Reports that Trump is considering pulling out of peace deal ‘nonsense’ says US Official

The Ugly Truth

ed note–please remember that Judea, Inc does this all the time–floats a ‘rumor’ that has no basis in fact whatsoever in order to create momentum that then moves a particular target in a particular direction, and the fact that this ‘rumor’ originated with an Arabic newspaper in London does not preclude this as a possibility, given the ease with which a representative from JI can pick up the phone, claim the name Mohammed and with a heavily Arab-accented voice pass along ‘inside info’ that then makes its way into the mainstream of discussion.

Neither does all of this mean however that there is no truth to the rumor. Remember that Superman is a fictional character and that everyone–including Trump–has his/her own pressure points that can be squeezed as well as limits to their patience and endurance, and given the non-stop/no-holds-barred campaign on the part of Judea, Inc to cause him…

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