US warship visit marks ‘deepening cooperation’ on regional threats, top officer says

The Ugly Truth

The world’s largest aircraft carrier’s sojourn off the coast of Haifa is ‘proof and testimony’ of a unique military relationship, says the man in charge of maintaining it

ed note–before inundating the internet with the usual biz surrounding the flavor of the day amongst the usual suspects, which is that Trump has ‘sold out’ to Judea, Inc, let’s just consider another possibility here.

Keep in mind that–just as this piece makes clear–this is the world’s LARGEST warship, capable (if necessary) of scrubbing Judea off the map in about 5 minutes, literally, without one single aircraft being launched. Keep in mind also that the visit of the world’s largest warship follows on the heels of the news that Trump just sent a fleet of intelligence gathering ships, just like the USS LIBERTY which Israel deliberately attacked in 1967 with the intention of kicking off WWIII between the US and the USSR…

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