Trump sends Greenblatt to Israel to defuse Temple Mount crisis

The Ugly Truth

Condemning Halamish terror attack, White House official says US ‘committed to finding a resolution to the ongoing security issues’

ed note–it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway–no one should make the mistake of thinking that this latest chapter of violence is anything but a deliberate maneuver on the art of Judea Inc, and done with the express intention of scuttling Trump’s plans for a peace deal in resolving the Palestinian situation and saving some shred of American credibility in the region. At this point, the only thing Trump can do is to utilize the violence as a segue in introducing the notion that it is precisely because of this violence that a resolution must be adopted, and immediately. The other side of the coin however is that Netanyahu will inevitably move towards ‘plan B’, which is to activate the various hit teams in America and Europe under his…

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