How They Do It–Ohio Man Charged With Murder In Virginia Car Attack Following White Nationalist Rally

The Ugly Truth

ed note–like thunder following lightning, all can expect the obligatory cry of ‘patsy’ to emanate from all the predictable corners of ‘the movement’, along with all the side dishes that go with it–MK Ultra, mind-control subject, and of course, the now-obligatory cry of HOAX, accompanied with the idiotic claim that ‘nothing happened’, that the video showing the car ramming into the crowd was a ‘hologram’ and all the rest.

Experience however, and especially that experience attached to current events, says that this did happen. A daily perusal of the various ‘white nationalist’ websites, commentary, etc indicates regular and clear examples of–yes, let’s just call it for what it is folks, because in the final analysis, that’s what it is–racism and violence. Those guys strutting around at this rally with their AR15’s in full battle dress weren’t doing so as an expression of peace, tranquility and good will. All those guys…

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