Bennett demands that ‘Trump must understand that the embassy needs to be moved’

The Ugly Truth

Education Minister calls on PM to make Israel’s position clear to President Trump, that US embassy needs to be in Jerusalem.

ed note–now I’m a lil’ confused here…Why all this consternation on the part of Bennett, Netanyahu, Hotovely, Shaked, Adelson, etc, concerning Trump and his reluctance to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, as well as all his noises about the ‘ultimate deal’ between Israel and the Palestinians if–as so many allege–that Trump is just a ‘pawn’ of Judea and a died-in-the-wool ZY-nist?

Seriously, I/we have asked this question somewhere between a million and a billion times on this website over the course of the last year, giving the anti-Trumpers every opportunity to answer it, and yet, all we get back is the sound of chirping crickets and dead silence.

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