Putin: Trump different than on TV, we can restore relations with US

The Ugly Truth

ed note–while appearing not to be much on the surface, the implications associated with this are extremely important, and particularly for those who can’t seem to step outside of the ‘Trump is owned by Judea’ club.

What Putin (and no one should underestimate his intelligence, sobriety, resolve, and the depth to which he takes the business of WWIII serious) is saying that no one should make the mistake of doing only a superficial and remedial analysis of Trump based upon what he says for reasons of public consumption. Putin’s assertion that Trump is not who he appears to be when the cameras are on and when he knows he is walking through a minefield should be a good starting point for those elements making up ‘duh muuvmnt’ to begin reconsidering their policy of aiding and abetting the enemy by throwing even more gasoline on the very fire that has been…

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