The beginning of the end of King Bibi?


The Ugly Truth

Netanyahu’s ex-aide turned state’s witness has the Hebrew press abuzz with rumors of an indictment that could see the PM ousted after a total of 11 years in power

ed note–absolutely intrinsic to the historical survival of organized Jewish interests has been/is the ability to keep Gentiledom confused, consternated, baffled, bewildered, distracted, disordered, disorganized, etc. Besides the obvious, which is the use of deliberate distractions and diversions (the most obvious being total Judaic control over the entertainment industry where an IV drip anesthetizes the collective Gentile mind with a steady dose of sex, sports, consumerism, violence, comedy, ‘drama’, etc) the primary means by which organized Jewish interests prevent the immune system of the Gentile body politic from honing in on and destroying the hostile virus is its ability to chameleon its outward appearance into something less lethal.

All the hubbub about Netanyahu being indicted is part of that process. The…

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