Trump: N. Korea ‘will regret it fast’ if it acts against US and allies

The Ugly Truth

Germany, Russia express concern over escalating rhetoric between Washington and Pyongyang, call for cooler heads to prevail

ed note–In the unlikely case that the readers of this website have not yet figured it out, the entire North Korea crisis can be understood/explained/summed up in one word– ‘Russiagate’. Like the bombing of the (for the most part) empty airfield in Syria a few months back, Trump is up against a wall as Judea, Inc begins gnawing away at the foundation of his presidency with legal action over the Talmudically-conjured up charges that he is a ‘Russian spy’ and a ‘puppet of Putin’.

And, just as it was in the case involving the bombing of the Syrian airfield, Trump does not want to go to war. He is forced into this corner as a ‘necessary evil’ in order to (temporarily) derail the coup being maneuvered against him by organized Jewish interests but…

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