How They Do It–66% of Israelis say Netanyahu should quit if indicted

The Ugly Truth

Channel 10 survey indicates Likud party would win election, with or without PM; 51% skeptical of his claims of innocence

ed note–again, a primary example as to ‘how they do it’–meaning propagandizing the Gentile mind into believing that Jews are ‘normal’ and have no real magnetic pull towards political psychopaths such as Netanyahu. Remember, he has the high-profile political career that he does because those SAME PEOPLE that at least according to this poll number in almost the 70th percentile voted him into office and have kept him there for decades. The entire charade is nothing more than Judaic schtick meant to push the rest button on things for a while so that once things have settled down and Gentiledom has gone back to sleep, Judea, Inc can get back to the business of territorial expansion and state-sponsored human sacrifice.

Note as well that it was projected that Netanyhu’s removal…

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