IDF Strikes Syria

IDF strikes Syrian targets in response to Golan crossfire
Backpacker and hikers evacuated from the area.
The IDF reportedly launched an attack against several Syrian regime targets near the Golan Heights on Saturday in retaliation for fighting that spilled over into Israeli territory earlier in the day.

According to The Jerusalem Post’s sister publication Maariv, the IDF struck two tanks belonging to the Syrian army and another position from which a “projectile” was launched into Israeli territory.

The IDF said that spillover from the Syrian civil war is treated with the utmost severity and noted that it “will not tolerate any attempt to harm the sovereignty of the State of Israel and the security of its residents.”

The IDF added that it “views the Syrian regime as ultimately responsible for what is happening in its territory.”

Spillover fire from Syria this Saturday was reported by Israeli authorities less than hour before Israel responded, an IDF spokesperson confirmed.

Although no casualties or damage to property were reported in the incident, the IDF issued instructions to farmers and civilians near the Quneitra border crossing into Syria to avoid open fields. Backpackers and hikers have been evacuated from the area.

Spillover into Israel from the ongoing civil war in Syria is not uncommon. In April, Israel fired a Patriot anti-ballistic missile, reportedly intercepting a drone that entered Israel’s airspace from Syria.

Recent incidents along the Israeli-Syrian border have led the IDF into action. In February an explosion which occurred in an open territory at the Golan Height led to an IDF attack on a Syrian army post, claimed Lebanese TV network Al Mayadeen.   


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