Israeli Op-Ed– ‘Yes, Trump is toast, but he’s not the problem’

The Ugly Truth

ed note–Yes this is the same Trumpstein–a name that has been half-wittedly bandied about by various ‘experts’ in this movement–who it has been claimed is not only ‘owned by the Jews’ but indeed, is ‘Jewish’ himself, and who now is being taken down, piece by piece, by Judea Inc in order to make way for Mike Pence who they hope will be more ‘cooperative’ with regards to the entire Greater Israel paradigm.And to all of you out there who joined in the Judaic screeching against Trump, when the next bloodbath takes place, whether it is against the people of Gaza, Syria, or those within your own neighborhood as a result of the war between the US and Russia that Judea Inc is just ITCHING to get started, make sure to pat yourselves on the back in congratulatory fashion for your own contribution to this disaster, as small as it may…

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