Condemning Virginia shooting, Netanyahu says Israel stands with US

The Ugly Truth

PM sends well-wishes to victims of ‘tragic’ assault on Republican lawmakers that left five injured

ed note–until additional information comes in, we must assume that this latest event is exactly what it appears to be–an unhinged anti-Trumper who showed the left’s true colors of violence and radicalism by embracing the blood-n-guts protocol that has always been the real fruit of the Marxist political tree, from Communism to abortion on demand.

Having said that, nevertheless let’s just put Netanyahu’s statement on this matter in its proper context, which can basically summed up with just 2 words–crocodile tears. Israel, and ESPECIALLY Netanyahu’s Likud (despite whatever favorable noises they have made, nevertheless) want Trump GONE, yesterday, and Pence (or someone more cooperative than Trump vis a vis Israel’s demands) put in place who will abandon all this ‘peace’ talk with the Palestinians and just get things back in sync with they way they…

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