How They Do it– ‘A Simplistic, Power-driven Religious Zionism Marches Away From Jewish Values’

The Ugly Truth

Parading through Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter, the Orthodox Jews marching for Jerusalem Day equate Jewish heroism with militaristic nationalism. But there are, and always were, other paths

ed note–The primary reason for the creation of the Jewish state which has led to the deaths/destruction of millions and is going to lead to the death/destruction of billions can be summed up with one simple sentence–was/has been the unwillingness of so many to come to terms with the truly violent, rapacious and criminal nature of Judaism itself. For thousands of years it has sat there as an open secret for all to study and with which to come to terms as clearly spelled out in Judaism’s ‘holy’ books making up the Torah, and yet, rather than recognize it as the manual for war against Gentiledom that it is, instead it has occupied a place of undeserved respect as one of the world’s ‘great religions’.

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