In Israel, Trump’s success will hinge on the news back home

The Ugly Truth

Former officials say president’s recent Israel-related missteps won’t have as much of an impact as the unfolding Russia probe

ed note–so in other words, all the noise taking place here in the US while Trump is in the Middle East being generated 666% by Likud’s control of Congress and Judea Inc’s control of disinformation/propaganda otherwise known as the JMSM will decide what Trump is able to accomplish vis a vis his proposed peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

And yet, all are supposed to believe that there was/is no organized effort on the part of organized Jewish interests to break Trump’s legs politically prior to this historic trip the the Middle East in order to prevent him from pushing forward with these plans which Israel considers to be an existential threat, but rather that they just ‘popped up’ out of nowhere without any planning or collusion.

Equally detached from reality are…

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