Who Is Daniel Richman, the Columbia Professor Who Leaked Comey’s Trump Memo?

The Ugly Truth

Image: Daniel Richman testifies before the Senate Committee in Washington

ed note–if by now, all the various experts, prognosticators, and prophets who have made the ‘Trump is owned by Israel’ meme their warcry cannot recognize the blatant, no-holds-barred attempt on the part of Judea, Inc to remove and replace him with a more cooperative Mike Pence and in the process, stop dead in its tracks all changes of political weather aimed at bringing stability in the Middle East by creating some kind of resolution to the Palestinian situation, then nothing will. The entire Comey maneuver is the opening salvo in the attempt at impeaching Trump, which, although dos not remove him from the office until the follow up process of conviction takes place, nevertheless, breaks his legs politically and hobbles him from getting anything substantive done.

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