Firebombing Reported at Minnesota Mosque During Morning Prayers

The Ugly Truth

An explosive device was thrown into the imam’s office at a mosque near Minneapolis, group says; none wounded

ed note–there was a time when it could be assumed that such acts were the job of active agents working for Israel in helping foment the ‘clash of civilizations’ between the Christian West and Islamic East that Judea, Inc has been planning/plotting now for centuries.

Now however such assumptions can no longer be made, for despite the ample warnings that were given early on that Zionist forces were slowly taking control of various neighborhoods within the White Nationalist movement using the immigration issue and ‘invasion of white lands’ as the passcode for entry, now virtually the entirety of those groups, despite their claiming to be ‘Jew wise’, indeed act as the hired guns in fomenting the very anti-Islamic hatred and violence that Judea, Inc needs in order to get Armageddon going.


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