then he reassures us that we can win and that we are the resistance. Let’s be honest The subconscious runs wild.  There is the idea the the whole town of Sandy Hook is populated by a massive Satanic coven.


Do you want to be the one to debate this? It is unstoppable. Soon everyone, every politician, every leader on the world stage is Satanic. The more famous are of course the ‘Illuminati’ Satanists.


Every stinking socialist liberal snob either needs to get wise and red pilled or they are directly a dirty liberal satanic crisis actor.  They have fooled the stuip non-Jones fans. Those little punk kids are still alive. Wait they showed up at the Boston marathon. The little bastards.


They are all alive.  They have rubber ask like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.


Fans of Jones and others compete for more and more lurid stories. They talk about this stuff endlessly on You tube.  They are a pain in the ass for the cops.


But wait Alex said he is innocent on Sandy Hook, and yet his followers don’t even note the contradiction and now have moved on to more distractions anyway.


In truth Alex is more than likely hindering law enforcement for proper investigations.


What other damage has he done? How much more damage can he do?    He and his crew back track and double talk every thing. ‘I never said anything about the child sex slave camp on Mars’ he claims, even though it is in the public record that he did.  He told the divorce courts he is ‘an actor’. Wait Alex never said that. Yes he did. No he didn’t. Double talk and lies, that what con men do.


It is a new chapter in the war between Trump and the JMSM. Between Judea and Rome.


Alex Jones going down may be a good thing. We shall see. Another sad fact is the stupid world of Jones and the Evangelical movement has driven intelligent young people into comic book obsession and Satanic worship. Or it has given them targets to gloat over.


The “deeper conspiracy theorist” caused just as much trouble as Alex Jones and company.


After the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, some “researchers”, without neither evidence or facts,

blurted out that a Mossad hit team has descended upon the school and wasted the kids.




The greatest hit squad in the world went in there and risked it all for a shoot out with CT State cops or the Newtown Police?   Oh wait they would use the cloaking device and the stop space and time machine. My bad.


I  for one am tired of blaming every cop for this screwed up county. Or every priest for that matter.  They deal with death and sadness every day.


“Cognitive Infiltration” mixed with the corroded minds of America has produced a monster the likes of which humanity has never seen.


True enough that a cabal could have gone on regarding Sandy Hook.  I admit that fully. The Doctor of Adam Lanza Paul Fox is a bad guy. He has all kinds of sexual abuse charges and other wrong doings He had been in a lot of trouble He could have simply messed with the meds of Lanza.


If the more dramatic tales of direct mind control by an intelligence agency done on Lanza are real.  Then it is useless to speculate upon it because it would be deeply hidden.


Like the Ad agency secrets of Madison ave the real secrets of Mind control  remain deeply hidden.


Yet in the wider societal level it is all out in the open.


No one in the movement has succeeded in making any kind of accomplishment whatsoever in this regard. No high level arrests have been made.


It is all emotion.


That is except for the Realpolitik of Trump and Putin.  Remember they can not speak openly. It is we the people who must literally stay out of their way while they work their magic.


Get into it support them wisely.


Face it truth movement . The feds say Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon happened the way they happened and there is not a thing you can do about it.


All you can do is fight wisely. Follow the lead of our President. Make people with people when you can or get of the grid if you can.


But do not contribute to messing up Trump.


As for those of you who believe everything that guys like Jim Fetzer and Alex Jones say about these matters–


You’re wrong. Very bleeping wrong. Mike Piper was right–“You can take a running jump straight into hell”.


Thank you MCP you are the man!

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