C.I.A. Names New Iran Chief in a Sign of Trump’s Hard Line

The Ugly Truth

ed note–unbeknownst to many, the longest running war in human history was that between Rome and Persia, lasting almost 700 years, and those watching the politics of what is taking place today must take this into account before beginning a serious study of today’s politics between Iran and the West.

Despite Trump’s talk of not wanting to engage in the same policies of his predecessors vis a vis ‘regime change’ and despite whatever his intentions may be with regards to securing some kind of peace deal between the Judaic land thieves occupying the levant and the Palestinians, nevertheless all can rest assured that the US/West–effectively the modern day extension of ancient Rome–are not going to allow ancient Persia to dominate the Middle East where western (Roman) interests are so strong and that therefore the US–despite whatever about-face policies the new administration may adopt with regards to other theatres of conflict/consternation…

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