Trump’s international debacles spell trouble for Israel

The Ugly Truth

ed note–all should get one thing clear–Trump’s ‘international debacles’  do not ‘spell trouble’ for Israel. These ‘debacles’ are the screws which Israel uses in putting pressure on Trump in trying to bend/break him to the will of Judea Inc, and everytime a new one ‘pops up’, organized Jewish interests screech with glee.

Furthermore, if Trump were ‘their boy’ as unfortunately too many ‘experts’ dogmatically claim, none of these items would raise to the level of ‘debacle’. If Trump were theirs, he could do anything, no matter how loud, uncouth, avant garde, outrageous, obnoxious, etc, and would be praised for it by the very same bought-and-paid-for leaders who now are being danced around like marionettes in creating a negative consensus for the new American president.

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