What It’s Like for Jewish Moms Who perform Abortions

The Ugly Truth

ed note–a few notable quoatables from the piece worth considering–

‘Others expressed deep gratitude for Judaism’s stance on abortion, which is relatively unique compared to many other religions. Dr. Shelley Sella, an abortion provider in New Mexico, went to Yeshiva up through sixth grade. “There was never anything negative about abortion in my upbringing,” she says. “I didn’t have to struggle to mesh Judaism and abortion together, it just made sense…’

‘Some have had to struggle with their religious beliefs and the fact that they were having an abortion. I haven’t seen this tension, even among the Orthodox Jewish women that I have cared for…’

‘Like Dr. Sella, Dr. Harris noticed that in Jewish communities, “abortion has always seemed to be a part of life. It happens, and that’s it. “ She had a sense that because of this, Jewish physicians were disproportionately providing abortions compared to physicians who identified…

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