Russia to treat US jets in Syria as ‘targets’ after America guns down first regime warplane

The Ugly Truth

Communication channel between Washington and Moscow to be suspended immediately

ed note–There are dozens of different scenarios that provide background and possible explanation (s) as to what this is all about, but we’ll keep it simple to just 2–

1. The original US downing of the Syrian jet could have been a repeat of Trump’s pseudo-bombing of the Syrian airfield a few months back. The downing of the jet provides Russia with the pretext of upping the ante on her part, thus giving Trump some ‘wiggle room’ in de-escalating US involvement vis a vis the Syrian quagmire into which the Neo-cons (who are still firmly entrenched within the Pentagon and its semi-autonomous decision making pyramid) are obviously trying to further embroil the US. At this point, with Russia coming out with such obviously ominous warnings, anyone–whether they are within the Israeli-dominated Congress, the Pentagon or the Neo-con thinktanks trying to…

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