Warmth and scale of Trump-Saudi embrace could spell trouble for Netanyahu

The Ugly Truth

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Full of flattery, the Saudis say they believe the visionary, strong, decisive US president can cut a peace deal, and they’re ready to help. But their formula is anathema to the Israeli government

ed note–there are many more dimensions attached to this arms deal with the Saudis than simply Trump wanting to help Sunnis kill Shia. The Jews don’t like it for obvious reasons–Saudi is getting high tech weaponry that can be used against Israel that far supercedes the effectiveness of the bottle rockets launched from Gaza periodically.

More than this though is the talk of the peace deal which the Saudis (as corrupt as they are, they still recognize the political advantages that exist for them at home and in the region in general if they can be seen as the biggest Arab player in securing a deal) adopted in 2002 and which the Jews oppose.

For those inclined…

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