The Latest move on the part of Judea, Inc to remove Trump– ‘President revealed classified information to Russian diplomats’

The Ugly Truth

ed note–I have included the comments of one of TUT”s more astute readers, ‘Alan’, for reference, to wit–

‘Apparently the 25 Amendment of the Constitution allows for a president to be removed from office by his cabinet and vice-president if they deem he is unfit for office. For all those who are upset that Trump, in his first 100 days, has not already reversed Roe V Wade, has not passed tax reform, has not yet done away with Obamacare, has not condemned the holohoax, has not condemned vaccines, has surrounded himself and decorated his administration with kosher eye candy in the form of Goldman Sachs Jews and his own daughter and son-in law, has bombed Syria and dropped the MOAB in Afghanistan all for show, keep in mind that should he get removed from office, you are going to get christian-zionist Mike Pence as president and when Netanyahu tells him…

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