Netanyahu Will Go But The Occupation Will Stay: Netanyahu’s Looming Fall Is No Cause for Celebration

The Ugly Truth


Sabba – Should we now expect Netanyahu to organize a ritual murder expedition in Gaza to atone for his sins and have his god forgive him and allow him to remain in power?

HAARETZ – Such happiness hasn’t been seen in Israel for a long time: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is about to fall. The decent center-left is celebrating, in Tel Aviv suburbs like Ramat Hasharon the champagne is flowing. “The tyrant has fallen,” one commentator wrote. Some people hosted a festive barbecue.

For a moment it’s as if Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu have been executed, Muammar Gadhafi has been taken out, Saddam Hussein has been captured, the Berlin wall has fallen, Nelson Mandela has been freed and the Soviet Union has crumbled. Israel has gone from darkness to light, from slavery to freedom. Netanyahu’s going home, maybe to jail, and Israel is liberated.

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