‘Last Secret’ of 1967 War: Israel’s Doomsday Plan for Nuclear Display

The Ugly Truth

ed note–anyone who thinks that this story coming out right now in the midst of Trump’s push in reining in Judea, Inc is just mere coincidence, we have some great beachfront property in Arizona we’d like to sell you for a song and a dance.

Like Nutty Netty’s bomb cartoon on the floor of the UN a few years back that everyone took as a joke and laughed at, missing entirely the fact that it was a thermonuclear threat leveled at ‘the nations’ of the world of what’s to come if they don’t ‘get right’ with the GAAAAAWD of the Jews, likewise this particular piece coming out now in the NY Times is Israel’s way of warning Trump & co of what kind of weather is approaching if he does not change directions and tactics very quickly.

Keep in mind as well–and particularly all of you out there who went…

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