(Going for war before they the Neocons go down.)Just A Taste: The Emerging Multipolar World with the Saker – Washington’s Russia Meltdown

This week on the Solari Report, Saker joins me for his quarterly report on the emerging multipolar world. We will focus on the recent meltdown in Washington over the changes underway in the United State policies regarding Russia. I will also compliment Saker for his accurate prediction last October about the schism inside the US deep state and the implications for the Presidential election.

Who and what will determine US policy to Russia and China? Who are the players involved? What does it mean for our relationships with the Anglo-American alliance and Europe? What does it mean for the future of NATO? Geopolitical alignments and trade relationships have never been so fluid, which is why I am delighted that Saker will be joining me this Thursday.

We will also discuss his latest article, “A color revolution” is under way in the United States.”


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