How They Do It– NASA denies Alex Jones’ claim that the agency runs a child slave colony on Mars

The Ugly Truth

ed note–as we have discussed, counseled, explained, extrapolated, warned, and every other related verb, our enemies are not by any stretch of the imagination stupid. They have been in the business of mind control/perception management for thousands of years and have honed it to a razor’s edge in term of sophistication and effectiveness.

Having said that, they understand the value of driving people away from certain problematic rooms and closets within the political house, and understand as well that there are many means and methods for doing this. They can hire professionals to write hit pieces on people, which only has limited effectiveness the more unstable things become in a political system where people want answers to their questions besides the same old/same old.

OR, what they can do is to discredit those who offer an alternative to the same old/same old by raising up Judas goats such as Alex…

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