Will Israel’s Deep State Take Bibi Down?

The Ugly Truth

ed note–as we have discussed, the entire ‘GET BIBI’ campaign should be seen for what it truly is–a PR management/damage control operation for the Jewish state in casting all the sins of Israel upon one man and then once he is gone, ABRACADABRA, the Jewish state’s sins are wiped clean and she is given a new lease on life where she can then prepare for the next planned phase of religiously-induced murder and mayhem.

Furthermore, all should also keep in mind that in removing Nutty Netty and replacing him with some ‘nice, reasonable’ Zionist that the stage is then set so that Trump’s planned for ‘peace’ negotiations between Israel and the Arabs can fall through based upon–drum role please–intransigent, irrational ‘Ishmaelites’ who only want to ‘kill Jews’.

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