Mattis: Assad took Trump’s chemical warning ‘seriously’

The Ugly Truth

Pentagon chief says US President Donald Trump’s warning to the Syrian government not to carry out a chemical weapons attack appears to have worked

ed note–once again, surprise, surprise, ‘duh muuvmnt’ blows it…Just as it was with the ‘bombing’ of the empty airfield in Syria that had been pre-arranged with the Russians and the out-of-the-blue heightened tensions with North Korea that resulted in everybody buzz, buzz, buzzing about WWIII, likewise, without considering any other possibility other than the flavor of the day that ‘TRUMP HAS BECOME A WARMONGER’, with the recent statement concerning Assad and chemical weapons, huge swaths of ‘experts’ predicted that the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse had finally arrived and that Trump was riding atop all of them.

Please consider what is going on in Washington right now. In the first case, the original statement concerning Assad and ‘chemical weapons’ came from the Pentagon and as a result…

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